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Is State Vital Records Legit

I've looked into State Essential Records, and the findings aren't encouraging. The company has a 1.3-star rating from 45 reviews and ranks 62nd among Government Records sites. Customers report delays, unclear fees, and poor communication. The additional $25 notary fee isn't disclosed upfront, causing further dissatisfaction. Many users question the legitimacy of the documents and transactions. Compared to competitors like CoreChek, State Essential Records falls short. For a smooth and trustworthy experience, you might want to explore more about the company's operations and alternative options available.

Key Takeaways

  • State Essential Documents has a 1.3-star rating from 45 reviews, with all recent reviews being negative.
  • Customers report significant delays and non-responsiveness, raising concerns about the company's reliability.
  • Issues with undisclosed fees, including a $25 notary fee, cause dissatisfaction and trust issues.
  • Many customers question the legitimacy of documents received from State Essential Documents.
  • VitalChek and direct official authorities generally receive higher ratings and are recommended for obtaining vital records.

Company Overview

Evaluating the company overview of State Essential Documents reveals significant concerns about its credibility and customer satisfaction. State Essential Documents, a service provided by this company, has garnered a dismal 1.3-star rating from 45 customer reviews, ranking it 62nd among Government Records sites.

Numerous complaints highlight issues with birth certificates and credit card transactions. The company's lack of transparency about fee structures is troubling, particularly when their partner notary service charges an additional $25.

Moreover, there are serious concerns regarding the legitimacy of transactions and delays in document delivery. These issues suggest that State Essential Documents struggles to meet the reliability and efficiency expected by those seeking essential documentation services.

Customer Reviews

Looking into customer reviews, it's clear that State Essential Records has failed to meet user expectations, earning a dismal 1.3-star rating from 45 reviews. Many customers have voiced their concerns about delays in receiving essential statistics documents like birth certificates, often leading to significant frustration. Issues with credit card transactions also stand out, with several users experiencing unauthorized charges. A lack of communication and inconsistent responses further exacerbate the situation. Here's a snapshot of common complaints:

IssueFrequencyExample Complaint
Delays in documentsHigh'Waited months for my birth certificate.'
Credit card problemsMedium'Unauthorized charges appeared on my card.'
Lack of communicationHigh'No response to my emails and calls.'
Legitimacy concernsMedium'Is this service even real?'

This feedback shows a troubling pattern of poor service and reliability.

Rating Analysis

The 1.3-star rating that State Essential Documents holds from 45 reviews starkly reveals a pervasive dissatisfaction among its users. It's evident that the service struggles with significant customer dissatisfaction, especially concerning essential records like birth certificates. The website's dismal ranking of 62nd among Government Records sites further underscores these issues.

Over the past 12 months, a troubling 100% of reviews have been negative. Customers frequently mention problems with credit card transactions and delays in receiving official government documents. The consistency of these complaints points to systemic issues within the service.

Transparency and effective communication are critical, yet they seem to be areas where State Essential Documents consistently falls short. An analysis of these ratings demonstrates serious deficiencies that potential users should consider.

Common Complaints

Many customers have voiced their frustration over significant delays in receiving their birth certificates from State Essential Records. The company has a 1.3-star rating from 45 reviews, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction.

In the last 12 months, 100% of the feedback has been negative, highlighting issues with transparency in their fee structures. Several customers have reported unexpected additional fees not disclosed upfront. Additionally, some have experienced problems with credit card transactions, questioning the legitimacy of these dealings.

This pattern of grievances extends to poor communication from the company, leaving many feeling uncertain about their services. These complaints paint a troubling picture for anyone needing reliable and transparent access to crucial records like birth certificates.

Document Delays

Despite numerous complaints about hidden fees and questionable credit card transactions, the most pressing concern for many customers is the significant delay in receiving their crucial records from State Essential Records.

Document delays have become a recurrent issue, as highlighted in negative reviews by JasonD. and LauraF. Many customers have reported not receiving order confirmation emails, which has led to uncertainty and frustration.

These delays, compounded by communication issues, have raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of State Essential Records' operations. The company's lack of timely updates via email or phone further exacerbates the problem, causing significant distress for those in urgent need of essential documents.

This has left many questioning whether State Essential Records can be trusted to deliver essential services.

Communication Issues

Customers frequently experience significant frustration due to State Essential Records' inadequate communication practices. This includes delayed responses to emails and phone calls. These communication issues have been well-documented in reviews by customers like JasonD. and LauraF., who've highlighted the non-responsiveness to their inquiries.

A major point of contention is the lack of order confirmation emails, which leaves customers uncertain about their transactions. This lack of communication hasn't only led to dissatisfaction but has also raised concerns about the legitimacy of the service.

Inconsistent responses and delayed communications undermine the trust customers place in the company, making it imperative for State Essential Records to improve their communication strategies to enhance the overall customer experience.

Fee Transparency

State Essential Records has come under scrutiny for its lack of fee transparency, which has led to unexpected charges and customer dissatisfaction. Many customers seeking important records have expressed frustration over undisclosed fees, particularly the additional $25 notary service charge that wasn't revealed beforehand.

This lack of upfront information about fee structures has resulted in negative reviews and eroded trust. For example, customers like DarioP have pointed out that the fees weren't disclosed before making credit card payments, creating an unpleasant surprise. This issue highlights the importance of clear communication and transparency in maintaining a positive customer experience.

Addressing fee transparency could greatly improve satisfaction and trust with State Essential Records.

Notary Services

NotaryLive's integration with State Essential Records brings a new level of convenience and security to the notarization process. By leveraging an Online Notary, customers can complete the notarization of essential documents without leaving their homes.

NotaryLive's on-demand service includes advanced ID verification through KBA questions, ensuring each notarized document's authenticity and legal validity. The process is straightforward: upload the document, verify identity, and connect with a certified remote online notary.

This digital approach isn't only faster but also more secure than traditional methods. Using cutting-edge technology, State Essential Records and NotaryLive make it easy for individuals to obtain legally valid notarizations, offering peace of mind and efficiency in handling important documents.

Legitimacy Concerns

While NotaryLive's partnership with State Essential Records offers a seamless notarization experience, concerns have emerged regarding the legitimacy of transactions conducted through State Essential Records.

Customers who've ordered a birth certificate have raised questions about the authenticity of the documents received. Inconsistent responses to customer inquiries have only fueled these doubts, leaving many to wonder if their essential records are genuine.

Some reviews highlight transparency and trustworthiness issues, suggesting that obtaining records directly from authorities might be more reliable.

It's important to address these concerns objectively and guarantee that the services provided meet the highest standards of authenticity and reliability to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Comparison With Competitors

When evaluating the services of State Vital Records, it's important to compare them with competitors like VitalChek and US Vital Records to understand where they stand regarding reliability and customer satisfaction.

State Vital Records has a 1.3-star rating from 45 reviews, ranking 62nd among Government Records sites. In contrast, VitalChek generally receives higher ratings and fewer complaints about ordering vital records. Customers have reported issues with:

  • Birth certificate problems
  • Credit card issues
  • Delays and transparency concerns

NotaryLive, their partner for online notarization, adds a $25 fee, which isn't always disclosed upfront. Given these factors, many suggest obtaining vital records directly from official authorities to validate legitimacy and avoid unexpected costs or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Statevitalrecord.Org Legit?

Based on user reviews and issues with payment processing, I'd hesitate to call entirely legit. Many customers report delays, poor communication, and hidden fees, raising significant concerns about its reliability and transparency.

Are Vital Certificates Legitimate?

When investigating if essential certificates are legitimate, I focus on document verification and identity protection. Through in-depth research and fact-checking, I guarantee the sources provide secure, verified documents, serving others with accurate, trustworthy information.

Is Vitalchek Legit and Safe?

I researched EssentialCheck extensively. Based on customer reviews and their robust data security measures, I can confidently say EssentialCheck is legit and safe. They've been trusted for over 30 years, ensuring secure transactions and reliable service.

Is Vitalrecordsonline.Com Legit?

Based on user reviews, faces challenges with transparency and processing time, leading to dissatisfaction. Many customers mention delays and unresponsive service. It's important to take into account these factors before determining if the site meets your needs.


After thoroughly researching State Vital Records, I found mixed reviews and several common complaints, primarily about document delays and fee transparency.

While they offer notary services, the legitimacy concerns raised by some customers can't be overlooked. Comparing them with competitors, it's clear they've room for improvement.

If you're considering their services, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Always double-check reviews and ratings before making a decision to guarantee your essential documents are in trustworthy hands.