detailed review of cri genetics

Cri Genetics Review

As an expert in genetic genealogy, my experience with Cri Genetics has been a personal and professional journey. I remember the anticipation as I awaited the results that would reveal the chapters of my ancestry.

I believe their user-friendly process, involving just a simple cheek swab, was a testament to how far we've come in making complex science accessible. However, the mixed reviews about their customer service were a concern.

While the accuracy of their ancestry data seemed promising, I had to balance my excitement with a critical eye toward the value of their health screenings. In the end, my expertise guided my understanding of the nuanced results, enriching my connection to my past and informing my health decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Cri Genetics has faced criticisms regarding their marketing practices and the accuracy of their results, leading to civil penalties and mandated disclosure regulations from the FTC and California.
  • The accuracy of Cri Genetics' ancestry reporting is based on a proprietary algorithm and reference populations, but concerns have been raised about the reliability of undisclosed reference populations and the questionable accuracy of their Ancestry Timeline feature.
  • While Cri Genetics offers health-related DNA tests, it is important to note that these tests are not recommended for clinical decision-making due to a lack of scientific evidence. The accuracy of ethnicity and health results has also been disputed.
  • Customer experiences with Cri Genetics have been mixed, with allegations of deceptive marketing, dissatisfaction with customer service, and challenges in obtaining money-back guarantees. Complaints about subscription charges, unexpected taxes, and delayed/missing results have also been documented.

Company Background and Credibility

In assessing CRI Genetics' company background and credibility, it's paramount to consider both their pioneering approach to DNA testing since their inception in 2016 and the criticisms they've faced regarding marketing practices and result accuracy.

Under the guidance of Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D., the company has aimed to simplify complex DNA science. Despite offering a range of DNA test kits and ancestry analysis services, CRI Genetics has encountered scrutiny. Notably, the FTC and California called out their false claims, leading to a hefty civil penalty and mandated adherence to strict disclosure and consent regulations.

The Better Business Bureau reflects mixed feedback, highlighting issues with the accuracy of genetic results and customer support. It's essential to weigh these factors when evaluating CRI Genetics' trustworthiness in the genetic testing market.

DNA Testing Process Explained

While assessing CRI Genetics' credibility is crucial, it's equally important to understand their DNA testing process, which begins with a simple saliva swab and culminates in a comprehensive genetic report. Here's the DNA testing process explained in four key steps:

  1. Collection of DNA Sample: You'll receive a kit from CRI Genetics to collect your DNA via a cheek swab.
  2. Sending Sample Back: After collection, mail your sample back in a prepaid package.
  3. DNA Analysis: Utilizing advanced DNA analysis software, CRI Genetics processes your sample, examining hundreds of thousands of genetic markers for ancestry testing and more.
  4. Report Delivery: In approximately 8 weeks, you can access your reports online, which reflect an autosomal test reputed for 99.9% accuracy.

Ancestry Reporting Accuracy

You'll find that the 99.9% accuracy claim of CRI Genetics' ancestry reporting hinges on their proprietary algorithm and the robustness of their reference populations. When you take a DNA test from CRI, you're provided with genetic reports that aim to deliver a percentage breakdown of your recent ancestry.

However, the precision of these ancestry results is contingent upon the size and diversity of the reference panel, which in CRI Genetics' case is undisclosed. The Ancestry Timeline feature purports to trace your lineage, but without clarity on their reference populations, the ancestry reporting accuracy may not be as reliable as suggested.

For those keen on exploring their roots, CRI Genetics offers an intriguing glimpse, but it's crucial to approach the findings with a degree of skepticism.

Health Screening Capabilities

CRI Genetics' health screening capabilities extend beyond ancestry to include tests for traits, health, nutrition, allergies, and weight loss. However, it's important to note that these tests aren't recommended for clinical decision-making due to a lack of supporting scientific evidence.

While exploring your family history and genetic predispositions can be enlightening, it's critical to approach the results with an analytical mindset. Here are key points to consider:

  1. Health Reports: CRI Genetics provides health-related DNA tests, offering insights into your genetic makeup.
  2. Accuracy: Despite a claimed 99.9% accuracy rate, the veracity of ethnicity and health results from these tests is disputed.
  3. Medical Advice: CRI's testing isn't a substitute for professional medical advice. It's always recommended to consult healthcare experts for health concerns.
  4. Family History Contextualization: These tests can add dimension to your family history but should be seen as informational rather than diagnostic.

Customer Experiences Reviewed

Bearing in mind the analytical approach to CRI Genetics' health screening, let's examine the experiences of customers who've interacted with the company's services and claims.

The customer experiences reviewed highlight issues with CRI Genetics, from allegations of deceptive marketing to concerns over testing methods. Customers have voiced their dissatisfaction through reviews, often citing problems with customer service, and challenges in obtaining promised money-back guarantees.

The company's DNA ancestry and ancestry tests have come under scrutiny, particularly relating to the accuracy of test results. Moreover, complaints about subscription charges and unexpected taxes, along with reports of delayed or missing results, have been documented and tracked by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), painting a complex picture of customer interactions with CRI Genetics.

Pricing and Value Comparison

When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of CRI Genetics' DNA testing services, it's essential to compare their pricing and the perceived value they offer with those of their competitors.

  1. Different Test Options: The CRI Genetics website lists various tests, including those for ancestry and health. Compare these to competitors who may offer different levels of DNA information for similar or varying prices.
  2. B Rating Considerations: While CRI Genetics boasts a B rating, consider how aggressive sales tactics or difficulties reported by customers in requesting the company to delete DNA information may affect overall value.
  3. Analyzing Customer Reviews: Reviews often mention the quality of ancestry results. Compare these to see if CRI Genetics is perceived as better than and similar services.
  4. Comprehensive Access: Evaluate whether continuous access to updated DNA information justifies CRI Genetics' pricing compared to its competitors' offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CRI Genetics Reputable?

You might question CRI Genetics' reputation due to deceptive marketing, lack of transparency, and multiple consumer complaints, including a significant fine from the FTC for misleading claims about their DNA testing accuracy.

What Is the CRI Genetics Controversy?

You're asking about the CRI Genetics controversy, which involves deceptive marketing, false claims about DNA test accuracy, and a lack of transparency leading to a settlement with the FTC and California authorities.

How Good Is Cri?

You're asking about CRI's quality, but given their history of misleading claims and the FTC settlement, you should be wary. Seek out reputable providers for accurate DNA and ancestry tests.

Is CRI Genetics FDA Approved?

You're inquiring if CRI Genetics is FDA approved. Presently, they're not recognized by the FDA for genetic testing, meaning their tests haven't met the agency's standards for medical or diagnostic use.


In conclusion, you'll find that Cri Genetics offers a secure and straightforward DNA testing experience, with a focus on ancestry and health insights.

While the accuracy of ancestry reporting may vary, the health screenings are a valuable resource for personal wellness.

Customer feedback is mixed, particularly regarding support, but overall, the service provides a decent value proposition.

Carefully weigh these elements against your needs and budget when considering Cri Genetics for your genetic exploration.