Invitae Review

Invitae Review – Read this before you buy! (2023)

If you’re looking for comprehensive genetic testing, Invitae may be the answer. As a leading medical genetics company, they offer specialized tests in categories such as Pregnancy, Staying Healthy, Cancer, and Genetic Illness.

With a focus on cancer and cardiology, Invitae provides gene panels and single-gene testing to healthcare professionals and individuals alike. They also offer boosted exome testing for a more thorough analysis.

While proactive tests cost between $250-350, diagnostic and reproductive tests are usually covered by insurance.

Invitae goes beyond just providing test results by offering post-test genetic counseling to help users understand their outcomes. Additionally, they have financial assistance programs for qualifying patients who need support with costs.

Although some users have expressed concerns about high prices and customer service quality, Invitae remains an accessible resource that prioritizes user privacy and contributes anonymized data for research purposes.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or an individual seeking reliable genetic testing information, Invitae can assist you in making informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment guidance practices.

Key Takeaways

  • Invitae offers specialized genetic testing reports for medical professionals and individuals.
  • Invitae provides post-test genetic counseling and works with insurance providers to overcome financial barriers.
  • Invitae’s testing focuses on cancer-causing mutations and cardiovascular disease.
  • Invitae has received mixed reviews regarding insurance payment, customer service, and communication.

What is Invitae?

Invitae, a San Francisco-based genetic testing company, offers specialized and comprehensive genetic tests for various clinical areas, including cancer, reproductive health, and rare disorders. Their goal is to provide individuals with valuable genetic information that can help them make informed decisions about their health.

Invitae’s tests analyze specific genes or gene panels to identify potential risks or predispositions to certain conditions. They offer a wide range of tests in categories such as Pregnancy, Staying Healthy, Cancer, and Genetic Illness. These tests provide detailed reports on test results and recommended actions based on the findings.

Invitae’s genetic testing services are designed to be accessible and informative for both patients and healthcare professionals alike. Whether you’re looking for information about your risk of developing certain cancers or want to understand your reproductive health better, Invitae can provide you with the necessary genetic insights.

Testing Categories

Explore the different testing categories offered by Invitae to discover which area of your health you can gain valuable insights into. Invitae offers a wide range of genetic tests in four main categories: Pregnancy, Staying Healthy, Cancer, and Genetic Illness. In the Pregnancy category, Invitae provides tests for carrier screening, preimplantation genetic testing, non-invasive prenatal screening, and prenatal diagnostic testing. The Staying Healthy category includes tests for cancer screening, cardio screening, and genetic health screening. For those concerned about cancer risk or have a family history of cancer, Invitae offers various tests under the Cancer category. Lastly, the Genetic Illness category covers tests for heart disease, neurological issues, rare diseases, and pediatric conditions. By offering comprehensive diagnostic tests in these categories, Invitae aims to provide individuals with valuable information about their genetic variants that can help guide medical decisions and improve overall health outcomes.

CategoryTests Included
PregnancyCarrier Screening
Preimplantation Genetic Testing
Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening
Prenatal Diagnostic Testing
Staying HealthyCancer Screening
Cardio Screening
Genetic Health Screening
CancerBreast/Ovarian Cancer
Colorectal/Gastrointestinal Cancer
Prostate/Urologic/Other Cancers
Genetic IllnessCardiology
Rare Diseases
  • Pediatric Conditions |

Invitae’s diagnostic tests are designed to identify potential genetic abnormalities that may impact an individual’s health or their offspring’s health. These tests can provide crucial information about inherited conditions and help healthcare providers develop appropriate treatment plans or preventive measures. By analyzing specific genes associated with each category, Invitae aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Whether you are planning a pregnancy, concerned about your overall well-being, or have a family history of certain conditions, Invitae’s testing categories offer comprehensive insights into your genetic makeup and potential risks.

Exome Testing Option

If you’re looking for a more accurate and comprehensive analysis of your genetic information, Invitae’s exome testing option could provide valuable insights into your health. Here are four important things to know about this DNA test:

  1. Invitae offers exome testing as an option for individuals who want a deeper understanding of their genetic makeup. This type of testing analyzes the entire exome, which is the portion of the genome that contains genes.
  2. Exome testing can provide more detailed information compared to other types of genetic tests offered by Invitae. It can help identify potential disease-causing mutations and evaluate a wider range of genetic variants.
  3. The results from exome testing can be beneficial for patients with undiagnosed hereditary diseases or complex medical conditions where multiple genes may be involved.
  4. It’s important to note that exome testing may not be necessary or appropriate for everyone. It is typically recommended when there’s a strong suspicion of a genetic condition and other tests haven’t provided clear answers.

Overall, Invitae’s exome testing option offers a comprehensive approach to analyzing your genetic information and can provide valuable insights into your health.

Ordering and Approval Process

To order an exome test from Invitae, you simply need to go through a straightforward approval process with an independent physician. Once you’ve chosen the specific exome test you want, you can request it and have it reviewed by a physician. If approved, Invitae will proceed with the testing process.

It’s important to note that while some tests may be covered by insurance, not all are. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with your insurance provider beforehand to determine coverage. Invitae provides detailed pricing information for each test on their website, so you can easily see if there will be any out-of-pocket costs for your specific exome test.

Overall, the ordering and approval process for an exome test from Invitae is simple and efficient.

Report and Result Information

The comprehensive reports provided by Invitae offer in-depth information and actionable recommendations based on the results of your genetic test. These reports are designed to provide you with a clear understanding of your genetic health risks and guide you in making informed decisions about your healthcare.

Here are three key features of Invitae’s report and result information:

  • Detailed Results: The reports include detailed explanations of the genetic variants identified, their associated health risks, and the scientific evidence supporting these findings.
  • Next Steps: Invitae’s reports provide clear next steps for individuals based on their test results. This may include recommendations for further testing, screening guidelines, or referrals to specialists.
  • Actionable Recommendations: The reports also provide actionable recommendations tailored to your specific genetic profile. These recommendations may include lifestyle changes, preventative measures, or treatment options to mitigate any identified risks.

Overall, Invitae’s comprehensive reports empower individuals with valuable insights into their genetic health and support them in taking proactive steps towards better well-being.

Pricing and Insurance Coverage

Invitae’s pricing and insurance coverage options allow individuals to access comprehensive genetic testing without financial barriers. The cost of proactive tests ranges from $250 to $350, and these tests must be purchased separately for different health areas. Diagnostic and reproductive tests are typically covered by insurance, providing a cost advantage for those seeking these specific types of testing. Invitae also offers financial assistance programs for qualifying patients who may have difficulty affording the full price out of pocket.

To further understand Invitae’s pricing structure, here is a breakdown of their pricing options:

Test CategoryPrice Range
DiagnosticCovered by Insurance
ReproductiveCovered by Insurance

These prices reflect Invitae’s commitment to making genetic testing accessible to all individuals regardless of their financial situation. Additionally, partnering with insurance providers helps overcome potential financial barriers and ensures that more people can benefit from the valuable information provided by Invitae’s genetic tests.


In conclusion, Invitae is a medical genetics company that offers specialized genetic testing reports for medical professionals and individuals. They provide tests in categories such as Pregnancy, Staying Healthy, Cancer, and Genetic Illness.

With a focus on cancer and cardiology, Invitae offers gene panels, single-gene testing, and boosted exome testing for comprehensive analysis.

While they prioritize user privacy and offer post-test genetic counseling, some users have raised concerns about high costs and poor customer service.

Overall, Invitae is a valuable resource for healthcare providers and patients in diagnostic and treatment guiding practices.

Is Atlas Biomed a Better Option Than Invitae?

When considering genetic testing services, it is essential to read an atlas biomed review before purchase. Comparing it to other options like Invitae helps make an informed decision. Understanding the key differences, accuracy, and cost can determine whether Atlas Biomed is a better choice for personalized insights into one’s health and genetic makeup.


Q: What is Invitae?

A: Invitae is a company that provides genetic testing and diagnostic information for patients and healthcare providers. They offer a variety of tests and services to identify genetic diseases and provide personalized solutions.

Q: Can you give an overview of Invitae’s genetic testing?

A: Invitae offers comprehensive genetic testing that covers a wide range of genetic disorders, including but not limited to chromosomal abnormalities, inherited diseases, and cancer-related genes. Their tests analyze an individual’s DNA to identify potential genetic variants or mutations that may impact their health or predispose them to certain conditions.

Q: How does Invitae handle genetic counseling?

A: Invitae understands the importance of genetic counseling in the decision-making process for individuals and families seeking genetic testing. They provide access to licensed genetic counselors who can help interpret test results and provide guidance on how to navigate any potential implications or risks associated with the findings.

Q: What kind of reports does Invitae provide?

A: Invitae provides detailed genetic reports that include information on specific genetic variants or mutations identified during testing. These reports help individuals and healthcare providers better understand the genetic basis of a condition and make informed decisions about medical management and treatment options.

Q: Can you provide an Invitae review summary?

A: Invitae has received positive reviews for their extensive genetic testing offerings and high-quality reports. Customers appreciate the company’s commitment to accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of genetic information.

Q: Is Invitae a good place to work?

A: Invitae has been recognized as a great company to work for. According to employee reviews, it offers a positive work environment, competitive salaries, and attractive benefits packages. The company also prioritizes work-life balance with benefits like unlimited paid time off.

Q: What are some popular careers at Invitae?

A: Invitae offers various career opportunities in the field of genetic testing and diagnostics. Popular careers at Invitae include genetic counselors, laboratory scientists, bioinformaticians, clinical geneticists, and genetic counselors.

Q: How does Invitae protect the privacy of users’ genetic data?

A: Invitae takes the privacy and security of users’ genetic data very seriously. They have stringent measures in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of genetic information. Invitae complies with all relevant legal requirements and industry standards to protect users’ identifiable data.

Q: Does Invitae share users’ identifiable data with third parties?

A: Invitae does not share users’ identifiable data with third parties without explicit consent. They prioritize maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of genetic information and adhere to strict privacy policies to safeguard users’ data.

Q: Can Invitae provide information on common genetic disorders?

A: Yes, Invitae’s genetic testing covers a wide range of common genetic disorders. Their tests can identify genetic variations or mutations associated with conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hereditary cancer syndromes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.