Dutton family tree

Dutton family tree

The Dutton family is a prominent family in the television series Yellowstone, as well as its prequels 1883 and 1923. While the official family tree has not been revealed, several sources have attempted to piece together the relationships between the various characters[1][2][3][4][5][6]. Here is a breakdown of the Dutton family tree based on the av

The Dutton lineage starts centuries ago, when James and Mary moved to England in the eighteenth century. Ever since then, their descendants have sprouted across all seven continents – Antarctica being the only exception!

Heirs of the legendary Dutton family, which originated in England in the 19th century and later migrated to Texas, include renowned American actor Dennis Quaid. His ancestors are James and Mary Dutton—a distinguished part of this remarkable lineage.

Many Duttons have been linked to numerous renowned personalities, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. Additionally, it is thought that some of them even battled in the American Revolutionary War.

From singer-songwriter Bob Dylan to actor Robert Downey Jr. and former President George W. Bush, the illustrious Dutton family tree has been connected with some of the world’s most renowned figures in entertainment, government, and commerce – including successful businessman Warren Buffett.

Nowadays, the Duttons have traveled all around the globe. Many of them still stay in contact and exchange stories about their antecedents. Their family tree is a poignant reminder that we are interconnected with one another, illustrating how far-reaching the legacy of this remarkable family has been throughout history.

The Dutton family proudly keeps their heritage alive, regardless of where they may find themselves in the world. As generations come and go, so does the branches on the family tree; each one reminding us both of our past and what is to come for future members. How remarkable it is that this legacy will be carried forward by those we have now met or yet to meet!

The Duttons are immensely proud of the history that runs deep in their family, and they intend to carry it forward for generations to come. Their family tree stands as a vibrant reminder of how far this one lineage has gone in making an impact on history!

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How many branches of the Dutton family tree exist?

The Dutton family tree has sprouted in all corners of the world, with new members added every generation. Even Antarctica hasn’t been spared from its reach!

What notable figures have been connected to the Dutton family tree?

The Dutton family tree is rooted in a variety of prominent figures, from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Robert Downey Jr. and Bob Dylan; from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush and Warren Buffett – the list goes on!

How old is the Dutton family tree?

The lineage of the esteemed Dutton family reaches as far back as the 18th century, when a couple by the names of James and Mary initially established their home in England. It is believed that some members even took part in America’s Revolutionary War to gain independence from Britain.

What does the Dutton family tree symbolize?

The Dutton family tree serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness and the impressive feats achieved by one single family throughout history. It stands in honor of their remarkable legacy, reminding us all to strive for greatness!

How do members of the Dutton family continue to honor their ancestors?

The Dutton family continues to stay connected, sharing stories of their forefathers and transmitting their legacy for years ahead. It serves as a reminder that we are all intrinsically linked and prompts us to reflect on the Duttons’ influence through time. Their ancestral tree will continue to grow more abundant with each generation that is born, keeping its symbol of strength alive.

What countries do members of the Dutton family currently reside in?

The Dutton family is one of global renown, as they have managed to spread their branches far and wide. Perhaps the most well-known descendant of this illustrious lineage is American actor Dennis Quaid; his ancestors James and Mary migrated from Europe during the 19th century, finally settling in Texas. Today you can find a part of this legacy on every continent but Antarctica – each providing an interesting glimpse into both past and future generations alike!

What other branches of the Dutton family tree exist?

From the American branch descending from James and Mary Dutton to their relatives living on every continent except Antarctica – each with its own unique story and history – the Duttons have indisputably left a lasting impression around the world. Every branch of this family is an incredible reminder of our past, as well as a thrilling glimpse into what lies ahead for them in the future.


Q: Who are the main characters in the Dutton family tree?

A: The main characters in the Dutton family tree include John Dutton III, Jack Dutton, Jacob, Spencer Dutton, Jamie Dutton, Beth Dutton, Lee Dutton, Tate Dutton, John Dutton II, Margaret Dutton, James Dutton, Jacob Dutton, Cara Dutton, Elsa Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Rip Wheeler, Emma Dutton, Evelyn, Evelyn Dutton, Mary Abel, Claire Dutton, Monica Dutton, Christina, Elizabeth Dutton, and Peter Dutton.

Q: What is Yellowstone Dutton Ranch?

A: Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is a fictional ranch in Montana that serves as the primary setting of the TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Q: What happened in 1883?

A: 1883 is a TV series that serves as a prequel to “Yellowstone.” It follows the Dutton family as they move to Montana in the year 1883.

Q: Who is John Dutton III?

A: John Dutton III is the adopted son of John Dutton and the governor of Montana. He is a major character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Q: Who is Jack Dutton?

A: Jack Dutton is a character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.” He is the son of John Dutton III and a member of the Dutton family.

Q: Who is John Dutton II?

A: John Dutton II is the father of John Dutton and a member of the Dutton family. He is a minor character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Q: What is the Dutton Ranch?

A: The Dutton Ranch is the fictional ranch owned by the Dutton family in the TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Q: Who is Margaret Dutton?

A: Margaret Dutton is the wife of John Dutton and a member of the Dutton family. She is a minor character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Q: Who is Spencer Dutton?

A: Spencer Dutton is a character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.” He is a member of the Dutton family and the son of James Dutton.

Q: Who is Jamie Dutton?

A: Jamie Dutton is a character in the TV series, “Yellowstone.” She is a member of the Dutton family and the daughter of John Dutton.