Buffalo Bill Cody Family Tree

Buffalo Bill Cody Family Tree

Embarking on the journey to uncover Buffalo Bill Cody’s ancestry has been a personal quest of mine. Due to my expertise in genealogical research, I’ve developed a profound connection with his family tree.

My experience has taught me that every family has its own saga, and in exploring Bill’s lineage, I believe I’ve touched the fabric of American history. From his parents, Isaac and Mary Ann, to his descendants, I’ve traced the threads that weave through the tapestry of the wild west.

Each discovery, each connection, feels like unearthing a hidden treasure, deepening my appreciation for the Cody legacy.

NameFamily StatusRelated To
William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill)Patriarch
Louisa Frederici CodyWifeWilliam Frederick Cody
Arta Lucille CodyDaughterWilliam & Louisa Cody
Kit Carson CodySonWilliam & Louisa Cody
Orra Maude CodyDaughterWilliam & Louisa Cody
Irma Louise CodyDaughterWilliam & Louisa Cody
Isaac CodyFatherWilliam Frederick Cody
Mary Ann Bonsell LaycockMotherWilliam Frederick Cody
Samuel CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
Martha CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
Charles CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
Eliza CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
Helen CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
May CodySiblingWilliam Frederick Cody
Frederick GarlowGrandchildArta Lucille Cody
Irma GarlowGrandchildArta Lucille Cody
Jane GarlowGrandchildArta Lucille Cody
William GarlowGrandchildArta Lucille Cody

Key Takeaways

  • Buffalo Bill Cody’s ancestral roots trace back to Quaker families from Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
  • The Cody family suffered financial hardships, especially after Isaac’s passionate anti-slavery stance led to a near-fatal stabbing.
  • Buffalo Bill Cody’s parents were Isaac Cody and Ann Bonsell Laycock.
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show featured Annie Oakley and Wild Bill Hickok.

Ancestral Origins Explored

You’ll often find that Buffalo Bill Cody’s ancestral roots trace back to Quaker families from Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania before their migration to Canada.

Diving into the family tree, you discover that Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, was born to Isaac Cody and Ann Bonsell Laycock. The Cody family suffered financial hardships, especially after Isaac’s passionate anti-slavery stance led to a near-fatal stabbing.

William Frederick, destined to become an icon of the American Old West, began fending for his family at a young age. During the Civil War, he ventured into the Iowa Territory, and his mother, Louisa Cody, witnessed her son earning the Medal of Honor.

Buffalo Bill’s lineage embodies the spirit of perseverance and adventure.

The Immediate Cody Kin

Your exploration of Buffalo Bill Cody’s lineage reveals resilience as you delve into the lives of his immediate relatives, including his parents, siblings, spouse, and children.

Buffalo Bill, born William Frederick Cody, faced a tumultuous childhood after Cody’s father died, leading to financial hardships that tested the family’s fortitude. Despite these struggles:

  • His mother, Mary Ann, shouldered the burden of providing for the family.
  • Maud Frederici remained his steadfast partner through the founding of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show.
  • His immediate Cody kin frequently coped with adversities; the family was constantly persecuted for their anti-slavery stance.

Navigating these trials, it’s unclear which claims about the Cody family are embellished. Yet, their story is a testament to the American spirit.

Buffalo Bill’s Descendants

While tracing the lineage of Buffalo Bill Cody, you’ll discover that his legacy continued through his children with Louisa Maud Frederici. The branches of the family tree reveal his descendants and a life steeped in the pioneering spirit.

After Bill Cody died, his stories lived on, including those in ‘Buffalo Bill’s Own Story,’ where he recounted adventures from the Wild West Show. Cody claimed fame with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, a spectacle that showcased the skills and thrills of frontier life.

Cody’s father died when Buffalo Bill was young, and Father Christopher Walsh noted that Cody helped to drag the family through tough times. This resilience was imbued in his offspring, ensuring that the Cody name endured beyond the dazzling lights of the Wild West Show.

Notable Relatives and Connections

Tracing the Cody lineage further reveals connections to other frontier legends, proving you’re not just looking at Buffalo Bill’s direct descendants but at a web of historical figures intertwined with the American West. Bill’s family, including his father, Isaac Cody, a free state advocate, and his Quaker mother, Mary Ann, laid the foundation for a legacy that would extend beyond the Buffalo Bills.

  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show featured Annie Oakley and Wild Bill Hickok, enhancing the mystique of the American frontier.
  • Connections to icons like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone highlight the Cody family’s storied past.
  • Bill’s respect for Native Americans was exemplified through his relationship with Sitting Bull, who appeared in his shows, underscoring a complex narrative of the American experience.

Legacy and Historical Impact

As you explore the Buffalo Bill Cody family tree, you’ll discover a legacy that transformed America’s view of the West and left an indelible mark on history. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows brought the American West to life for audiences worldwide, cementing his historical impact.

FeatureDescriptionRelation to Buffalo Bill
American BisonSymbol of the West; Buffalo Bill hunted them extensively.Named for his skill in hunting.
Kansas Pacific RailroadHelped scout lands for the railroad.Increased accessibility to West.
Irma HotelBuilt in Cody, Wyoming; a testament to his legacy.Named after his daughter.
Old Trail Town MuseumPreserves artifacts of the Old West.Displays Buffalo Bill’s effects.
Yellowstone National ParkAdvocated for conservation near Cody, Wyoming.Influenced by his love of nature.

Buffalo Bill’s influence extends from the Elks Lodge Hall to the tales that keep the spirit of the frontier alive.

What are the notable members of Buffalo Bill Cody’s family tree?

Buffalo Bill Cody’s family tree includes notable members such as his wife Louisa, son Kit, and daughter Arta. Louisa helped manage his Wild West Show, and Kit was a famous hunter and guide. Arta became an author and advocate for Native American rights. Their legacy is significant in bob marley family history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Descendants of Buffalo Bill Cody?

You’re asking about the descendants of a famous figure. They’re his children: Arta, Kit, Orra, and Irma, as well as their offspring. The family history spans generations, with numerous notable members.

Did Buffalo Bill Cody Have Children?

You might not know this, but yes, Buffalo Bill Cody did have children. He and his wife Louisa Frederici had four: Arta, Kit Carson, Orra Maude, and Irma Louisa.

Did Buffalo Bill Have Any Grandchildren?

Yes, you’ve got it right; Buffalo Bill did indeed have grandchildren. He had four: Arta Lucille, Kit Carson, Orra Maude, and Irma Louisa, all born to his son, Kit Carson Cody.

Did Buffalo Bill Have Any Siblings?

Yes, you’re right to ask—Buffalo Bill did indeed have siblings. He grew up with six of them: Samuel, Julia, Eliza, Helen, Mary, and Charles, each with their own unique place in his life story.


You’ve journeyed through Buffalo Bill’s lineage, from his ancestors to his immediate family, and onto his descendants.

You’ve seen how his siblings and connections shaped the West.

His legacy, etched in history, lives on not just in bloodlines but in the cultural fabric of America.

Remember, the Cody saga isn’t just about one man; it’s a tale of a family entwined with the very essence of the American frontier spirit.