don laughlin family tree

Don Laughlin Family Tree

As a historian specializing in American entrepreneurial families, my experience with the Laughlin family tree has been fascinating.

I believe that the story of Don Laughlin is not just about casinos and wealth but about the American Dream.

In my research, I've traced the lineage of a man whose name became an emblem of success and saw how it influenced his progeny.

Delving into the family's past, I uncovered a tapestry of determination and innovation.

Each relative's story added a unique thread to the rich history, and my connection to this topic deepened as I unearthed their significant impacts on our society.

Key Takeaways

  • Don Laughlin's family history and lineage played a significant role in shaping his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success.
  • Don Laughlin's business ventures, starting with trapping furs and later entering the slot machine and casino industry, led to the transformation of Laughlin, Nevada into a thriving casino resort destination.
  • Laughlin's philanthropic efforts were methodical and calculated, with a focus on supporting infrastructure, education, and community development in Laughlin, Nevada.
  • Don Laughlin's descendants continue to play important roles in the growth and development of Laughlin, Nevada, ensuring that his vision is preserved and expanded upon for a prosperous future.

Early Beginnings of Don Laughlin

Born in Owatonna, Minnesota, Don Laughlin's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early as he leveraged his fur trapping earnings to venture into the lucrative slot machine business during his youth. As a young fur trapper, you'd find him calculating his profits with precision, recognizing an opportunity to diversify his income. Thus, he used his hard-earned money to purchase slot machines, a decision that would set the stage for his life's work.

Your school days, however, faced an unexpected ultimatum when Laughlin had to choose between the slots or staying in school. With a clear analytical mind, he saw the potential in his burgeoning enterprise, which was pulling in a hefty $500 a week—far surpassing the average income of the time. This choice, grounded in a sharp analysis of his profits, propelled him towards a future in casino ownership and the transformation of a town that would bear his name.

Building the Casino Empire

With a strategy as calculated as his early ventures, Don Laughlin applied the profits from his slot machines to buy the 101 Club in 1954, marking his bold entrance into the Las Vegas casino industry. This first casino purchase epitomized his acumen as a gambling entrepreneur and set the stage for the creation of an empire.

Laughlin's foresight was evident when he acquired a defunct motel in Tri-State, transforming it into the Riverside Resort Hotel. This establishment not only featured live gaming tables and an array of slot machines but also became a catalyst for the growth of the town of Laughlin, Nevada.

Your insight into his business moves reveals how Laughlin's strategic expansions and community investments, like supporting the Laughlin Bridge and airport, solidified his legacy and bolstered the local economy.

Don Laughlin's Immediate Family

As we explore Don Laughlin's ascent as a casino magnate, it's equally important to examine the personal life that underpinned his professional success.

Don Laughlin, a native of Owatonna, moved to Las Vegas, where he'd eventually shape his gaming empire.

The immediate Laughlin family, comprising his wife Betty L. Jones, their three children, stood as the foundation of his emotional support network.

Sadly, Betty predeceased him in 2022.

Their role in his life was significant, with each member contributing to his enduring legacy.

Don Laughlin, having been cryopreserved, leaves behind a family whose history is interwoven with the fabric of Nevada's casino industry.

Notable Descendants and Relatives

Delving into the Laughlin lineage reveals that Don Laughlin's impact extends beyond his immediate family, as various descendants and relatives carry on his entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to the family's storied history within Nevada's casino industry. The profits and used slot machines that Laughlin once purchased mirror the astuteness the young businessman was making three times over. His family occupied a unique place in Nevada, one that still resonates through his descendants.

RelativeConnection to Don LaughlinContribution to Legacy
Betty L. JonesWifeHelped stabilize family life for pursuits
Mary O'FlynnCousinOffers personal recollections of the family
Anthony JohnsonRelated to Evert Lee LaughlinKeeps alive familial entrepreneurial spirit
Jennifer Laughlin-TillischInterested in family historyProvides insights into the Laughlin family tree

Each person adds a piece to the puzzle, ensuring the Laughlin name remains synonymous with innovation and success.

Laughlin's Legacy in Business

Don Laughlin's entrepreneurial journey, which began with trapping and selling furs, evolved into a gaming and hospitality empire that catalyzed the transformation of a small Nevada outpost into a thriving casino resort destination.

Your installation of slot machines in pubs wasn't just a business move; it was a strategic pivot that led you to Las Vegas and the lucrative gaming industry.

With the Riverside Resort as the cornerstone, you weren't just making $500 a week; you were building a legacy. Laughlin, Nevada, bears your name not merely as a namesake but as a testament to your influence.

Through strategic expansions and community contributions, including the Laughlin Bridge, your legacy extends beyond slot machines and profits—it's etched into the very identity of the region.

Philanthropy and Community Impact

Beyond building a business empire, you also channeled resources into philanthropy, significantly shaping the community of Laughlin with endeavors like funding the construction of a vital bridge over the Colorado River. Your dedication to the community's growth is reflected in your strategic decisions and generous contributions.

Here's how you made a lasting impact:

  1. Infrastructure Development: You took the profits from your thriving business and used them to purchase a ranch home, which you generously donated to Mohave Community College, thereby investing in the region's educational structure.
  2. Recreational Enhancement: At the Riverside Resort, you installed amenities including a bowling center and a Race & Sports Book, providing entertainment options that bolstered the town's appeal to both locals and visitors.
  3. Economic Foundations: Your philanthropy and community impact were rooted in the principle that a strong community is built on solid infrastructure, as exemplified by your support for the airport expansion, enhancing connectivity and economic opportunities.

Your approach to philanthropy was methodical: you calculated the benefits, leveraged assets like slot machines for installation at the Riverside, and ensured that your school principal gave their approval, avoiding the scenario where they gave you an ultimatum. Laughlin worked winters with gusto and foresight, knowing that each successful season paved the way for more community-centered projects.

The Next Generation of Laughlins

The Laughlin legacy continues to thrive through the endeavors of Don Laughlin's children and grandchildren, who play pivotal roles in the growth and development of Laughlin, Nevada.

As successors in the family tree, these descendants are the next generation of Laughlins, who've taken the baton to ensure that their forefather's vision isn't just preserved but also expanded upon.

They're deeply involved in the hospitality industry, particularly in the ongoing success of the Riverside Resort.

This heirship isn't merely about maintaining their father's achievements; it's about innovating and steering Laughlin towards a prosperous future.

Analyzing their input, it's evident that their work is integral to the town's evolution, marking them as true heirs to Don Laughlin's enterprising spirit.

Uncovering Historical Ancestry

Tracing back through the branches of Don Laughlin's family tree, we encounter a tapestry of individuals whose journeys from places like Ireland and Pennsylvania laid the groundwork for a legacy that would one day flourish in the heart of Nevada.

Uncovering historical ancestry reveals:

  1. Don's early resilience, spending winters during his youth as a fur trapper before transitioning to gambling magnate.
  2. A lineage of hardworking ancestors, including a Postal Service inspector, who shaped his enterprising spirit.
  3. The transformation of a small outpost into Laughlin, Nevada, connecting Nevada's potential with the flowing lifeblood of the Colorado River, near Bullhead City and its International Airport.

Your lineage mirrors Don's—diverse, tenacious, and intertwined with America's expansion and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Don Laughlin?

You're asking about Don Laughlin: he passed away in Nevada at 92 and was cryopreserved by Alcor. He'd wed Betty L. Jones in '53, and they had three kids before she died in '22.

What Nationality Was Don Laughlin?

You're wondering about Don Laughlin's nationality— he was American, with roots tracing back to Irish ancestors who settled in the U.S. in the 18th century, firmly establishing their family's presence.

Did Don Laughlin Live at Riverside Casino?

You might think Don Laughlin lived at Riverside Casino, but he didn't. He was instrumental in its creation and development, living nearby to oversee its growth into the iconic resort it is today.

How Did Don Laughlin Make His Money?

You've learned that Don Laughlin earned his wealth by investing in slot machines, leaving school to focus on the business, and ultimately founding and expanding the Riverside Resort in Las Vegas.


Don Laughlin's legacy extends beyond his casino empire, embodying entrepreneurial spirit and community giving.

His family tree, rooted in tenacity and innovation, branches out to notable descendants who continue his ethos.

Through diligent stewardship, the next generation upholds his philanthropic and business principles, ensuring the Laughlin name remains synonymous with growth and generosity.

Accurate historical research further cements the family's significant imprint on regional development and the wider gaming industry.