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Is Medisave Legit

I found Medisave to be a reputable and reliable company. They offer a range of high-quality medical supplies, including well-reviewed 3M Littmann stethoscopes. Customers generally appreciate their engraving services and competitive pricing. However, there have been some concerns about shipping delays and mixed customer service experiences. Most customers are satisfied, particularly highlighting fast delivery and the value for money. With an 87% recommendation rate from over 263 reviews, Medisave seems trustworthy. If you're curious about more specific details like customer feedback and shipping options, I'll say there's quite a bit more to this story.

Key Takeaways

  • High-quality hospital supplies and competitive pricing distinguish Medisave.
  • Customer reviews highlight fast delivery and exceptional product quality.
  • Personalized engraving services receive consistent praise from customers.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction with active feedback engagement.
  • 87% of 263 customers recommend Medisave, indicating reliability.

Company Overview

Medisave US LLP, located at 300 Long Beach Blvd Ste 4, Stratford, Connecticut, offers a wide range of medical supplies for hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals. As a company, Medisave US specializes in providing high-quality hospital supplies, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service.

We offer various shipping options to cater to different needs, making it convenient for medical professionals to order online. One of our standout features is engraving services, allowing personalization of medical tools. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our responsive customer service and positive reviews.

Customer Reviews

While the company's extensive offerings and services set a promising stage, customer reviews provide valuable insights into the real-world experiences with Medisave's products and services.

Shanya Singh bought a stethoscope for her granddaughter, who was thrilled with the gift.

Michael Zimmerman praised Medisave for its fast delivery and precise engraving services on his stethoscope order.

However, not all reviews are glowing. Allana Coleman faced delays with expedited shipping and was dissatisfied with customer service responsiveness.

Similarly, Angela Montgomery noted that express shipping didn't meet the estimated delivery time, signaling room for improvement.

These mixed reviews about Medisave's shipping and customer service highlight the importance of consistent delivery and order handling for customer satisfaction.

Shipping Experience

Many customers have praised the company for its swift and reliable shipping experience. Medisave offers various shipping options available, ensuring quick delivery experiences. The timely arrival of products has been consistently highlighted as efficient by reviewers. Satisfied customers frequently mention the smooth and efficient shipping process.

Here's a breakdown of the shipping experience:

Shipping Options AvailableMultiple options tailored to needsPositive
Quick Delivery ExperiencesFast and reliable deliveriesHighly appreciated
Efficient Shipping ProcessOrganized and smoothConsistently praised
Shipping to Different LocationsEfficient across various regionsHighlighted by reviewers

Product Quality

Customers consistently praise the high quality of products from Medisave, especially highlighting the 3M Littmann stethoscopes for their reliability and precision. The engraving services offered by Medisave receive notable appreciation, showcasing their attention to detail.

Positive customer feedback underscores the value for money provided by Medisave, with many noting the competitive prices of their high-quality offerings. Despite some delays due to COVID-19, customers remain satisfied and continue to support Medisave, reflecting their trust in the product quality.

Pricing and Promotions

Medisave provides various promotions, such as free shipping on orders over $50, which offer significant cost-saving opportunities. Customers can enjoy additional discounts using coupon codes like 'faceb11' on Littmann stethoscope purchases. Group orders, especially from school vendors, can lead to further discounts, making essential medical tools more affordable for students and institutions. The range of shipping options, including two-day and expedited shipping, ensures timely delivery estimates, enhancing the overall service experience. Customer reviews often highlight these benefits, adding to Medisave's credibility.

Promotion TypeBenefitCustomer Impact
Free ShippingOrders over $50Cost savings
Discount Codes'faceb11' for stethoscopesImmediate discounts
Group OrdersAdditional discounts for schoolsBudget-friendly bulk purchases
Expedited ShippingFaster delivery estimatesEnhanced service satisfaction

Customer Service

While Medisave's pricing and promotions offer significant value, it's important to consider the variability in their customer service experiences. Some customers praised helpful customer service agents like Rob, who guaranteed the delivery and product exactly as ordered.

However, others reported unprofessional behavior and delays, especially with high order volumes and expedited shipping. Medisave actively engages with customer feedback, encouraging customers to contact them for issues, and often provides a refund or partial refund. They aim for efficient resolution of delivery problems and clear communication.

Despite mixed reviews, Medisave's dedication to addressing feedback and improving services is evident, though variability in service quality remains a concern.

Return Policy

Understanding the return policy is important, with a 30-day window for most items to be refunded or exchanged. Items must be in new, unused condition with all original packaging and accessories. Customized or engraved products aren't eligible for returns unless there's a defect or error. A restocking fee of up to 15% applies, and shipping costs are non-refundable unless Medisave made a mistake. It's vital to contact customer service for return instructions to guarantee a smooth process.

Here's a quick overview:

Return Window30 days
Item ConditionNew, unused condition
Special ItemsCustom items returnable only if defective
FeesUp to 15% restocking fee, non-refundable shipping
ProcessContact customer service for return instructions

Comparison With Competitors

When comparing Medisave to its competitors, it's evident that their competitive pricing and quick shipping give them a notable edge. Medisave US offers two day shipping, which many customers have noted in their positive experiences. This speed often surpasses other online retailers.

Additionally, their engraving services on 3M Littmann products add a personalized touch that enhances customer satisfaction. Reviews consistently highlight the quality and variety of 3M Littmann products available, setting Medisave apart from the competition.

The company's proactive engagement with customer reviews, both positive and negative, guarantees continuous improvement in their services. Overall, Medisave's blend of competitive pricing, quick shipping, and personalized services makes them a strong contender in the medical supply market.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Medisave stands out as a reliable option in the medical supply market, blending competitive pricing with quick shipping and personalized services. Medisave US has garnered an overall rating of 3.86 out of 5 stars from 263 customer reviews, with 87% recommending the brand.

While customer reviews reveal a mix of positive experiences and negative experiences—particularly regarding customer service—the company actively addresses feedback to enhance efficiency. They offer a wide range of medical supplies and provide clear contact information, including their Stratford address and phone number.

Despite some complaints, Medisave's commitment to resolving issues and improving services supports their legitimacy. For healthcare professionals, Medisave remains a trustworthy choice for essential medical supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Medisave Based?

Medisave's headquarters, the main office, and operational base are located at 300 Long Beach Blvd Ste 4, Stratford, Connecticut, 06615-7153. While its business address is in Stratford, the company also has a global presence.

Is Mystethoscope.Com Legit?

I researched and found concerning customer reviews about payment methods, shipping times, return policy, product quality, and site security. User feedback highlights poor customer service and unclear warranty details. Pricing comparison shows better alternatives elsewhere.


After carefully evaluating Medisave, I find it to be a legitimate company. Customer reviews are generally positive, praising product quality and prompt shipping.

Pricing seems fair, and occasional promotions add value. While customer service has room for improvement, the return policy is reasonable. Compared to competitors, Medisave holds its own.

Overall, I'd say it's a reliable option for medical supplies.