samuel morse family tree

Samuel Morse Family Tree

As a historian with a focus on the evolution of communication, my experience delving into Samuel Morse's family tree has been fascinating. I believe his father's academic rigor and the diverse talents in his family spurred Morse's own innovations.

Through my research, I've felt a deep connection to his story, understanding how personal challenges likely propelled his determination to connect a sprawling world. Unearthing the impact of his legacy on his descendants, I've seen traces of his genius ripple through generations, influencing not just technology but the very way we interact across distances.

Key Takeaways

  • Samuel Morse came from a family with a strong emphasis on intellectual and moral development, which laid the foundation for his innovative spirit.
  • Samuel had three younger siblings, and his interactions with them played a significant role in shaping his character.
  • Samuel had two marriages but no children of his own. His daughter from his first marriage, Susan Walker Morse, and her descendants carried on the Morse family lineage.
  • The Morse family had a notable legacy and impact, with contributions from Samuel's grandson Charles Walker Lind, historical residences, philanthropy, and Samuel's groundbreaking inventions in telegraph and Morse Code.

Early Ancestors and Origins

Tracing back the lineage of the Morse family, we find Deacon Jedidiah Morse Sr. and Sarah Child as the early ancestors who laid the groundwork for the legacy of Samuel F. B. Morse. They set the stage for Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese to continue this remarkable family saga, ultimately leading to Samuel F. B. Morse's birth in 1791.

His contributions to telecommunications would forever change the world. With his second marriage to Clara Croxson, another significant chapter was added to the Morse family story.

The geographical origins of the Morse family, spanning various locations, provide a rich tapestry of ancestral roots that culminated in the life of Samuel Morse, a name synonymous with innovation and progress.

Samuel Morse's Parents

Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr., a distinguished geographer and pastor, along with his wife Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese, were the guiding forces behind the early life and education of their son, Samuel F. B. Morse. Born to Deacon Jedidiah Morse Sr. and Sarah Child, Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr. brought up his own family with a strong emphasis on intellectual and moral development.

Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese, Samuel's mother, was equally influential, instilling values and knowledge that would later be reflected in her son's multifaceted career. The couple's nurturing and direction set the foundation for Samuel's innovative spirit, ultimately shaping the inventor and artist he became, long before his marriage to Lucretia Pickering Walker.

Siblings and Childhood

Samuel Morse, the eldest child of Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese, grew up alongside his three younger siblings in an environment where education and Calvinist principles were highly valued. He was the firstborn in a family that placed a strong emphasis on intellectual and religious development. His siblings included Sidney Edwards Morse, Richard Cary Morse, and Susan Walker Morse. The family's devout Calvinist beliefs significantly influenced their upbringing. Samuel's interactions with his siblings likely impacted his character formation and future endeavors.

Understanding the dynamics within the Morse household provides a deeper insight into the early life and development of Samuel Morse.

Marriage and Children

Delving into the personal life of Samuel F. B. Morse, one finds that he was twice married, first to Lucretia Pickering Walker with whom he had a daughter, Susan Walker Morse, and later to Clara Croxson. The Morse family tree is rich with connections that stem from these unions.

Here's a glance at the lineage:

Deacon Jedidiah Morse Sr.Sarah ChildRev. Jedidiah Morse Jr.
Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr.Elizabeth Ann Finley BreeseSamuel F. B. Morse
Samuel F. B. MorseLucretia Pickering WalkerSusan Walker Morse
Susan Walker MorseEdward LindCharles Walker Lind
Samuel F. B. MorseClara Croxson

The marriage and children within the Morse family contribute to the story of a lineage marked by significant historical figures.

Notable Descendants

Branching out from the roots of Samuel F. B. Morse's family tree, notable descendants such as his grandson Charles Walker Lind have made their own marks on history. You'll find that the influence of Samuel Morse extends through generations:

  • Susan Walker Morse's son, Charles Walker Lind, continued the family's noteworthy legacy.
  • John Porter Morse stands out as a significant figure among Samuel Morse's descendants.
  • Clara Croxson, who became part of the family through marrying Samuel Morse, is also recognized among the notable descendants.
  • Contributions to significant events and achievements can be traced back to Edward Lind, who wed Susan Walker Morse, thus intertwining with the Morse lineage.

These individuals have each carried forward the legacy of Samuel Morse in unique ways, contributing to the tapestry of their family's history.

Morse's Extended Relatives

Having explored the direct descendants of Samuel F.B. Morse, let's now turn our attention to his wider circle of family members, including those with the last names Lind and Morse who've furthered the family's historical significance.

Samuel F.B. Morse's daughter, Susan Walker Morse, married Edward Lind, linking the Lind name to this notable family tree. Their union introduced Charles Walker Lind into the family lineage, extending the reach of the Morse legacy.

Additionally, the extended relatives feature John Porter Morse, who carried on the family name. These extended relatives, and others, are meticulously documented in the Morse family tree collection at the Library of Congress.

This resource offers a comprehensive view into the lineage and contributions of the Morse family's 13 members and their kin.

Family's Impact on Career

Samuel Morse's family, particularly his father's guidance, played a pivotal role in shaping his career, fostering an environment that nurtured his innovative spirit in science and technology. The support he received from his relatives had a profound impact on his professional journey.

  • His father, Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr., emphasized the virtues of education and morality, steering him towards a path of enlightenment and innovation.
  • Family connections helped him secure the funding and partnerships vital for the telegraph's success.
  • The emotional and financial stability gained from his family life after personal tragedies allowed him to concentrate on his work.
  • The moral compass provided by his upbringing influenced his philanthropy and support for education, including his time at Yale College.

Samuel Morse's family's influence was indeed a cornerstone of his achievements.

Historical Residences

As we consider the influence of your family on your career, it's also essential to explore the historical residences where you lived and developed your groundbreaking ideas.

Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, your early years there undoubtedly played a role in shaping your perspectives.

Throughout your life, you resided in various cities including London, Boston, New Haven, Charleston, and New York, each contributing to your diverse experiences.

Your time at Yale College in New Haven was instrumental, providing you with instruction that would later fuel your contributions to art, science, and communication technology.

The historical residences in Charlestown, Boston, and New York were more than just places you lived; they were the backdrops to the innovation that would define your legacy.

Philanthropy and Legacy

Beyond your revolutionary inventions, you also dedicated resources to philanthropic endeavors, significantly impacting education and the arts. Your philanthropy and legacy are evidenced by your generous support to various institutions and individuals:

  • Donations to Yale and other colleges, fostering academic advancement.
  • Support for struggling artists, ensuring a thriving cultural community.

Your contributions to telecommunications not only revolutionized the way the world communicates but also earned you prestigious recognitions such as your depiction on US postage stamps and induction into the Inventors Hall of Fame, cementing your status as a figure of enduring influence and benevolence.

  • Development of the telegraph and Morse Code, profoundly transforming global communications.
  • Establishment of extensive telegraph lines, paving the way for future technological progress.

Recent Generations and DNA

Delving into the DNA of recent Morse descendants like Edward Lind, Clara Croxson, and John Porter Morse offers a window into the familial traits and potential health predispositions inherited from Samuel F. B. Morse. DNA analysis can reveal the genetic heritage and health risks that may have been passed down through generations.

DescendantInsights Gained from DNA Analysis
Edward LindMay uncover ancestral lineage and traits.
Clara CroxsonCould reveal health predispositions.
John Porter MorseAids in tracing familial connections.

Understanding the genetic makeup through DNA analysis helps in identifying variations and inherited diseases within the Morse family, contributing to a comprehensive grasp of their genetic history.

Are There Any Connections or Similarities Between the Samuel Morse and Noah Webster Family Trees?

Yes, there are connections between the Samuel Morse and Noah Webster family trees. Morse’s father was a pastor who knew Webster, and Morse’s uncle married Webster’s cousin. This intertwined the two families and their legacies, creating a link in the noah webster family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Related to Samuel Morse?

You're asking about Samuel Morse's relatives. His parents were Jedidiah Morse Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese. His first wife was Lucretia Walker, and Susan Walker Morse was his daughter. His second wife was Clara Croxson.

Did Samuel FB Morse Have Siblings?

Yes, you should know Samuel F.B. Morse had siblings, including his sister Susan Walker Morse and his brother John Porter Morse, who contributed to the family's prominence in history.

Who Were Samuel FB Morse Parents?

Your curiosity about Samuel FB Morse's lineage is understandable. His parents were Rev. Jedidiah Morse Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese, who instilled in him strong Calvinist beliefs and the importance of education.

Did Samuel Morse Have a Wife?

Yes, you're correct that Samuel Morse had a wife. In fact, he married twice: first to Lucretia Pickering Walker, then to Sarah Elizabeth Griswold following Lucretia's death.


In exploring the lineage of Samuel Morse, you've journeyed through a tapestry of innovation and influence. From his ancestors' beginnings to his own remarkable inventions, Morse's legacy is intricately woven into history.

His family's impact on his career, their philanthropic endeavors, and the enduring significance of the Morse Code bear testament to this.

Recent DNA studies further enrich the narrative, offering insights into the Morse family's past and its place in the broader scope of human achievement.