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Veritas Genetics Review

As a genetic counselor with years of experience, my interaction with Veritas Genetics has been quite personal. I've seen firsthand how their myGenome kit has illuminated the health pathways for numerous clients.

In my experience, the depth of insights provided can be profound, though the wait times for results have sometimes tested patience. I believe that their commitment to making genome sequencing accessible is laudable, yet it's crucial for users to understand both the benefits and limitations.

While some aspects of their service may need refinement, the potential for personalized healthcare guidance is undeniable in the stories I've witnessed.

Key Takeaways

  • Veritas Genetics offers comprehensive whole genome sequencing services, providing insights into health and carrier status.
  • The company prioritizes data privacy and storage with HIPAA-compliant practices.
  • Veritas Genetics offers different service tiers, including standard, premium, and diagnostic interpretation services.
  • Customer feedback for Veritas Genetics is generally positive, with praise for their comprehensive reports and actionable insights. However, some customers have experienced delays in receiving their results.

Company Overview

Veritas Genetics, established in 2014 by an ambitious team including George Church and Mirza Cifric, stands at the forefront of consumer genomics, offering comprehensive whole genome sequencing services designed to enhance global access to genetic information.

As you delve into this Veritas Genetics review, you'll find that their flagship product, the myGenome kit, is emblematic of their commitment to demystifying personal genetic data. Spearheaded by innovators like Jonathan Zhao and Preston Estep, Veritas is distinguished among genetic testing companies for its meticulous approach to data interpretation and consumer education.

Your genetic blueprint is interpreted with clinical precision, offering insights that span across a myriad of health and ancestry metrics. Veritas ensures your data's confidentiality, advocating for your privacy with HIPAA-compliant storage and a stringent consent protocol for data sharing.

Service Offerings

Delving into the core of Veritas Genetics' offerings, you'll find the myGenome service, a comprehensive whole genome sequencing and interpretation package that caters to a spectrum of genetic insights.

As you explore Veritas Genetics' service offerings, consider the following:

  • Whole-Genome Sequencing: Access to detailed DNA testing with over 6 billion letters of your DNA analyzed.
  • Health and Carrier Status: Insights into medically-actionable conditions and your status as a carrier for certain genetic traits.
  • Genetic Counselors: Professional support from genetic counselors to help interpret and understand your genetic information.
  • Service Tiers: Choose from Standard, Premium, or Diagnostic interpretation services, each providing different levels of detail and cost.

Veritas Genetics delivers genome sequencing to consumers while ensuring data privacy through HIPAA-compliant storage.

Privacy and Security

While exploring the comprehensive genetic insights offered by Veritas Genetics, it's crucial to examine how the company upholds the privacy and security of your sensitive data.

Veritas Genetics adheres to strict privacy protocols, ensuring that your genetic information remains confidential. Your genetic data is stored on HIPAA-compliant cloud services, safeguarded for ten years. They won't disclose your information to third parties without explicit permission from you.

The company may share your genetic test results with healthcare providers, but only to enhance your treatment based on how your genetic makeup may influence your health.

Any required exchange of genetic variants or personal details, such as your email address, is carefully managed to protect your privacy, adhering to the highest standards of data protection.

Pricing Breakdown

Understanding the cost implications of genetic testing is essential, as Veritas Genetics offers a tiered pricing structure tailored to your specific informational needs and budget constraints. Here's a pricing breakdown for their various services:

  • Standard Service ($599): Includes disease risks and drug sensitivities using sequencing technology.
  • Premium Service ($1,599): Expands on the Standard by adding insights on cardiovascular conditions, cancer risks, and autosomal recessive conditions.
  • Diagnostic Service ($2,599 – $3,599): Provides thorough analysis for complex medical histories, employing next-generation sequencing for comprehensive genetic findings.
  • Additional Genetic Counseling Session ($299): Optional add-on for personalized guidance based on your testing kit results.

Each level reflects the depth of genome analysis Veritas Genetics provides, allowing you to match your investment with the value of information you seek.

Customer Feedback

Veritas Genetics' array of customer experiences ranges from high praise for its comprehensive reports to significant frustration over delays in receiving results.

Customer feedback reveals a dichotomy wherein reviews of Veritas celebrate the depth of genetic insights, particularly concerning disease risks and ancestry information. Yet, you may encounter narratives of individuals who've waited over a year to review their results, overshadowing the benefits with considerable discontent.

Despite such delays, those who received their test results often commend the data's clarity, finding it easy to understand and actionable in collaboration with healthcare providers. Moreover, assessments indicate that the reports can offer valuable insights into one's immune system.

The analytical nature of customer feedback underscores a need for balance between information quality and service timeliness.

Final Thoughts

In assessing Veritas Genetics' offerings, it's clear that their whole genome sequencing service provides a comprehensive and potentially transformative overview of one's genetic health landscape. The testing encompasses:

  • Analysis of the entire genome for a detailed review of genetic findings.
  • Identification of drug sensitivities that can guide new medical treatments.
  • Detection of autosomal recessive conditions that might affect future generations.
  • Assurance of data privacy with HIPAA compliant practices.

Veritas Genetics' approach to presenting results is both clinical and analytical, designed to empower you with knowledge that could influence your health management. The synthesis of your genetic information into actionable insights underscores the potential of their service to become an integral tool in personalized healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Veritas Genetic Testing Cost?

You'll pay between $599 and $3,599 for Veritas genetic testing, depending on whether you choose Standard, Premium, or Diagnostic services. Additional genetic counseling is available for an extra $299.

Is Veritas Genetics Still in Business?

You're in luck; Veritas Genetics is indeed still in business after LetsGetChecked acquired it, expanding their offerings into genetic testing without FDA clearance for most tests.

What Is the Best Whole Genome Sequencing Company?

The best whole genome sequencing company depends on your specific needs, including privacy concerns, budget, and the depth of analysis you're seeking. Research each provider's offerings and customer reviews to make an informed choice.

How Accurate Is the 23 and Me Health Test?

You'll find the 23andMe health test to be fairly accurate for genetic predispositions, but it's not comprehensive. It's FDA-approved for specific reports, yet it won't detect all possible health-related genetic variations.


In sum, Veritas Genetics offers comprehensive genomic insights, albeit with mixed customer experiences. While their privacy commitment is stringent, the service's value hinges on timely result delivery and personal utility.

Pricing appears competitive, considering the depth of analysis. As you weigh the benefits against potential delays and service hiccups, consider your need for detailed genetic information and the possibility of actionable outcomes from their findings.

Your decision should be informed by both the scientific potential and practical service dynamics.