jimmy doolittle family tree

Jimmy Doolittle Family Tree

As a genealogy enthusiast with a focus on military lineages, my experience delving into the Doolittle family tree has been nothing short of fascinating. I believe that every name holds a story, and Jimmy Doolittle's is a testament to that. His adventurous spirit seems to echo through the generations, and in exploring his roots, I've found a rich history of resilience.

The more I've learned, the more I've seen how the past informs the present, shaping who we are. It's a reminder that within our own family trees, we may find inspiration and courage that mirrors that of the Doolittles.

Key Takeaways

  • The Doolittle family tree can be traced back to 1617 with various spellings of the surname throughout history.
  • Jimmy Doolittle's immediate family members, including his wife Josephine and his parents Frank and Rosa, played vital roles in his life and career.
  • Jimmy Doolittle's military heritage, particularly his pivotal role in World War II and receiving the Medal of Honor, likely inspired his descendants to continue the family's tradition of military service.
  • The Doolittle family's contributions to aviation, military service, and American history have established a lasting legacy and remain a testament to their spirit and dedication.

Early Ancestry and Roots

Tracing the roots of Jimmy Doolittle's family tree, you discover his ancestors' journey that dates back to 1617, marked by various spellings of the surname and a lineage including notable figures like Sarah Smith and Editha Field.

James Harold Doolittle, born on 14 December 1896, came from a line that intertwined with America's early history. His father, Frank Halliard Doolittle, and his mother, Rosa Cerenah, née Shephard, both had ties to families that settled in the New World. Rosa's middle name, a unique identifier, suggests a heritage rich with stories yet to be fully unraveled.

Jimmy's birth in New York traced a family map that spanned centuries and bore witness to America's developing narrative.

Immediate Family Members

Who were the central figures in Jimmy Doolittle's immediate family, and how did they shape his life and legacy?

At the heart of Doolittle's family tree were:

  1. Josephine E. Daniels – Doolittle married Josephine, a vital support in his life and career.
  2. Two Sons – His legacy continued with his two children, who carried on the Doolittle name.
  3. Parents, Frank and Rosa – They provided the foundation upon which Doolittle built his life.

As a celebrated lieutenant general, Doolittle's accomplishments in aviation were undoubtedly influenced by the support and values instilled by his immediate family members. Josephine, in particular, stood by him through pivotal moments, reinforcing his resolve and contributing to the rich tapestry of the Doolittle family history.

Military Heritage and Descendants

Building upon the solid foundation laid by his parents and the unwavering support from his wife and sons, Jimmy Doolittle's military heritage didn't end with his own storied contributions to aviation history. His pivotal role in World War II, leading the daring Doolittle Raid in retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor, earned him the Medal of Honor and solidified his legacy within the United States Army Air Forces.

This legacy of courage and innovation has carried forward through his descendants. Though specific details of his family's continued service aren't detailed here, the influence of such a profound military heritage likely inspired subsequent generations. The Doolittle family's commitment to their country's defense may have manifested in continued service, honoring and upholding a tradition of military excellence.

Notable Relatives

Several notable relatives emerge from the Doolittle family tree, each contributing unique chapters to their collective history. Their legacy is marked by adventure and service, with connections to various surnames that have made their own impact. Here's a closer look at these individuals:

  1. Frank Halliard Doolittle: Jimmy's father, whose adventurous spirit led him to the Klondike Gold Rush.
  2. Josephine 'Joe' Elise Daniels: Married to Jimmy on 24 December, she was a cornerstone in his life, supporting his career as a flying instructor and beyond.
  3. Jimmy Doolittle's Sons: They continued the family's tradition of service, following in their father's footsteps, who was a Medal of Honor recipient and a general in the United States Army Air Corps, and now rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Extending the Family Branches

Delving into the extended branches of Jimmy Doolittle's family tree reveals a web of relatives who have, over the centuries, woven a rich tapestry of historical significance and personal triumphs.

As you trace the lineage back to 1617, you uncover a diverse array of individuals, each adding a unique stitch to the family narrative.

It's in the valorous acts of Jimmy, awarded the Medal of Honor for his audacious leadership during the Doolittle Raid in December, that the family's legacy in Air and military history peaks.

From the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the serene coastlines of Pebble Beach, the Doolittle family has spread and prospered. Their contributions to aviation, military service, and American history remain a testament to their enduring spirit and dedication.

Are there any connections or similarities between the Doolittle and Laughlin family trees?

There are no known connections between the Doolittle and Laughlin family trees in the don laughlin genealogy tree. Both families have rich histories, but they appear to be unrelated. However, further research may reveal hidden connections waiting to be discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Jimmy Doolittle's Son?

You're asking about Jimmy Doolittle's son. He sadly perished in a plane crash in 1958 during a training flight. His death occurred near Eglin Air Force Base, deeply impacting his family.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jimmy Doolittle?

You're exploring Jimmy Doolittle, who made the first coast-to-coast flight, led the Doolittle Raid, and was honored with the Medal of Honor. He's a celebrated aviator inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

How Tall Was Jimmy Doolittle?

You're looking at Jimmy Doolittle's stature; he was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, perfectly average for an American man in the early 1900s. His height didn't stand out in his era.

How Old Was Jimmy Doolittle When He Died?

You're inquiring about Jimmy Doolittle's age at death. He was 96 years old when he passed away in 1993, having been born in 1896. His contributions significantly shaped military aviation history.


In summarizing the Doolittle lineage, you've traced a family tree rich with diversity and historical significance. From Abraham Doolittle's immigration to James Harold's aviation feats, your ancestors have left indelible marks on history.

You're connected to a network of families, each branch revealing military valor and noteworthy kin. By meticulously documenting these ties, you've not only honored your heritage but also provided a valuable resource for future generations to appreciate and build upon.