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Is Carda Health Legit

From what I can gather, Carda Health looks legit. They were founded in 2020 and specialize in cardiac and pulmonary care, offering personalized online rehab programs. While they're not BBB accredited, they comply with necessary licensing and bonding requirements. Though there are no customer reviews on BBB, there haven't been any complaints either. Their tailored programs, designed by Clinical Exercise Physiologists, seem to receive positive feedback. They also provide thorough support and have a full refund policy, which shows their commitment to patient satisfaction. For more detailed insights into their credibility, you'll want to explore further.

Key Takeaways

  • Carda Health specializes in cardiac and pulmonary disease care with personalized online programs by Clinical Exercise Physiologists.
  • Founded in 2020, Carda Health has been operational and committed to high industry standards for over ten years.
  • The company adheres to necessary licensing and regulatory requirements, ensuring legal and professional benchmarks are met.
  • While not BBB accredited, Carda Health has no complaints filed against it and complies with essential bonding and licensing.
  • Carda Health conducts rigorous, peer-reviewed research for therapy development, reflecting a commitment to quality and evidence-based care.

Company Overview

Founded by Andrew West and Harry DiFrancesco in 2020, Carda Health is a multi-location business dedicated to aiding patients with cardiac and pulmonary diseases. With a mission to bring accessible, research-backed rehab to millions, Carda Health conducts rigorous, peer-reviewed research to develop therapies that improve patient outcomes.

Located in Dover, the company focuses on personalized online programs tailored to various health conditions. Exceptional service quality is a hallmark of their approach, ensuring each Carda Patient receives top-notch care.

Customer Reviews

Despite Carda Health's commitment to high standards and personalized care, the lack of customer reviews on BBB raises questions about its presence and visibility in the consumer feedback space.

Even though there are no complaints filed against Carda Health, potential clients might think twice before engaging with a company that hasn't truly shown its impact via customer testimonials. Reviews are essential for understanding if a service has truly valued and supported its clients.

While the onboarding process might've started very slowly for some, a company able to provide patient and encouraging care would ultimately win trust. It's imperative for Carda Health to encourage feedback to reflect if they've supported and offered the best care possible.

Accreditation and Certifications

Carda Health Integrative's accreditation and certifications are crucial indicators of its legitimacy and commitment to industry standards. Despite being operational for ten years, Carda Health isn't BBB accredited, which might raise questions about its standing. However, accreditation from the BBB isn't the sole measure of a business's reliability.

Carda Health adheres to necessary licensing, bonding, and registration requirements, reflecting its commitment to industry standards. These certifications guarantee that the company meets legal and professional benchmarks, providing patients with confidence in their services.

While BBB accreditation could enhance its credibility, the company's long-standing operation and compliance with essential regulatory requirements affirm its dedication to maintaining high standards in healthcare.

Services Offered

Offering a range of personalized online rehabilitation programs, Carda Health focuses on enhancing endurance, lung function, strength, and overall well-being for patients with cardiac and pulmonary diseases. Clinical Exercise Physiologists like Kaitlin Baumann and Andrew Mason design these programs to accommodate individual conditions, including Reynaud's Syndrome.

The support provided by these knowledgeable coaches has been lauded for its effectiveness in improving patients' energy levels, confidence, and walking distance without oxygen. Carda Health tailors their services to each patient, ensuring specific health needs are met through structured and supportive plans.

This personalized approach has garnered positive feedback, making their online rehabilitation programs a viable option for those seeking to enhance their health and lifestyle.

Contact Information

For those interested in learning more or enrolling in their programs, Carda Health can be reached at their office located at 2470 Walden Ave Ste 400, Buffalo, 14225-4766. You can contact them directly at (716) 685-2361 or visit their official website for more details.

If email is more convenient, they also offer a direct email contact option. Andrew Mason and his team are dedicated to providing extensive services such as a pulmonary rehab program and support for conditions like Reynaud's Syndrome.

Whether you're focused on heart health or are a self-pay client, Carda Health's commitment to patient satisfaction includes offering a full refund if needed.

Unfortunately, no customer reviews or complaints are currently available for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare Cover Carda Health?

I've looked into it, and Medicare eligibility does cover Carda Health, but there are coverage limitations. Patient demographics, therapy sessions, remote monitoring, reimbursement process, insurance policies, and approved providers all influence the extent of coverage.

What Is Carda Health?

Carda Health offers telehealth services focusing on virtual rehabilitation and remote therapy for chronic conditions. They utilize patient monitoring, wearable technology, health analytics, and clinical support to enhance patient outcomes, making care accessible and effective.

Who Is the CEO of Carda Health?

Andrew West is the CEO of Carda Health. His background includes co-founding the company in 2020. His leadership style focuses on accessible healthcare. His career history and strategic goals aim for a significant industry impact alongside his management team.


After thoroughly examining Carda Health, I find it to be a legitimate organization. The company has strong customer reviews, relevant accreditations, and a wide range of services. Their contact information is transparent and easily accessible.

Overall, Carda Health appears to be a credible option for those seeking its services. However, always conduct your own due diligence to confirm it meets your specific needs and expectations.