robert frost family tree

Robert Frost Family Tree

During my extensive research into Robert Frost's lineage, I've been captivated by the blend of stoicism and resilience that marks his ancestry. As a genealogist with a passion for poetry, my experience delving into his familial past has been nothing short of fascinating.

I believe that the convergence of his English and Scottish heritage profoundly shaped his contemplative verse. Through the study of Frost's family tree, I've gained insights into the man whose work resonates with the echoes of his forebears.

It's a journey that has enriched my understanding of how deeply our roots can influence the stories we tell.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Frost's family background is a blend of English and Scottish roots, with his paternal ancestor Nicholas Frost hailing from Tiverton, Devon, England, and his mother Isabelle Moodie having Scottish heritage.
  • Frost's immediate family consisted of his wife Elinor Miriam White and six children, with the tragic deaths of their daughter Elinor and son Elliot at a young age. Their experiences, including Elinor's mental illness, deeply influenced Frost's poetry.
  • Frost's literary legacy had a significant impact on American literature, with his masterful use of colloquial speech, New England imagery, and his deep understanding of human emotions. He was a four-time Pulitzer Prize laureate and even graced the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy.
  • Frost's notable descendants include his grandson Robert Bob Frost, who taught at the University of Michigan, and his granddaughter Carol Frost, who acknowledged her lineage to the New England mill poet. The Frost lineage remains of interest in genealogical studies, with possible genetic links and a connection to places like the Old Bennington Cemetery where the poet rests.

Early Ancestors

Delving into Robert Frost's lineage, it's clear that his paternal ancestor, Nicholas Frost, hailed from Tiverton, Devon, England. His mother, Isabelle Moodie, brought Scottish heritage to the family's rich tapestry. This blend of English and Scottish roots provided a diverse cultural backdrop for the poet.

Robert Lee Frost was born on 26 March, descended from Nicholas Frost, a fact that may have imbued him with a sense of history and legacy. Frost's father descended from Nicholas, the colonist Nicholas Frost of Tiverton, which underscores the family's long-standing connection to England.

Meanwhile, Isabelle (Moodie) Frost's Scottish lineage introduced another layer to Frost's identity, reflecting the intermingling of cultural influences that shaped his perspective and work.

Frost's Immediate Family

Robert Frost's immediate family life, marked by both profound love and profound tragedy, began when he wed Elinor Miriam White in 1895, with whom he fathered six children. Among them, daughter Elinor and son Elliot were early sources of sorrow; Elliot's life was cut short when he succumbed to illness as a child, while Elinor passed away just days after birth.

Daughter Irma, along with Lesley, were two of Frost's offspring who outlived their parents, enduring the loss of a brother and the complexities of family life shadowed by grief. Frost's own father died of tuberculosis, a fate that deeply affected him, while his mother's battle with cancer ended similarly in loss.

This immediate family experienced the full spectrum of life's offerings, framing the poignant backdrop to Frost's poignant literary work.

Marriage and Children

While Frost's work often mirrored the stark realities of his immediate family life, his marriage to Elinor Miriam White in December 1895 and the children they raised together provided fertile ground for his explorations of the complexities of love and loss in his poetry.

You'd find that Frost's marriage to Elinor White, whom he'd met during their shared days at Lawrence High School in New Hampshire, was as foundational to his personal life as it was to his oeuvre. The family they built, with all its joys and challenges, became a recurring theme in Frost's poetry.

Elinor Frost's mental illness introduced an additional layer of complexity to their marriage, influencing the poet's work. Together, Robert and Elinor Frost navigated the bittersweet terrain of raising a family, their experiences deeply etched into the verses that would define Frost's legacy.

Literary Legacy Impact

Frost's masterful weaving of colloquial speech and vivid New England imagery in his poetry has profoundly shaped the contours of American literature, setting a benchmark for poets who followed in his footsteps.

Indeed, poet Robert Frost, a four-time Pulitzer Prize laureate, established an indelible association with rural life through his work.

The Poems of Robert Frost reflect a deep understanding of human emotions, often set against the backdrop of the natural world, which has become a hallmark of his enduring legacy. His family moved through various New England states, enriching his experience and thus his writing.

In recognition of his contributions, Robert Frost's presence graced the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, the Frost Place preserves his legacy, ensuring the literary legacy impact of Frost's poems continues to inspire and resonate.

Notable Descendants

Building upon his literary legacy, some of Robert Frost's descendants, like his grandson Robert Bob Frost and granddaughter Carol Frost, have made their own marks in academic circles and beyond. As you delve into the Frost family tree, you'll find a rich tapestry of individuals extending the reach of their esteemed ancestor.

Here are some notable points of interest:

  1. Robert Bob Frost followed the educational path, graduating from Lawrence like his grandfather, before shaping minds at the University of Michigan.
  2. Carol Frost, while in Panama City, FL, openly acknowledged her lineage to the New England mill poet.
  3. Douglas Wilber's DNA suggests a possible genetic bridge to the Frost lineage, tracing back to England who'd sailed.
  4. Descendants remain focal in genealogical studies, with ties to places like Old Bennington Cemetery, where the poet rests.

Tracing Lineage Challenges

Tracing the lineage of Robert Frost presents a complex challenge. Researchers must navigate the diverse geographical origins of his ancestors and the absence of direct yDNA or mtDNA test-takers from his paternal or maternal lines.

To piece together the puzzle of Nicholas Frost from Tiverton, of Scottish descent, and how his lineage intertwines with that of Frost, one must consider how Robert's father, connected to William Frost, may shed light on the patronage of Frost's grandfather. As Frost's mother joined the family tree, her Scottish roots added another layer to the story.

As Frost grew up and eventually settled in Beaconsfield, the task of tracing lineage challenges became evident. It's an analytical journey through time, piecing together familial ties without the benefit of direct genetic testing pathways.

Archival Resources

Delving into archival resources allows you to uncover the intricate tapestry of Robert Frost's ancestry, shedding light on the familial influences that shaped his life and works. Here are key elements you'll find:

  1. Articles from the San Francisco Examiner detailing the life of his father, William Prescott Frost.
  2. Records of Frost's association with the Theta Delta Chi fraternity and his education at Lawrence High School.
  3. Documents linking Frost to the Swedenborgian church, reflecting on his philosophical and religious influences.
  4. Personal correspondences and artifacts from his time in the Great Dismal Swamp, his experiences during World War I, his life in New York, his marriage to Elinor Frost, and their final resting place in Bennington Cemetery.

Each piece contributes to a detailed and accurate portrait of Frost's heritage and personal journey.

Do Robert Frost and Tiger Woods have any common family connections?

It is not widely known that Robert Frost and Tiger Woods have a common family connection. However, after a thorough examination of Tiger Woods family tree, it has been discovered that the two have a distant relation. This surprising link sheds new light on the lives of these two iconic figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Robert Frost Have a Family?

Yes, you're right to wonder about Robert Frost's family—he indeed had one. He married Elinor White and they raised several children, whose lives and legacies intertwine with his storied poetic career.

What Is Robert Frost Ancestry?

You're exploring Robert Frost's ancestry, which includes English and Scottish roots, with his paternal line from Devon and maternal side from Scotland, diversifying his heritage and influencing his celebrated poetic legacy.

Does Robert Frost Have Any Grandchildren?

Yes, you're right to ask; Robert Frost did have grandchildren, including Robert Bob Frost, a university professor, and a granddaughter, Carol Frost, who resided in Florida during the mid-1960s.

Who Were Robert Frost Siblings?

You're asking about Robert Frost's siblings. He had one sister, Jeanie Florence Frost, whose life was largely undocumented due to her early death after being committed to a mental institution. She's his only known sibling.


In unraveling Robert Frost's family tree, you've journeyed through a lineage steeped in diverse roots and literary influence. Your exploration highlights the profound impact of Frost's ancestry on his poetic genius.

Despite the challenges in tracing his lineage, the archival resources have offered a rich tapestry of his immediate kin and notable descendants, cementing his legacy as an integral thread in the fabric of American literature.

Your analysis illuminates the intricate connections that shaped Frost's enduring legacy.