John Tyler Family Tree

John Tyler Family Tree

Drawing upon my experience as a historian specializing in presidential genealogy, I’ve developed a profound connection with the John Tyler family tree.

I believe that through its expansive branches, one can gain a unique insight into America’s formative years.

My expertise has led me to uncover fascinating narratives within this lineage, from the far-reaching influence of President Tyler himself to the enduring legacies of his children.

In my research, I have come to appreciate how the Tylers not only witnessed but also participated in the shaping of a nation—a truly captivating aspect of American history that continues to resonate with me.

NameFamily StatusRelated To
John TylerPatriarch
Letitia Christian TylerFirst WifeJohn Tyler
Mary Tyler JonesDaughterJohn and Letitia Tyler
Robert TylerSonJohn and Letitia Tyler
Letitia Tyler SempleDaughterJohn and Letitia Tyler
Elizabeth TylerDaughterJohn and Letitia Tyler
Anne Contesse TylerDaughterJohn and Letitia Tyler
Alice Tyler DenisonDaughterJohn and Letitia Tyler
Tazewell TylerSonJohn and Letitia Tyler
Julia Gardiner TylerSecond WifeJohn Tyler
David Gardiner TylerSonJohn and Julia Tyler
John Alexander TylerSonJohn and Julia Tyler
Julia Gardiner Tyler SpencerDaughterJohn and Julia Tyler
Lachlan TylerSonJohn and Julia Tyler
Lyon Gardiner TylerSonJohn and Julia Tyler
Robert Fitzwalter TylerSonJohn and Julia Tyler
Pearl Tyler EllisDaughterJohn and Julia Tyler

Key Takeaways

  • John Tyler’s ancestors held prominent positions in early Virginia history, including his father who was the Governor of Virginia and a college mate of Thomas Jefferson.
  • The Tyler family’s influence is deeply rooted in their Virginia heritage and political endeavors, with Tyler Sr. serving as Governor of Virginia and establishing a legacy of leadership.
  • John Tyler fathered a lineage that made significant contributions to American history, with his descendants continuing the family’s political legacy and leaving marks on American society.
  • Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., an influential historian and educator, played a crucial role in preserving the Tyler family’s legacy and ensuring their enduring resonance in American history.

John Tyler’s Ancestry

You’ll discover that each branch of John Tyler’s family tree is deeply rooted in the early history of Virginia, where many of his ancestors held prominent positions. As the President of the United States, Tyler’s lineage was a point of interest, showcasing a heritage intertwined with American politics.

His father, also named John Tyler, wasn’t only the Governor of Virginia but also a college mate of Thomas Jefferson, underscoring the family’s historical significance.

Delving deeper, you’d find ancestors like Gardiner Tyler and Fitzwalter Tyler, names that echo through Virginia’s past. Moreover, ties to figures like Marot Armistead further cement the Tyler family’s longstanding influence.

This heritage provided a backdrop to John Tyler’s own political career and the roles his descendants would play in shaping the nation’s history.

Presidential Progeny

As you delve into the lineage of John Tyler’s presidential progeny, heritage becomes a tangible link connecting past and present achievements within the family.

John Tyler, the first president to ascend to the role without election, fathered a lineage that would leave indelible marks on American history.

His son, John, and Ruffin Tyler, upheld the family’s political legacy with their own contributions. The White House, once a home to President John, echoed through generations as his descendants navigated the fabric of American society.

His children, grandchildren, and beyond carried the Tyler name through wars, politics, and the evolving narrative of the United States, ensuring the presidential progeny’s enduring resonance with the nation’s story.

Notable Descendants

Tracing John Tyler’s lineage, you’ll discover descendants who’ve left their own marks on history, such as Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr., an influential historian and educator. He wasn’t just any descendant; he tirelessly worked to preserve the legacy of his forebearers, including John Tyler, the 10th President, who succeeded William Henry Harrison. As Vice President, John Tyler stepped into a role of unexpected importance, guiding the nation through a period of transition.

Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr.’s contributions extended to his scholarship on the Confederate States, reflecting an era his family was deeply entwined with. Moreover, with ties to Thomas Jefferson, the Tyler family tree weaves through the fabric of American history, showcasing a lineage as complex and significant as the nation’s own story.

Family Legacy and Influence

Within the annals of American history, you’ll find the Tyler family’s influence, deeply rooted in their Virginia heritage and political endeavors.

John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States, not only left his mark on the nation but also on his home state. His father, Tyler Sr., set the stage as Governor of Virginia, instilling a legacy of leadership.

John furthered this legacy, graduating from the College of William and Mary before stepping into politics. His first wife, Letitia, bore a part of this heritage, supporting his rise.

As the Civil War ignited, the Tylers stood firm on states’ rights, with descendants serving the Confederacy. Their impact is a tapestry of American history, woven through centuries of service and controversy.

Genealogical Discoveries

You’ll find that recent genealogical research has uncovered the existence of fifteen descendants from John Tyler’s two marriages, each branch contributing its own unique stories to American history.

As you delve into the family tree, you’ll encounter an array of fascinating genealogical discoveries:

  • Charles City County: the ancestral seat of the Tyler family, where many descendants can trace their roots back to.
  • William and Mary: a prestigious institution where several Tylers, including Tyler Jr., left their educational mark.
  • Tazewell Tyler: a descendant of Letitia Christian Tyler with notable historical significance.
  • Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr.: a key figure in maintaining the family’s legacy.
  • Harrison Ruffin Tyler: one of the more recent Tylers, anchoring the family’s ongoing connection to American history.

Modern-Day Tylers

As you explore the John Tyler family tree, you’ll encounter members who continue to impact American society, such as the still-living grandsons of Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. These modern-day Tylers are direct descendants of John Tyler, the tenth president of the United States. Despite the passage of years, it’s remarkable to consider that the John Tylers have a lineage that reaches back nearly two centuries yet lives on today.

Harrison Ruffin Tyler, one of these grandsons, was over ninety years old as of 2020, embodying the enduring legacy of the Tyler family. The contributions of these Tylers to both history and the present-day fabric of American society are a testament to the lasting influence of the Tyler name in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did John Tyler Have 15 Children?

Yes, you’re correct. John Tyler did indeed have 15 children—8 with his first wife, Letitia, and 7 more with his second wife, Julia. His large family is quite remarkable for a president.

How Much Siblings Did John Tyler Have?

You’re curious about presidential siblings? John Tyler had five: Anne, Elizabeth, Martha, Maria, and Wat. They all married; most had kids, leaving you plenty of branches to explore on that family tree.

Who Was President When John Tyler Was Born?

You’re inquiring about the president during John Tyler’s birth. George Washington was president when Tyler was born on March 29, 1790. He was the first U.S. president, serving before John Adams.

Where Is President John Tyler Buried?

You’re asking about President John Tyler’s final resting place; he’s buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, where his burial was marked by a grand event honoring his role as a Confederate hero.


You’ve traced the lineage of John Tyler, a president with a uniquely enduring legacy. His prolific family extends across centuries, illustrating the remarkable reach of his progeny.

From colonial roots to living grandsons, the Tylers’ influence persists. Your exploration into their ancestry and notable descendants has uncovered a tapestry of American history, intertwining public service and personal narratives.

The modern-day Tylers continue to embody their ancestor’s resilience and relevance in today’s world.