Announcement of DNATribes Acquisition – Now it is part of TheDNATests

Announcement of Acquisition – Now it is part of


Key Takeaways:

💼 has been acquired by
⏰ After 12 years of operation, has closed its doors and discontinued its genetic ancestry analysis services.
🚫 stopped accepting new orders from January 4, 2019.
🌐 had a website with features such as Digest Articles that were highly appreciated by DNA testing enthusiasts.
📚 Some of’s studies and documents have been republished.
ℹ️ performed autosomal STR testing, comparing DNA to over 1,200 ethnic groups and 32 exclusive regions.
🧬 updated their algorithms in April 2015, adding over 80 new populations to their analysis.
📑 Some pages from have been restored for customer reference, including the population database, sample results, FAQ, sample caucasian, and Digest articles. was one of our favorite DNA testing companies, but unfortunately, after 12 years of providing genetic ancestry analysis, they were closing their doors and discontinued their operation. Now it is part of

DNA Tribes wasn’t accepted new orders from January 4, 2019.

I immensely enjoyed their website, especially their Digest Articles which were an excellent source for DNA testing fans. They mainly discussed topics related to world genetic structure and relationships. I’ve republished these studies and documents.

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Which is the most accurate DNA test?

According to my ethnicity calculation (based on Principal Component Analysis), my family tree research, and database size investigation, currently (2023), the best DNA testing company is:

What was DNATribes?

  • They collected your DNA at home with a quick and easy cheek swab kit
  • DNA Tribes tested your autosomal STRs inherited from both maternal and paternal ancestors for the most detailed and comprehensive genetic ancestry analysis available
  • Their test compared your DNA to over 1,200 ethnic groups and 32 regions exclusive to DNA Tribes
  • Their algorithms were updated in April of 2015 with over 80 new populations including Greenland, Netherlands, Poland, China, Somalia, and Ghana and representing approximately 30,000 people

On the other hand, we have recreated some of their pages, in case, their customers need an explanation of their DNA testing results. Here are some of their restored pages: population database, sample results, FAQ, sample caucasian, and Digest articles.

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