Wright Brothers Rodeo Family Tree

Wright Brothers Rodeo Family Tree

Growing up on the fringes of the rodeo circuit, my experience with the Wright Brothers Rodeo Family Tree is personal. I've watched them transform from local legends to national champions. As a rodeo historian, I believe their success is a tale of perseverance and talent.

Bill Wright, the family's cornerstone, taught his sons more than just riding; he instilled in them a relentless spirit. Cody Wright's finesse on a bucking horse, Jesse's clutch victories, and Stetson's youthful brilliance were not just spectacles to me—they were chapters in a story I've had the honor to chronicle.

Key Takeaways

  • The Wright family name is synonymous with rodeo excellence and a legacy of champions in Utah.
  • Cody Wright, a two-time PRCA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, set a formidable standard and cemented the Wrights as a household name in saddle bronc riding.
  • Jesse Wright, trained by his family, won the world at the Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and continues the family's lineage of world titles.
  • Alex Wright, part of the celebrated Wright rodeo dynasty with six world titles, is pursuing excellence in both bronc and bareback riding, living up to the Wright name.

Pioneering Roots: Bill Wright

You'll find the pioneering roots of the Wright brothers' rodeo dynasty with their father, Bill Wright, who, alongside his wife Evelyn, raised a lineage of champions in the heart of Utah.

Their son, Cody Wright, got started in high school, setting a high bar as a two-time PRCA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider. The Wright family name became synonymous with rodeo excellence, largely thanks to Cody's remarkable achievements.

Bill Wright instilled in his children a passion for the sport that has been carried on by his brothers: Cody leading the charge.

Today, Cody's sons continue to uphold the family's proud tradition, showcasing the same grit and skill that their grandfather, Bill, sowed into the Wright family's fabric.

Cody Wright: Saddle Bronc Legacy

As you explore the Wright family's rodeo dynasty, Cody Wright's legacy as a saddle bronc icon stands out, with his mastery and two world titles setting a formidable standard for the sport.

His expertise in saddle bronc riding hasn't only earned him accolades but has also cemented the Wrights as a household name in rodeo circles.

Cody, a two-time world champion, consistently showcased his talent at the National Finals Rodeo, drawing crowds and inspiring future generations.

Widely regarded as one of the best saddle bronc riders, Cody's world title achievements resonate throughout the rodeo community.

His influence is evident as his sons echo his success, adding to the Wright family's impressive tally of accolades and continuing the saddle bronc legacy that Cody so prominently shaped.

Jesse Wright's Championship Journey

Stepping onto the rodeo stage from the shadow of his brother's legacy, Jesse Wright's own championship journey in saddle bronc riding began with honed skills and a fierce determination to continue the family tradition of excellence. As a standout member of the Wright brothers rodeo family tree, Jesse's path to glory was paved with grit and the support of his kin.

  • Started bronc riding at 14, trained by family
  • Gained significant confidence after two years
  • Mastered the critical timing in bronc riding
  • Enjoys familial support during competitions
  • Part of a lineage boasting several world titles

Amongst his talented siblings, like Spencer and Rusty Wright, Jesse's championship journey culminated when he won the world at the Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, etching his name in rodeo history.

Riding High: Alex Wright

In the wake of his father and siblings' successes, Alex Wright has emerged as a formidable contender in the saddle bronc riding arena. Part of the celebrated Wright rodeo dynasty, he's tackling the family's high-bar legacy head-on. With a lineage boasting six world titles, you're riding with a cowboy deeply rooted in the sport.

Alex's father, Cody Wright, a two-time PRCA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, set the stage for this rodeo saga.

Your journey with Alex isn't just about clinging to the saddle for those critical eight seconds; it's about the constant pursuit of excellence in bronc and bareback riding. Embracing the ups and downs, you're witnessing a cowboy who's not just riding high — he's living up to the Wright name.

Stetson Wright: Rodeo Prodigy

While Alex Wright carves out his own legacy, you can't overlook his younger brother Stetson, a rodeo prodigy who's already clinched the All-Around Champion title. Stetson Wright's rise in the rodeo scene has been nothing short of spectacular, with his talents shining brightly under the Las Vegas lights.

  • Started riding steers at just 10 or 12 years old, a testament to his early start and dedication.
  • It took years of grit to perfect the timing on bucking horses, illustrating his perseverance.

Competing alongside his brothers, including Alex, adds a cool factor and strong support system.

  • His mother, Evelyn Wright, must beam with pride at Stetson's accomplishments.
  • Stays relaxed with his pre-ride routine, proving a calm mind leads to a perfect ride.

The Next Generation: Statler Wright

You'll find the rodeo lineage further extended through Statler Wright, the latest torchbearer of the Wright family's illustrious tradition in the arena. Every time he mounts up, you're witnessing the next generation of rodeo royalty adding a little bit more legacy to the family tree. Statler, like his cousins before him, embodies the grit and grace that has become synonymous with the Wright name.

To keep you hooked, here's a quick look at the Wrights' rodeo roots:

Family MemberRodeo Legacy
Cody WrightPatriarch, Champion Bronc Rider
Stetson WrightAll-Around Champion
Ryder WrightRenowned Bronc Rider
Rusty WrightProfessional Bronc Rider
Spencer WrightUp-and-coming Star

Each name reinforces the Wrights' indelible mark on rodeo history. Keep an eye on Statler; he's the fresh face of an enduring saga.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Children Are in the Rodeo Wright Family?

You're curious about a family's size, aren't you? Well, there are 13 kids in this particular clan, and they've made quite a name for themselves in the rodeo world, showcasing impressive skills on horseback.

How Many Siblings Does Stetson Wright Have?

You're asking about Stetson Wright's siblings. He's got three brothers: Ryder, Rusty, and Spencer. They've all made their mark in rodeo, just like him, growing up with competition and support at home.

Who Are All the Wright Brothers in Rodeo?

You're asking about a group of brothers in rodeo? They're Cody, Calvin, Alex, Jake, Jesse, and Spencer Wright, all champs in saddle bronc riding, creating a formidable legacy in the sport.

Is the Wright Rodeo Family Mormon?

You're asking if the Wright rodeo family is Mormon, but there's no provided information confirming their religious beliefs. Their rodeo legacy is clear, yet their faith remains a private matter.


You've just witnessed the Wright family's remarkable imprint on rodeo history. From Bill's pioneering spirit to Cody's saddle bronc mastery, Jesse's championship pursuits, and Alex's lofty achievements.

Watch in awe as Stetson blazes trails as a prodigy, and keep an eye on Statler, the next generation's beacon of promise.

This legacy isn't merely about titles; it's about a family's heart and soul poured into every ride. Their bond is as strong as their love for the sport.