tiger woods family tree

Tiger Woods Family Tree

As a golf historian, my experience delving into the lineages of legends like Tiger Woods has shown me the profound impact of heritage on athletic greatness.

I believe Tiger's diverse background, a tapestry of African American, Chinese, Native American, and Thai, has shaped his unique approach to both life and golf.

Understanding his family tree, especially the influence of his father, Earl Woods, has deepened my appreciation for how culture and upbringing forge champions.

Through my studies, I've seen firsthand how Tiger's lineage has contributed to his relentless drive and unparalleled success on the green.

Key Takeaways

  • Tiger Woods' family tree is a unique mix of African American, Chinese, Native American, Thai, and Dutch heritage.
  • Earl Woods, Tiger's father, played a significant role in shaping his success in golf through his military discipline and introduction to the sport at a young age.
  • Kultida Woods, Tiger's mother, influenced his cultural identity and fostered a blend of traditions within the family.
  • The dynamics within the Woods family, including strained sibling bonds and Tiger's marriage to Elin Nordegren, have been complex and influenced by various factors.

Early Ancestral Background

Tiger Woods' early ancestors hail from a mosaic of ethnicities. His father's lineage traces back to African American, Chinese, and Native American roots. His mother's family blends Thai, Chinese, and Dutch backgrounds. Earl Woods, an African American with additional Chinese and Native American heritage, married Kultida 'Tida' Punsawad, whose lineage carries a rich mix of Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry. This union brought together a remarkable range of cultural narratives.

Your own lineage, like Tiger's, could encompass an ancestor like Maude Carter, reflecting the African American side, or draw from the Native American heritage, and possibly share Dutch ancestry on the maternal side.

Tiger himself coined the term 'Cablinasian' to encapsulate his unique mix, including his mixed Thai heritage, which has undoubtedly shaped his identity and worldview.

Earl Woods: Military Life and Fatherhood

While exploring Earl Woods' diverse heritage provides a backdrop to Tiger's multicultural identity, it's Earl's military service and role as a father that laid the foundation for his son's ascent in the world of golf. Earl, a retired lieutenant colonel, met Kultida Punsawad in Thailand in 1968. Their union led to the birth of Eldrick Tont Woods, known as Tiger, in 1975. As a seasoned veteran of the Vietnam War, Earl's discipline from his US army career no doubt influenced his approach to parenting. He introduced Tiger to golf early on, fostering his son's talent with dedication.

YearEventImpact on Tiger Woods
1968Earl meets KultidaSets stage for Tiger's birth
1975Tiger Woods bornEarl and Kultida Woods become parents
Vietnam WarEarl serves in US armyMilitary discipline shapes fatherhood
Early YearsEarl introduces golf to TigerSeeds of Tiger's future success

Kultida Woods: Thai-American Influence

Embracing a rich tapestry of cultural influences, Kultida Woods, the mother of Tiger Woods, brought her Thai, Chinese, and Dutch heritage into the very fabric of Tiger's identity and growth as a golfer. Originally from Thailand, Kultida met Earl Woods during his tour of duty in 1968, infusing the Woods Family tree with a distinctive Thai-American essence.

  • Kultida's influence:
  • Shaped Tiger's unique cultural identity, the term 'Cablinasian'
  • Fostered a blend of traditions within the family
  • Contributed to the resilient spirit Tiger exhibits

Her role in the family narrative isn't just a footnote; it's a cornerstone of the Woods legacy. As Tiger navigated his path to becoming a golf legend, Kultida's heritage remained a grounding force, deeply entwined in his journey.

Sibling Bonds: Half-Brothers and Sister

Beyond the fairways and the fame, Tiger Woods' familial landscape includes three half-siblings from his father Earl Woods' previous marriage to Barbara Gary, adding layers of complexity to the traditional family narrative.

Earl Jr., Kevin, and Royce are part of the Woods family tree, yet the sibling bonds with Tiger have been characterized by a certain coolness, their paths diverging early on. The same father, Earl Woods Sr., connects them, but differing mothers and life trajectories have led to strained interactions over the years.

The Woods in Cypress, including Tiger and his half-siblings, navigate a blended family dynamic that's further complicated by Tiger's high-profile life and former marriage to Elin Nordegren. Family ties, in this case, reflect a tapestry woven with both shared heritage and separate lives.

Marriage to Elin Nordegren

Turning our attention to Tiger Woods' personal life, he married Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model and nanny, in 2004, marking the beginning of a union that would produce two children and endure a highly publicized breakdown.

As you delve into their story, you can't help but experience a range of emotions:

  • Joy: The birth of Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel Woods, bringing happiness and new purpose to the golfer's life.
  • Turmoil: Tiger's highly scrutinized infidelities, leading to a media frenzy and public disappointment.
  • Resolution: Their divorce in 2010, with Elin receiving a reported $100 million settlement, and the couple's commitment to co-parenting, demonstrating maturity and responsibility despite personal challenges.

Through it all, Tiger Woods continued to compete in PGA tour events, his ethnic make-up as Cablinasian becoming a footnote to the unfolding drama of his personal life.

Parenting: Sam and Charlie Woods

In the wake of a very public divorce, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren focused their efforts on providing a stable and normal upbringing for their children, Sam and Charlie Woods. Born in 2007 and 2009, these kids represent the next branch on a family tree that intertwines Swedish roots with the American Indian and African American heritage of Earl Woods, Tiger's father.

Your lineage is fascinating, as Earl had met Tiger's mother, Kultida, during his military tours, giving rise to the golfer Tiger Woods. As Tiger evolved from a child prodigy into a legend with multiple US Junior Amateur titles, he never lost sight of the importance of parenting: Sam and Charlie Woods.

You're related to Tiger, yet he's determined that you experience life beyond the shadow of his storied career.

Continuing the Legacy: Woods' Impact

Tiger Woods' influence on the world of golf has extended to your own family tree, where his niece Cheyenne Woods continues his sporting legacy.

  • Cheyenne, an American golfer, follows in the footsteps of her uncle:
  • Junior Golf: Just as Tiger shone in his youth, Cheyenne excelled in junior golf competitions.
  • First Major: Inspired by Tiger's epic 1997 Masters win, her first major, she chased her dreams with vigor.
  • Golf Championships: Emulating Tiger, who holds 15 major titles, Cheyenne aims to leave her mark in golf history.

Tiger, a former Player of the Year, not only rivaled the legend of Jack Nicklaus with his four major wins in a row but also inspired the next generation of Woods to pursue greatness.

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Tiger Woods’ and Angelina Jolie’s Family Trees?

Tiger Woods and Angelina Jolie’s family trees both showcase a diverse heritage, with roots that span different continents. While Tiger Woods’ lineage has a strong emphasis on African and Asian influences, Angelina Jolie’s genealogy lineage traces back to diverse European and Native American origins. Despite these differences, both families have rich and fascinating histories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Tiger Woods Half Siblings?

Tiger Woods has three half-siblings: Kevin, an Air Force veteran; Earl Jr., a writer and estate manager; and Royce, who maintains a low profile. They're all from their father Earl's previous marriage.

Did Tiger Woods Come From a Wealthy Family?

No, you didn't come from a wealthy family. Your dad was a retired lieutenant colonel, and your mom, a Thai native, provided support for your passion, not financial luxury. Your talent shone through.

Does Tiger Woods Have a Sister?

Yes, you've got a sister, Royce, from your dad Earl's first marriage. She's kept a low profile, so you might not hear about her as much as you do about Tiger.

Was Tiger Woods Dad a Professional Golfer?

Yes, Tiger Woods' dad, Earl Woods, was indeed a professional golfer before mentoring Tiger, significantly shaping his early golfing skills and contributing to his future success in the sport.


You've traced Tiger Woods' roots from his parents' diverse heritage to his own family life. Earl's military background and Kultida's Thai-American influence shaped Tiger's world.

His siblings, marriage to Elin, and his children, Sam and Charlie, add branches to the family tree.

Tiger's mixed ethnicity and family values continue to influence his legendary career, inspiring future generations in the world of golf and beyond.

His legacy, a tapestry of triumphs and challenges, endures.