william henry harrison family tree

William Henry Harrison Family Tree

In my experience, delving into the William Henry Harrison Family Tree has been a journey through the heart of American heritage.

As a historian specializing in presidential genealogy, I've spent countless hours tracing the intricate branches of the Harrisons. I believe their story is a microcosm of the nation's evolution.

My connection with this topic grew as I uncovered the ties to Benjamin Harrison V and the legacy leading to Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president. Each discovery was a testament to the family's impact, which far surpassed mere politics, shaping the cultural and societal landscapes of their times.

Key Takeaways

  • The Harrison family has a rich ancestral heritage tracing back to Viking and Celtic origins.
  • The family has a remarkable dynastic presence in American leadership, with William Henry Harrison's father signing the Declaration of Independence and his grandson becoming the 23rd President of the United States.
  • The Harrison legacy in politics and leadership is evident through William Henry Harrison's national figure status, Benjamin Harrison's presidency, and their influence in the House of Representatives.
  • Notable descendants in various sectors, such as medicine, judiciary, and city governance, highlight the family's contributions outside of politics.

Ancestral Beginnings

You'll find that many of William Henry Harrison's ancestors were among the earliest European settlers in America, with a lineage tracing back to notable Viking and Celtic origins.

His father, Benjamin Harrison V, was a towering figure in the Colony of Virginia, not just as a governor but also as a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Born on the historic Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia, William's family heritage was deeply intertwined with American history.

The Harrisons owned plantations and held significant legislative power in Virginia, with Benjamin Harrison V's signature etched onto the pivotal document that marked America's claim for independence.

This ancestral line of leaders set the stage for a tradition of service that William Henry Harrison would continue.

Presidential Connections

As you delve into the Harrison family's presidential connections, it's clear that their legacy extends beyond colonial leadership to the very pinnacle of American politics.

William Henry Harrison, born at Berkeley Plantation in Charles, Virginia, emerged from a lineage steeped in governance. His father, Benjamin Harrison V, not only signed the Declaration of Independence but also set the stage for a tradition of service.

This tradition was continued by William's own son, John Scott Harrison, who represented Ohio in the House of Representatives.

But the presidential ties don't end there. Benjamin Harrison, William's grandson, further cemented the Harrison family's place in history by becoming the 23rd President of the United States.

This trio of Benjamin, William, and President Benjamin illustrates a remarkable dynastic presence within the United States' leadership.

The Harrison Legacy

The dynasty established by the Harrisons reaches far beyond their presidential milestones, shaping significant aspects of American history and culture. You'll find that the roots they planted have grown into a robust family tree, with branches that have touched every corner of the nation's development.

Here are three key components of the Harrison legacy:

  1. William Henry Harrison, the 9th President, set the stage as a national figure, but his untimely death led to John Tyler assuming the presidency.
  2. His son, Benjamin Harrison, upheld the family's political tradition, serving as the 23rd President and navigating the post-Civil War era.
  3. The family's influence extended to the House of Representatives and beyond, with William Henry Harrison known as the father of Benjamin Harrison, a testament to their political dynasty.

Notable Descendants

Branching out from the presidential lineage, you'll discover a variety of Harrisons who've made their mark across different sectors. The William Henry Harrison family tree is rich with notable descendants who've built upon the foundation of their forebear.

You'll find names like Benjamin Rush, a revered figure in medicine, and John Cleves Symmes, who left a lasting impact on the judiciary.

The Harrison legacy extends to vibrant cities, where Carter Harrison served as a distinguished mayor.

Delving into the origins, you can't overlook Harrison Jr., who managed a plantation in Charles City, a testament to the family's deep roots.

Each descendant has woven their unique thread into the fabric of American history, ensuring the Harrison name endures.

Historical Impact

You'll find that each member of the Harrison family not only contributed to the political sphere but also left a distinct imprint on American history and culture. The historical impact of the Harrison family tree is extensive:

  1. Governor William Harrison's leadership in Virginia set a precedent for public service that flowed through generations.
  2. William Henry Harrison's presidency, although brief, symbolized the expansionist spirit of America in the early 19th century.
  3. The marriage of John Cleves Symmes to Anne, William's daughter, connected the Harrisons to other influential families, further extending their political reach.

Each Harrison played a role in shaping the nation, from the Continental Congress to the highest office in the land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was William Henry Harrison Family?

You're asking about a family of political heavyweights. William Henry Harrison's relatives included a Declaration of Independence signer and two other U.S. presidents. They were influential Virginian legislators and plantation owners.

Are William Henry Harrison and Abraham Lincoln Related?

Yes, you're related to both William Henry Harrison and Abraham Lincoln through a common ancestor, Benjamin Harrison V, who ties these presidential lineages together in American history.

Were the Harrison Presidents Related?

Yes, you're right; the Harrison presidents were related. William Henry Harrison was the grandfather of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States, making them both part of the same political dynasty.

Was William Henry Harrison Married?

Yes, you're right to wonder about Harrison's marital status. William Henry Harrison was indeed married to Anne Symmes, and together, they had a large family with ten children.


You've journeyed through the branches of William Henry Harrison's family tree, uncovering a legacy steeped in American history. From signing the Declaration of Independence to holding presidential office, the Harrisons have left an indelible mark on the nation.

You've seen how their influence extends beyond politics, shaping the country's fabric. Remember, as you reflect on the past, you're witnessing the roots of a family that helped shape the United States.