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Ambry Genetics Review

In my journey through the realm of genetic testing, my path crossed with Ambry Genetics during a quest to understand my family's medical history. As a genetics consultant, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of such insights.

My experience with Ambry Genetics was enlightening; their extensive services, including hereditary cancer screenings, were pivotal in piecing together the puzzles of my lineage. I believe their commitment to personalized care is genuine, as demonstrated by their pioneering work in BRCA testing.

However, entrusting them with sensitive genetic information prompted me to carefully examine their privacy policies. In the end, my professional background assured me of the value they provide, balancing it with the need for stringent data protection.

Key Takeaways

  • Ambry Genetics offers a wide range of diagnostic services for hereditary cancer, cardiac conditions, neurological disorders, and reproductive health.
  • The tests are performed in CLIA/CAP-certified laboratories, ensuring high-quality standards for genetic testing.
  • Genetic counseling services are provided to help interpret test results and provide detailed clinical diagnostic information.
  • The cost of genetic tests varies depending on insurance coverage, with many patients paying $0, and without insurance, the cost is $249.

Ambry Genetics Services

Ambry Genetics offers a suite of diagnostic services, including tests for hereditary cancer, cardiac conditions, neurological disorders, and reproductive health, all performed in their CLIA/CAP-certified laboratories. You'll find that their approach to genetic testing is thorough, with an emphasis on identifying genetic variants that may influence your risk for conditions like breast cancer.

Through advanced gene sequencing techniques, their clinical laboratory provides detailed clinical diagnostic information that can guide your healthcare decisions.

Importantly, Ambry Genetics includes genetic counseling services, ensuring that you're not alone in interpreting test results. Their genetic counselors are there to help you understand the implications of your genetic profile.

It's also reassuring to know that many health insurance plans may cover the cost of these vital services.

Ordering and Accessibility

Before you can access Ambry Genetics' comprehensive testing services, you'll need to consult with a healthcare provider who can order the appropriate genetic test for you. Ambry Genetics offers an enhanced testing procedure that includes RNA testing, providing more comprehensive results than DNA testing alone. However, you can't order a kit directly; it's facilitated through healthcare professionals who ensure the ethical administration of the test.

Here's a quick overview of the ordering process and costs:

Test OrderingThrough healthcare providers only
Insurance Coverage$0 to $100, most patients pay $0
Cost Without Insurance$249, varies by test

Keep in mind, Ambry Genetics reviews their privacy policy rigorously, ensuring your genetic information is safeguarded throughout the process.

Scientific Testing Explained

When navigating the complex landscape of genetic testing, understanding the scientific rigor behind Ambry Genetics' array of physician-ordered tests is crucial to appreciating their potential impact on your healthcare.

Here's a glimpse into the science behind their offerings:

  • Clinical Confirmation: Ambry stresses the importance of verifying direct-to-consumer (DTC) raw DNA data, ensuring that any findings are clinically confirmed.
  • High Standards: Their labs are CLIA/CAP-certified, meeting high-quality standards for genetic testing and diagnostics related to select genetic diseases.
  • Genetic Counseling: If you test positive for a clinically significant mutation, particularly in cancer genetics, Ambry provides complimentary genetic counseling.

This approach underscores the meticulous care and ethical responsibility Ambry Genetics commits to, as they interpret complex DNA data to inform your health decisions.

Test Results Overview

As you consider the rigorous scientific process behind Ambry Genetics' testing, it's crucial to understand how your test results will be communicated and interpreted by your healthcare provider.

Ambry Genetics, a specialized diagnostic company, provides genetic testing that delves into your family history and genetic makeup. These tests are ordered by physicians and are often covered by insurance, making them accessible when you're working with a healthcare professional.

The results, which are meticulously reviewed by specialists to minimize false positives, don't include raw data. This is because raw data can be complex and misinterpreted without proper counseling aids. Instead, healthcare providers will discuss the meaningful findings with you, helping to translate the intricate details of genetics into actionable health insights.

Pricing and Value

Understanding the cost of Ambry Genetics' testing services is essential, as pricing can vary significantly depending on whether you have insurance coverage. When considering the pricing and value of genetic testing, it's critical to weigh the benefits against the cost. Ambry Genetics doesn't provide raw data but ensures a high level of privacy and ethical handling of your genetic information.

  • With insurance, you could pay from $0 to $100, and 80% of patients pay nothing.
  • Without insurance, the cost is a flat rate of $249.
  • Costs are tied to the specific type of genetic test you require.

Considering Ambry Genetics' commitment to privacy and the fact that Myriad Genetics acquired Ambry Genetics in a deal enhancing their services, you might find the value justifies the expense, especially if you're seeking genetic testing that doesn't sell kits directly to consumers.

Privacy and Security

Considering the financial aspects of Ambry Genetics' services, it's equally important to examine how the company safeguards your privacy and secures your genetic information. When you engage with Ambry Genetics, based in Aliso Viejo, expect a firm commitment to privacy and security.

They require you to accept a detailed privacy policy before accessing their services. This policy outlines how your personal information and the details of your health are handled. Unlike some genetic testing companies, Ambry doesn't provide raw data, ensuring an additional layer of privacy. They also collect supplemental information through registration, which is stored securely.

As part of Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, Ambry Genetics takes measures to prevent unauthorized interspecies comparison or access to sensitive data. Remember to regularly check the details of their privacy practices, as policies can evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ambry Genetics Legit?

You're asking if Ambry Genetics is legitimate, right? Yes, it's a reputable company with CLIA/CAP-certified labs, and it offers a range of genetic testing services, including BRCA testing and gene sequencing.

What Does Ambry Genetic Testing Test For?

You'll find that genetic testing checks for inherited conditions, cancer risks, cardiac issues, and other genetic disorders, helping you make informed health decisions based on your unique DNA profile.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results From Ambry Genetics?

You'll typically wait 3 to 5 weeks for your Ambry Genetics test results, which your doctor will receive and then discuss with you. The complexity of the test can affect this timeline.

Why Did I Get a Check From Ambry Genetics?

You likely received a check from Ambry Genetics as a refund or payment related to their genetic testing services, possibly due to insurance adjustments or a research participation honorarium. Check the accompanying documentation for details.


In summary, Ambry Genetics delivers a robust array of genetic testing services tailored to your health concerns. With easy ordering and secure access, their scientifically-backed tests provide detailed insights into your genetic makeup.

The results are comprehensive, and while the testing isn't cheap, the value in potentially life-saving information is significant. Rest assured, your privacy is taken seriously, ensuring your genetic data is protected.

Ambry's commitment to quality and confidentiality makes it a trusted choice for genetic testing.