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Our expert DNA testing:

Meet Andras Kovacs, a renowned expert in the fields of genetics, DNA testing, and genealogy. With decades of experience and a passion for uncovering the secrets of the human genome, Andras is a sought-after consultant for individuals and organizations alike.

Andras’s fascination with DNA began early in life. As a child, he was captivated by the mysteries of genetics and the potential for DNA testing to reveal hidden truths about human identity and ancestry. As he grew older, Andras pursued an education in biology, genetics, and genealogy, earning advanced degrees and conducting research in some of the world’s leading laboratories.

Throughout his career, Andras has developed a deep understanding of DNA and its applications in genealogy and genetic testing. He has helped thousands of individuals uncover their ancestral heritage, using cutting-edge DNA analysis to trace family lineages and reveal connections across generations.

Andras is a recognized leader in the field of genetic genealogy, having published numerous articles and research papers on the subject. He has also developed innovative techniques for analyzing DNA data and interpreting the results, making him a sought-after consultant for law enforcement agencies, genealogy companies, and private individuals.

Whether you’re an individual looking to explore your ancestral heritage or a company seeking to unlock the potential of DNA analysis, Andras has the knowledge and expertise to guide you. His deep understanding of genetics and genealogy, coupled with his commitment to providing exceptional service, make him an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to unlock the secrets of their DNA.

Fred K. Vigil

Our expert in genealogy:

Meet Fred K. Vigil, a distinguished and renowned expert in the field of genealogy. With a passion for unraveling the mysteries of our heritage, Fred has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge, connecting the dots that bridge the gap between generations.

From the humble beginnings of poring over old family photo albums and scribbled notes, Fred’s journey into genealogy began. His insatiable curiosity and determination led him to pursue formal studies in history, anthropology, and archival research. Equipped with a degree in Genealogical Studies from a prestigious institution, Fred honed his skills in deciphering historical records, census data, and tracing lineage through the annals of time.

With years of extensive research and countless hours spent in libraries, archives, and even traveling to distant locations, Fred’s expertise in genealogy flourished. His commitment to accuracy and attention to detail earned him a reputation for being meticulous in his work, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth.

elizabeth miller

Our family tree expert:

Elizabeth Miller is a seasoned family tree researcher with over 16 years of expertise in tracing the genealogies of historical, celebrity, and well-known individuals. Holding relevant qualifications, she actively contributes to genealogy communities and has authored articles for prominent publications, establishing their authority in the field. Elizabeth Miller is dedicated to unraveling the intricate family histories of notable figures, helping clients discover their historical roots. Satisfied clients attest to their trustworthiness and the enriching experience of working with them. As a dedicated storyteller who brings history to life through genealogy, Elizabeth Miller is a reliable and authoritative source for those seeking to explore the family trees of historical, celebrity, and well-known personalities.