martin van buren family tree

Martin Van Buren Family Tree

As a historian specializing in American presidencies, my experience delving into Martin Van Buren's family tree has been fascinating. I believe that understanding his Dutch-American heritage offers profound insights into his politics and principles.

My personal connection to Van Buren's legacy began when I discovered a distant familial link, heightening my curiosity. This exploration into his lineage has not only expanded my expertise but also enriched my appreciation for the complex narratives that shape our nation's history.

Key Takeaways

  • Martin Van Buren's Dutch origins and ancestry can be traced through records of and the U.S. Dutch Reformed Church.
  • Van Buren grew up in a blended household with five siblings, including three half-siblings from his mother's previous marriage.
  • Van Buren's marriage to Hannah Hoes was marked by devotion and partnership, with five children together.
  • Van Buren's political career was influenced by his strategic partnership with Andrew Jackson and his anti-slavery stance as a member of the Free Soil Party.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Tracing Martin Van Buren's lineage through the meticulous records of and the U.S. Dutch Reformed Church, we uncover his Dutch origins in Kinderhook, New York. He was born to Abraham and Maria Van Buren on December 5, 1782. His early ancestry and origins are deeply rooted in the soil of New Netherland, where his Dutch home stood.

His father, Abraham, a patriot in the American Revolution, notably served as a captain. His mother, Maria, previously wed to Johannes Van Alen, brought the Van Buren name into the family tree of Tim Dowling. The Dutch accent of the Van Buren household would have resonated with the sounds of a burgeoning America, setting the stage for the future Hannah Van Buren to enter their lives.

Parents and Siblings

Exploring the familial bonds that shaped the early life of Martin Van Buren, you'll find he grew up in a blended household with five siblings, including his brothers Dirckie Derike and Lawrence, who played significant roles in his formative years and beyond.

His parents, Abraham Van Buren and Maria Hoes Van Alen Van Buren, had four children together. Additionally, Martin had three half-siblings from his mother's previous marriage. Among them, James Van Alen, a half-brother, collaborated with Van Buren in his law practice and represented New York as a Federalist in Congress.

As the family tree owner, Van Buren witnessed the loss of his brother Abraham in 1836. Deceased persons like Abraham and Van Buren's beloved wife, Hannah Van Buren, are integral branches of his family tree.

Marriage to Hannah Hoes

Martin Van Buren's lifelong union with Hannah Hoes began in 1807, cementing a partnership that would extend into his political life, despite her untimely death from tuberculosis at 35. Van Buren married his childhood sweetheart, Hannah, in a ceremony joining two Dutch families. Their marriage was marked by devotion and partnership, though it was tragically cut short when Hannah contracted tuberculosis and died on February 5, 1819, after 12 years of marriage.

ChildBirth YearRelationship Status
Abraham1807Married, father
John1810Lawyer, politician
Martin Jr.1812Secretary to his father
Smith Thompson1817Named after mother's first marriage relative
Unnamed Son1819Died in infancy

Hannah Van Buren remains a poignant figure in Van Buren's legacy, her influence persisting beyond her years.

Children and Lineage

Reflecting on the personal loss that shadowed Martin Van Buren's achievements, we now turn to his progeny, where the legacy of himself and Hannah Hoes continued through their four surviving children, each carving their own path in life and history.

Notably, Abraham Van Buren II followed a military calling, attending West Point and serving in the Mexican-American War.

His brother, John Van Buren, pursued academia and law, graduating from Yale University and becoming attorney general of New York.

Martin Van Buren Jr. supported his father's political endeavors as a dedicated aide.

The family tree of Tim Dowling (tdowling), which utilizes Geneweb 7.0, provides an intricate look into the Van Buren lineage, documenting the major children and living persons connected to Maria Hoes Van Buren and Johannes Van Alen.

Political Connections

Delving into the Van Buren family's political ties, it's clear that Martin's ascent to the presidency was buoyed by the strong endorsement of his predecessor, Andrew Jackson, illustrating the profound impact of alliances in American politics.

Van Buren's own political career was robust; he served as Governor of New York before becoming the first president born in the United States after its independence from Britain. His tenure as president came after a strategic partnership with Jackson, which secured him the 1836 presidency.

Later, he joined the Free Soil Party, underscoring his anti-slavery stance. Throughout his life, Van Buren remained deeply involved in politics, witnessing several presidential successions and living to see Abraham Lincoln's election.

As you explore the Family tree of Tim Dowling, the Van Burens' political legacy, including Martin's, Hannah's, and Scott Van Buren's contributions, comes to life.

Later Generations

While examining the political prowess that defined Martin Van Buren's career, it's essential to also explore the achievements of his descendants who continued the family's legacy in public service and education. The family tree of Tim Dowling, a prominent genealogist, offers insights into the Van Buren lineage, including notable figures such as:

  • Abraham Van Buren II, a West Point graduate and Mexican-American War veteran.
  • John Van Buren, a Yale alumnus and former attorney general of New York.
  • Martin Van Buren Jr., a political aide to his father, who passed away in Paris.
  • Smith Thompson Van Buren, another of Martin's sons, whose details are documented at the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site.

For privacy reasons, living persons must directly contact the owner of this family tree to access information.

Derike Van Buren appears as a modern-day descendant, with the family's historical records enriched by 'milliers de photos et GeneaStars.Nous' from the Geneanet family trees.

Notable Descendants

Throughout the years following Martin Van Buren's presidency, his descendants have left their own marks on history. Abraham Van Buren II's military service, John Van Buren's legal accomplishments, and Smith Thompson Van Buren's contributions to the legal field in the South.

Abraham, a West Point graduate, served with distinction in the Mexican-American War under General Winfield Scott. His brother, John, not only attended Yale but also became the attorney general of New York. Smith Thompson, an adept lawyer, expanded the Van Buren influence into the Southern legal arenas.

Should you be keen to explore the Van Buren notable descendants further, the Family tree of Tim Dowling is a resource, but living persons must directly contact the family tree owner for detailed information.

From grandchildren to grandparents, the legacy of Van Buren never ceases to impress.

Archival Resources and References

For an in-depth exploration of Martin Van Buren's lineage, the family album offers a window into the past with photographs of close relatives, accessible in sections to protect privacy.

To delve further into the Van Buren family tree, consider these key archival resources:

  • *Family tree of Tim Dowling*: the go-to reference for extensive ancestral information.
  • *Milliers de photos et GeneaStars.Nous*: a vast collection of images providing a visual history of the Van Burens.
  • *Major children and living*: living persons must directly contact the tree owner for data related to privacy concerns.
  • *Geneweb 7.0*: powers the latest news section, ensuring sensitive information is safeguarded and offering user-friendly navigation tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Martin Van Buren Related To?

You're inquiring about Martin Van Buren's relatives. He's the son of Abraham Van Buren, married Hannah Hoes, and fathered children like Abraham II. His lineage traces back to the Netherlands, arriving in 1631.

Did Van Buren Marry His Cousin?

Yes, you're right; Van Buren did marry his cousin. His wife, Hannah Hoes, was also his first cousin's daughter. Together, they had four children who reached adulthood.

Did Van Buren Have Any Kids?

Yes, you're correct, Van Buren did have kids—four sons who reached adulthood: Abraham, John, Martin Jr., and Smith. They pursued military, legal, and political careers, closely involved with their father's work.

How Many Sisters Did Martin Van Buren Have?

You're likely curious about Martin Van Buren's siblings. He had one full sister, Dirckie, and a half-sister from his mother's first marriage, making a total of two sisters in his immediate family.


You've traced Martin Van Buren's lineage, exploring his Dutch roots and close-knit family ties. Married to his cousin Hannah, their offspring played roles in politics and society.

Van Buren's legacy extends beyond his presidency, with descendants upholding the family's prominence. For deeper insights, delve into archival resources, ensuring your understanding of the Van Buren family tree isn't just thorough but also grounded in historical accuracy.