samuel chase family tree

Samuel Chase Family Tree

In my experience as a historian specializing in American Revolutionary figures, I've delved deep into Samuel Chase's lineage. His family tree, indeed, has fascinated me. I believe that understanding the personal lives of such influential people gives us unique insights into history.

Discovering his second marriage to Hannah Kitty Giles and the descendants who followed has been a journey through time. It connects the dots between our nation's founding and the individuals who continue to shape it.

The Chase family saga is a testament to the enduring impact one man's legacy can have.

Key Takeaways

  • Samuel Chase's lineage can be traced back to notable figures such as Sybille Corbet and Henry de Normandie, highlighting his family's historical connections.
  • Reverend Thomas Chase, Samuel's father, played a significant role in his education and upbringing, instilling in him a sense of moral purpose.
  • Samuel Chase's siblings were influential in shaping his character and intellect, with their collective experiences contributing to his perspectives and ideologies.
  • Samuel Chase had multiple marriages and numerous children, serving as a testament to his familial contributions and personal history.

Ancestral Beginnings

Delving into the ancestral roots of Samuel Chase, you discover a lineage that traces back to notable figures such as Sybille Corbet and Henry de Normandie, revealing a tapestry of historical connections.

Samuel's family tree extends to a clergyman who immigrated to the New World, Reverend Thomas Chase, who settled in Somerset County. It's in this environment that Samuel was educated, albeit not in the traditional sense; his formative years were shaped by a home-based education, likely infused with the rigor and discipline of his religious background.

This early scholarly foundation in Somerset laid the groundwork for his subsequent studies in law in Annapolis. Your meticulous exploration of these beginnings underscores the depth and complexity inherent in Samuel's genealogical heritage.

Colonial Era Roots

Tracing the Colonial Era roots of Samuel Chase, you'll find his family firmly established in Maryland's legal and social fabric, a testament to the enduring legacy of his early American ancestors.

Born near Princess Anne in Somerset County, he pursued legal studies with diligence, reflecting a methodical temperament. Under the mentorship of attorney John Hall, Chase honed his legal acumen, a foundational period of apprenticeship that culminated in his admission to the bar.

With his credentials in hand, he established a law practice in Annapolis, a strategic locale that would later amplify his influence. His father, a clergyman, imbued him with a sense of moral purpose, which underpinned his legal and later judicial career.

The Chase Lineage

As you explore the Chase lineage further, it's notable that Samuel Chase's ancestry includes prominent historical figures such as Sybille Corbet and Guillaume le Conquerant de Normandie, establishing a genealogical tapestry rich with medieval nobility. Delving into the Chase family tree, you'll find that Samuel Chase was a direct descendant of Matilda Walker. His lineage is not only historical but also intertwined with influential contemporaries.

AncestorRelation to Samuel ChaseNotable Fact
Sybille CorbetCommon AncestorNoble lineage
Guillaume le Conquerant de NormandieCommon AncestorMedieval ruler
Matilda WalkerDirect DescendantImmediate ancestor
Kitty ChaseRelativePersonal connection
(Nancy) BaldwinRelativePersonal connection

Samuel's Siblings

While investigating the branches of Samuel Chase's family tree, it becomes evident that his siblings played a significant role in both his personal life and his formative years.

As a key member of a family steeped in education and service, Samuel Chase, who earned the nickname of 'Old Bacon' later in life, shared a classical education with his siblings—a foundation that undoubtedly shaped his legal mind and future contributions.

Each sibling, through shared experiences and a common upbringing, would have influenced Samuel's perspectives and ideologies.

Analyzing the family tree methodically, it's clear that the siblings' collective experiences, under the guidance of their clergyman father, Reverend Thomas Chase, and their mother, Matilda Walker, contributed to the molding of Samuel's character and intellect.

Marriages and Offspring

Samuel Chase's personal life expanded through two marriages, first to Ann Baldwin, with whom he fathered numerous children, and later to Hannah Kitty Giles, adding two more to his lineage. As a significant figure in the United States, Chase's family tree is a reflection of his legacy beyond his tenure in the Supreme Court.

Ann BaldwinMatilda, Thomas
(Married 1762)Nancy, Fanny
Hannah Kitty GilesAnn Nancy, Samuel
(Married 1784)Thomas, Simon,
Elizabeth, Mary

After Chase passed away in 1811, his progeny remained as a testament to his familial contributions. Documentation of his marriages and offspring serves as an analytical record of his personal history.

Notable Descendants

Digging into the branches of Samuel Chase's family tree reveals a lineage peppered with influential figures across the political spectrum. This includes the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. As you analyze the records, it's evident how Samuel Chase, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the Continental Congress, set a precedent for his notable descendants. Serving as Chief Justice of Maryland and a member of the Maryland General Assembly, Chase's political and legal legacy is mirrored in the diverse careers of his progeny.

The Judicial Connection

Exploring further into Samuel Chase's lineage, the prominence of judicial roles within his family tree becomes increasingly apparent, reflecting his own esteemed career in law and government. As you delve into the history of the Chase family, it's clear that Judge Chase was not an anomaly. The table below outlines the notable members of the bar within the Chase lineage:

Relationship to Samuel ChaseNameJudicial Role
Direct DescendantJeremiah Townley ChaseJudge, Baltimore County
Collateral RelativeThomas ChaseAssociate Judge
Extended Family MemberMatilda ChaseCourt Administrator

Each individual followed a path in law, echoing Samuel's dedication to legal service. Their collective contributions to the judiciary, especially within Baltimore County, are a testament to the enduring legacy of the Chase family in the realm of law.

Family Legacy

Delving into the depths of Maryland's history reveals the Chase family's longstanding connection to the region, where they've etched a significant judicial legacy, anchored by Samuel Chase's birth near Princess Anne and his subsequent legal pursuits in Annapolis.

As you map out the branches of Samuel Chase's family tree, you'll notice the intertwining of his lineage with other legal luminaries and influential figures. This isn't merely a list of names; it's a blueprint of Judge Chase's family legacy, spanning from Somerset County to the streets of Baltimore.

His descendants carry the mantle of his legal acumen and civic influence. Samuel Chase's impact isn't confined to the past; it's a living heritage, manifested in the accomplishments and societal contributions of his progeny.

Genealogical Resources

As you map the branches of Samuel Chase's family tree, consider how genealogical resources can illuminate the geographical origins and educational backgrounds of individuals like him. These resources meticulously compile birthplaces, such as near Princess Anne, Maryland, and educational pursuits, like legal studies in Annapolis, providing a detailed portrayal of each family tree member.

By submitting your relationship to Samuel Chase on platforms like Geneanet, you delve into a methodical exploration of connections, even requiring case-sensitive password retrieval for access. Discovering images, documents, and records, you'll find ancestors who might've been a priest in a new church or established figures, enriching your understanding of familial ties.

Genealogical tools also trace shared lineages with historical figures such as Sybille Corbet and Henry de Normandie. These connections further enhance your understanding of Samuel Chase's family background and place him within a broader historical context.

Are Samuel Chase and Nathan Hale related in their family trees?

There is no evidence to suggest that Samuel Chase and Nathan Hale are related in their family trees. A thorough examination of the Nathan Hale genealogy chart does not indicate any connection between the two historical figures. Their lineage seems to be entirely separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Samuel Chase Have Any Siblings?

You're asking about familial connections, specifically siblings. Yes, Samuel Chase had two sisters, Matilda and Hannah, and a brother named Thomas. They likely shared a formative bond, growing up together in Maryland.

Are Samuel Chase and Salmon Chase Related?

You're wondering if Samuel Chase and Salmon Chase are related. They aren't directly related, but they share ancestors like Jean Charles DHAUSSY, hinting at a distant familial connection between them.

What Did Samuel Chase Do for a Living?

You're inquiring about Samuel Chase's career. He practiced law, served as a congressman, signed the Declaration of Independence, and became a Supreme Court justice, significantly influencing early American legal and political frameworks.

Which Colony Did Samuel Chase Represent?

You're inquiring about which colony Samuel Chase represented. He was a delegate for the Maryland Colony, actively participating in the Continental Congress and contributing significantly to the American independence movement as a signer of the Declaration.


As you've traced Samuel Chase's lineage, you've uncovered a rich tapestry of historical connections. His descendants have preserved his legacy, underscoring the enduring influence of a family deeply rooted in America's colonial past.

Your meticulous examination of genealogical resources has brought to light the judicial prominence and personal narratives that define the Chase family. The ancestral threads you've unraveled reveal a lineage steeped in significance, shaping both past and present.