benjamin harrison family tree

Benjamin Harrison Family Tree

In my experience, the Benjamin Harrison family tree is not merely a historical curiosity—it's a part of my life's work. As a genealogist with expertise in American political lineages, I've traced the roots of many families, but the Harrisons hold a special place.

I believe their story is a microcosm of the nation's journey. Exploring their past, from Benjamin Harrison V's bold signature on the Declaration to President Benjamin Harrison's own tenure, I've felt connected to the pulse of American heritage.

Their saga of leadership continues to inspire the values of public service in my research.

Key Takeaways

  • Benjamin Harrison's family tree begins in 1630 with an Englishman named Benjamin Harrison who settled in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • The Harrisons are descendants of the First Families of Virginia, and Benjamin Harrison V, a notable Virginia governor and revolutionary leader, played a pivotal role in America's fight for independence.
  • Benjamin Harrison's family tree includes his grandfather, William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States, and Benjamin himself served as the twenty-third President of the United States.
  • The Harrison family has a long-standing influence on the country's direction and leadership, with Benjamin's presidency continuing a rare lineage of First Families where leadership is passed down through generations.

Ancestral Beginnings

Your exploration of the Harrison family tree begins in 1630 with an Englishman named Benjamin Harrison, who settled in Jamestown, Virginia, establishing the family's American roots.

As descendants of the First Families of Virginia, the Harrisons have a storied past. Benjamin Harrison V, a notable Virginia governor and a revolutionary leader, had reservations about the Constitution but played a pivotal role in America's fight for independence.

His legacy continued with his grandson, President William Henry Harrison, who served as an aide-de-camp to General Mad Anthony Wayne before becoming the Governor of the Indiana Territory.

The ancestry of Benjamin also includes John Scott Harrison, linking the family to a rich genealogical tapestry that threads through American history.

Presidential Connections

Exploring Benjamin Harrison's family tree, you'll encounter presidential connections that include his grandfather, William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States, and his own tenure as the twenty-third President. Benjamin Harrison's ascendancy to the presidency wasn't just a personal triumph; it was a continuation of a legacy. As the grandson of President William, he was part of the rare lineage of First Families, where leadership passed down through generations.

Your dive into this family tree reveals roots entwined with American history. Notably, Benjamin was a descendant of John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. This heritage, encompassing leaders like Benjamin Harrison V, a revolutionary figure, underscores the family's long-standing influence on the country's direction.

Notable Descendants

As you delve into the Benjamin Harrison family tree, you'll uncover a lineage of influential figures, including his grandson William Henry Harrison III, who carried on the family's political legacy.

This distinguished line, originating from the First Families of America, boasts significant contributions to the nation's history. Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison's progeny, intertwined with Benjamin Harrison's, amplified the family's prominence in American society.

Their descendants attended esteemed institutions, such as Miami University, where the bond of Phi Delta Theta fraternity echoed the Harrison commitment to community and leadership.

You'll find roots stretching to North Bend, entwining with the legacy of public service and governance, a testament to the enduring influence of the Harrison family through the ages.

Marriages and Alliances

In the Benjamin Harrison family tree, strategic marriages strengthened political alliances and social standing. As you delve into the connections, consider these pivotal unions:

  1. Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States, wed Caroline Lavinia Scott, fortifying ties with the influential Scott family of Hamilton County.
  2. Their offspring, including Russell Benjamin Harrison and Mary Mamie Scott Harrison McKee, continued the legacy of prominent First Families.
  3. The Harrisons further cemented their status when Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison, a descendant of the Scott lineage, married Benjamin Harrison's grandson.

These marriages weren't just romantic unions; they were calculated moves that bolstered the Harrison family's position within the social and political tapestry of America. They ensured that the Harrison and Scott families remained integral to the nation's narrative.

Legacy and Impact

You'll find that every strategic marriage within the Harrison family not only shaped their social prominence but also left an indelible mark on the political landscape of the United States. The Harrisons, hailing from the First Families of Virginia, have contributed significantly to the nation's history. Benjamin was a grandson of President William Henry Harrison, and his own presidency furthered the family's influence. Though Harrison's boyhood was enjoyable, the emphasis on education propelled him to college and into a career that would establish a lasting legacy and impact.

Harrison LegacyKey ContributionsLasting Impact
Native American RightsAdvocacy & PoliciesChanged Perspectives
State AdmissionsExpansion of the UnionShaped National Growth
Historical Publications'The Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison'Solidified Historical Significance
Education EmphasisLed to Benjamin's SuccessInspired Future Generations
Political LineageMultiple United States PresidentsCemented Family's Political Prominence

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was Benjamin Harrison's Family?

You're asking about a man whose family included a president, a congress member, and early American leaders. He had a wife, two children, and a lineage that dates back to colonial Virginia.

How Many Children Did Benjamin Harrison V Have?

You're asking about offspring count; Benjamin Harrison V had three kids, William Henry Harrison, Anna Tuthill Harrison Symmes, and John Cleves Symmes Harrison. They're part of a prominent American political family.

Are William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison Related?

Yes, you're right to think they're related. Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the 9th U.S. President. Their family connection's a significant part of U.S. political history.

Did Benjamin Harrison Have Grandchildren?

Yes, you're right to wonder; Benjamin Harrison did have grandchildren. They were Russell Benjamin Harrison and Mary Mamie Scott Harrison McKee, his only descendants who carried on the Harrison family legacy.


You've traced the roots of a political dynasty, from the revolutionary fervor of Benjamin Harrison V to the presidential legacy of his descendants. As you delve into their marriages and alliances, you grasp the significance of the Harrisons in shaping American history.

Their advocacy and leadership echo through time, and as you stand at the grave of the 23rd President, you're reminded that the impact of one family's legacy can indeed be profound and enduring.