Originals Family Tree

The Originals Family Tree

The Originals family tree is a complex and captivating web of characters, secrets, and surprises. From the immortal Mikaelsons to their powerful progeny, this expansive genealogical chart has enthralled viewers for years with its intricate intrigues. This article will unravel the mysteries of The Originals’ extended family tree – exploring each branch in detail to uncover all its hidden treasures. Join us as we delve deep into the depths of this dynamic dynasty!

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For generations, fans have followed the fascinating familial fable of The Originals. Spanning centuries and continents alike, it’s an epic saga that follows a single bloodline through every twist and turn. Throughout history, beloved characters like Klaus Mikaelson have made appearances onscreen – drawing us ever further into this captivating clan’s chronicles. Alongside these iconic figures are multitudes more waiting to be discovered – so get ready to unearth some incredible revelations about the Mikaelson line!

From ancient origins to modern miracles, there’s no shortage of remarkable stories within The Originals family tree. So join us now as we embark upon our journey into the past – tracing each branch back to its source while unveiling untold tales along the way!

Overview Of The Family

The Mikaelson family, otherwise known as the Originals, is comprised of three siblings – Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah. They are all vampires created by their mother Esther in an attempt to save her daughter’s life. As a result of this, they have been cursed with immortality, invulnerability and incredible powers such as superhuman strength and speed. However, due to the nature of their existence, they often find themselves at odds with each other and frequently clash over matters relating to power and control. Despite this tension between them, they remain deeply devoted to one another and will always put family first.

Furthermore, even though Elena Gilbert eventually became part of their extended family through marriage to Klaus, she was never truly accepted as an equal member; instead being seen more as an outsider looking in from afar. This dynamic serves as a reminder that blood ties run deep within the Mikaelsons’ complex history. With no clear resolution for these ongoing conflicts on the horizon yet still bound together by fate itself, it’s evident that the story of the Original Family is far from over. Moving forward then we take a closer look at how Klaus Mikaelson’s relationship with Hayley Marshall-Kenner has further complicated his already fraught journey towards redemption.

Klaus Mikaelson And Hayley Marshall-Kenner

Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner are one of the most integral branches on the Original family tree. Having met in modern times, their relationship is a stark contrast to that of Elijah and Rebekah’s centuries-old ties. Klaus, being the first-born hybrid vampire/werewolf with impeccable strength, was determined to protect his newfound love despite her reluctance. The couple eventually wed in an effort to unite both sides of their supernatural lineage – vampires and werewolves. Though this union came with its own set of challenges, it ultimately allowed them to create quite a powerful line for future generations. With two beautiful daughters now part of this extended family, Klaus and Hayley have been able to bridge the gap between species like never before seen within their respective families’ histories. This has served as an anchor point for many other relationships throughout the entire Original family tree.

Elijah And Rebekah Mikaelson

Having discussed Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner, the next two members of The Originals family tree to consider are Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson. Although they have a complicated relationship with their brother Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah share a strong bond as siblings. Both possess magical abilities due to their family’s curse; Elijah is able to use compulsion while Rebekah can shapeshift into animals. Despite this power, both choose not to rely on it too much in order to protect themselves from harm.

Elijah and Rebekah also care for each other deeply, often putting their own needs aside in order to look out for one another. In fact, when it comes time for them to make difficult decisions, they always take each other’s feelings into account first before making any final choices. This loyalty towards one another has been tested throughout the years but ultimately remains unbroken even during times of strife. With an unwavering faith in each other, Elijah and Rebekah continue to stand together against all odds no matter what life throws at them. As such, they provide an example of true familial love that cannot be broken by anything or anyone else – something that would prove invaluable as we move forward in our look at The Originals family tree. With these bonds intact, there is no telling what lies ahead for Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson. Looking ahead, the next section will explore Freya Mikaelson and Keelin Malraux’s place within the family structure.

Freya Mikaelson And Keelin Malraux

Freya Mikaelson is the eldest daughter of Mikael and Esther, making her a firstborn child and member of the Original Family. She had two siblings, Klaus and Elijah, who were both born centuries ago in Mystic Falls. Freya has always been close with her brothers, but their relationship became even stronger when she reunited with them after being absent for almost a century. Despite this bond between them, Freya’s family dynamics have not been without conflict. Her love interests often come off as rivals to Klaus and Elijah; however, they are still willing to accept those that make Freya happy. One such example is Keelin Malraux—a young doctor from Scotland who caught Freya’s eye shortly after she returned home to New Orleans. Although their romance wasn’t accepted by everyone right away, it eventually flourished into something beautiful that ultimately saved many lives throughout The Originals timeline. They remain together at present time despite facing numerous trials over the years—showing just how strong their connection really is. This couple serves as an inspiring reminder of what can be achieved if we are able to look past our differences and fight for true love no matter what obstacles may come our way. With all these aspects in mind, Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire will certainly bring some interesting elements to the table if they decide to pursue any kind of romantic relationship in the future.

Kol Mikaelson And Davina Claire

Kol Mikaelson is a major character featured in both The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series, The Originals. He is the younger brother of Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, as well as a member of the powerful vampire/werewolf hybrid family known as the Original Family. Kol was born to Mikael and Esther Mikaelson and had two other siblings – Rebekah and Henrik. Throughout his life, he has been a troublemaker who enjoys playing pranks on others. However, beneath this facade lies an individual with strong morals and integrity.

Kol’s relationship with Davina Claire began when she became one of his greatest enemies after discovering that he killed her adoptive parents. Later on, they formed an unlikely bond which led to them becoming friends. Although their friendship wasn’t easy due to their differences in power levels, it eventually grew stronger over time. As such, Kol made sure to protect Davina from supernatural creatures whenever possible while also helping her hone her magical abilities. Both characters have grown since meeting each other, showing how far trust can take them despite originally being adversaries. These qualities make them an interesting dynamic duo within The Originals’ universe; transitioning into exploring Henrik Mikaelson’s story seamlessly.

Henrik Mikaelson

The Mikaelson family tree is a complex one, with each branch filled with its own unique story. Henrik Mikaelson was the son of Mikael and Esther who, along with his siblings Finn, Freya and Kol, were born into an extraordinary lineage. His life was cut short in tragedy when he died as a young boy at the hands of Dahlia. Despite this heartbreaking loss to the Mikaelsons, Henrik’s memory lives on through those who loved him. He will never be forgotten by his family or by fans of The Originals because of all that he meant to them.

Henrik’s death marked a devastating event for the entire Mikaelson clan but also brought about a time of healing and hope; something which they have held onto ever since. As we move forward in our journey exploring the intricacies of the Mikaelsons’ intricate family tree, it is important to remember how far they’ve come from their humble beginnings – even in spite of great adversity like what happened with Henrik. Now let us turn our attention towards Hope Mikaelson, another remarkable member of this powerful supernatural dynasty.

Hope Mikaelson

Hope Mikaelson is a unique member of the Original family tree. She’s an incredibly powerful witch, born with ancestral magic and hybrid bloodline due to being part-vampire and part-werewolf. Her mix of supernatural powers gives her strength far beyond that of other forces in the world. This makes her a strong ally both inside and outside The Originals’ circle of influence. Though she has often been seen as a liability by some members of the group, Hope remains loyal to those who care for her deeply.

Hope also serves as a reminder to all other characters in this universe about how important it is to remain true to one’s own identity – no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. Despite having faced much discrimination throughout her life, Hope never allows anyone or anything to define who she is or take away from her power. Instead, she continues to strive forward with confidence and courage – traits which have become synonymous with her name.

Tatia Petrova

Tatia Petrova is an ancient doppelgänger of the Mikaelson family. She was a direct ancestor of Esther Mikaelson, and her fate has been intertwined with both Cami and Hayley’s for centuries. Ancient rivalries divide Tatia’s descendants; some were allies to the Mikaelsons, while others would go on to become their greatest nemeses. It can be argued that without Tatia’s life and death, many events in the Originals’ lives may have gone differently—or not at all. Her existence created ripples throughout time that still affect the current Original Vampires. With this connection comes power but also danger as those who are connected by blood share a strength and weakness. This shared heritage will always linger, no matter what new members enter into this powerful family tree. As such, Tristan de Martel enters next into this unique tale…

Tristan De Martel

Tristan de Martel was a powerful and influential figure in the original family tree. He could be likened to an evergreen tree, reaching its roots deep into the soil of New Orleans while growing high above all other branches in his quest for power. His story is one of betrayals, alliances and origin stories that have shaped The Originals’ history since before they were born.

The true depth of Tristan’s involvement with Mikael Mikaelson remains unknown; however, it can be assumed he had some relationship with him as this would explain why he seemed so comfortable manipulating both Klaus and Elijah with ease when eventually confronted by them. No matter what his past actions may suggest, Tristan held immense sway over many members of the Original Family Tree – including those still alive today – proving himself to be a formidable enemy or ally depending on which side you stood against him. With his passing, the hollow has been left vacant but far from powerless…

The Hollow

Tristan de Martel may have been the first to discover The Hollow, but it was his descendant Elijah Mikaelson who truly understood its potential. The Hollow has become an integral part of New Orleans and a powerful weapon in the arsenal of The Originals. Here are four ways that The Hollow helps them:

  1. It gives them superhuman strength
  2. It allows them to control others’ minds
  3. It grants them immortality
  4. It provides a source of magic for all kinds of spells and rituals
    The biggest benefit is its ability to grant immortality, which has enabled the Original family to remain alive for centuries, despite the countless attempts on their lives from various enemies over time. With this power comes responsibility though; they must use it carefully or risk unleashing destruction upon their city. As such, they take great care not to abuse it and always strive to use it responsibly. Knowing how easily this kind of power can be corrupted, they do their best not to succumb to temptation. Moving forward then, we look at Lucien Castle as he works towards restoring balance within the supernatural world of New Orleans.

Lucien Castle

Lucien Castle is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires on earth. He was among the first vampires to be resurrected by Esther, Klaus’ mother. Lucien had a prominent role in the original family tree as he has been connected with many of their deaths and resurrections throughout history. His ties to Esther make him an integral part of the Mikaelson clan’s past. As such, his presence continues to linger within the walls of New Orleans even after his death at the hands of Marcel Gerard.

Despite this fate, there have been rumors that Lucien may still exist in some form due to certain magical enchantments that were used over his body before it perished. Whether or not these rumors are true remains a mystery for now; however, given his previous connections with magic, it could be possible. To further explore this possibility, we turn our attention now towards Aiden and Josh Rosza.

Aiden And Josh Rosza

Following Lucien Castle in the Original family tree are the witch brothers, Aiden and Josh Rosza. The Roszas were both resurrected multiple times due to their powerful magic capabilities; however, they eventually met permanent deaths after Klaus killed them for interfering with his plans. Even though they only had a brief appearance on the show, their legacy as powerful witches lives on throughout Mystic Falls.

The two of them played an instrumental role in resurrecting Kol Mikaelson from death’s grip, although they ultimately paid the price when Klaus realized their intentions and ruthlessly executed them. During their time alive, Josh was devoted to protecting his brother and encouraging him to find love despite Aiden’s attempts to push away any potential relationship out of fear that he would be rejected or hurt again. Their loyalty and courage is something that will always remain part of the Originals’ family tree. Moving forward we see Mary Dumas and Finn Mikaelson take center stage in this ever-evolving story of life, death, and resurrection.

Mary Dumas And Finn Mikaelson

Mary Dumas and Finn Mikaelson had a tumultuous relationship that was marred by countless resurrections, deaths, and vendettas. Mary Dumas was an exceptionally powerful witch who could not only bring people back from the dead but also manipulate time itself – something that made her invaluable to both Klaus and Finn. However, due to their opposing views on how best to protect their family, they were often at odds with one another over matters of morality and ethics. Despite this, they still shared a deep bond as siblings and worked together when it mattered most. Their connection ultimately brought them closer together until eventually their love for each other outweighed their differences in opinion. With that said, the pair’s history is forever connected through its many ups-and-downs – making them two of the most iconic characters in The Originals universe. Transitioning now into Marcel Gerard’s story, he too faced his own set of complicated relationships with those around him…

Marcel Gerard

Having explored Mary Dumas and Finn Mikaelson, let’s now turn our attention to another important character in the family tree of The Originals – Marcel Gerard. Marcel has had a tumultuous life full of resurrections and deaths, which have all shaped the development of his character.

The following table provides an overview of some key events that happened in his lifetime:

As we can observe from this timeline, Marcel has experienced many triumphs and tribulations throughout his long life. He was initially born as a human but later turned into a vampire by none other than Klaus himself. This transformation allowed him to become one of the most powerful vampires in existence before eventually becoming King of New Orleans for over 150 years. However, at various points he suffered through numerous resurrections and even two deaths before being resurrected yet again with help from Davina Claire during the show’s tenth season. Finally, he recently underwent his second death and subsequent resurrection as a vampire once more shortly after Hope Mikaelson’s birth in the series finale episode. In summing up what could be said about Marcel Gerard’s legacy within The Originals universe, it is clear that no matter how much time passes or how difficult things may seem at times, he always manages to come out on top due to his unyielding determination and strength of will. It will certainly be interesting to follow where his story goes next! With that thought in mind, let us now explore further back into history to examine the ancestors of The Originals.

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The Ancestors Of The Originals

The Originals are a powerful vampire family descended from the most ancient vampires in existence. They have been around for centuries, and their history is full of resurrections, deaths, and other events that shape their lives today. Their line began with Esther Mikaelson, the matriarch of this powerful bloodline.

Esther had five children: Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol and Finn. These five siblings were all resurrected by Esther using dark magic so they could become immortal and continue the Mikaelson legacy. All five became known as The Originals due to their unique abilities and strength. Throughout the years since then, these siblings have continued to be at the forefront of supernatural events while also dealing with personal issues such as death or betrayal within their own family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Current Members Of The Originals Family?

The Originals Family is a tightly-knit group, full of powerful and complex individuals. Each has their own unique story and brings something special to the table. It’s no wonder that they have been able to survive for centuries together and continue to remain strong in the face of adversity.

At the core of this ancient family are its current members: Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and Marcel Gerard. They all possess remarkable abilities which make them formidable opponents when pitted against any foe.

Their strength lies within both their individual power as well as the bond shared between them:

  • Unconditional love: Despite their differences, these siblings offer each other unwavering support – even if it means risking life or limb.
  • Courageousness: The Originals never back down from a challenge and will go above and beyond to protect those they care about.
  • Resilience: No matter how many setbacks they encounter throughout their journey, they always find a way to pick themselves up again and keep going with renewed vigor.

This extraordinary clan continues to inspire generations after generations by embodying what it truly means to be part of an unbreakable family unit; one whose bonds can withstand anything thrown at them.

What Is The Significance Of The Hollow?

The Hollow is a powerful force of dark magic that has been part of the mythology and folklore in The Vampire Diaries universe since its inception. It was first introduced as an ancient evil entity, which had cursed vampires and werewolves with immortality by binding their souls together for eternity. The Hollow’s ultimate goal was to consume all life on earth, and it could only be stopped by the combined efforts of Klaus Mikaelson and his siblings.

The significance of the Hollow is twofold: Firstly, it serves as a reminder of the power of darkness and evil in this fictional world; secondly, it shows how even those who are cursed can still find redemption through working together.

  • On one hand, the Hollow represents the danger posed by unchecked magical forces – if left unchecked, these powers can have devastating consequences.
  • For example, when Klaus attempted to break free from the curse using dark magic, he found himself confronted with a far greater threat than he bargained for – namely, the immense power that comes with being connected to such a powerful entity.
  • This underscores how important it is to consider both sides before making any decisions involving great power or consequence.
  • On the other hand, despite being initially bound together by a common enemy (the Hollow), Klaus’s family eventually managed to work together towards overcoming their differences in order to protect humanity from destruction.
  • Through cooperation and understanding between them they were able to overcome not just supernatural obstacles but also personal ones too; showing that even those trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation can draw strength from each other when necessary.
  • Ultimately this reveals something essential about human nature: That we need not stand alone against overwhelming odds when there is support available nearby.

Thus while The Hollow remains an ever-present reminder of what happens when people abuse their powers without regard for others’ safety, at its core it also holds up hope for our own betterment – regardless of circumstance or adversities faced along the way.

Is There Any Connection Between The Mikaelson Family And The Petrova Family?

Stepping back in time, the Mikaelson family and Petrova family have a long history that dates back centuries. This connection is one of great significance, particularly when it comes to understanding the original’s family tree.

One key factor linking these two families is their cross-connections with the Hollow. The Hollow was an ancient entity who had a powerful influence over both vampire species – those descended from Mikael Mikaelson and those descended from Tatia Petrova. The mysterious link between these two bloodlines has been speculated for years, but no definite answers exist as to why they are so intertwined.

This link could be related to a variety of factors ranging from genetic connections to supernatural occurrences, making this relationship highly complex and difficult to decipher without further research into its origins. While much of this remains unclear at present, what can be said for certain is that there is indeed some form of bond connecting the Mikaelsons and Petrovas together through the Hollow which continues to remain shrouded in mystery.

Are The Ancestors Of The Originals Still Active In The Show?

Are the ancestors of the originals still active in the show? This is a question that has been asked by fans of The Originals, as it’s important to understand the family tree and history of Klaus Mikaelson and his siblings. While there are some hints at connections between the Petrova and Mikaelson families, they have yet to be explored onscreen.

At this point in time, it appears that any ancestor-level characters involved in the storylines have already been addressed or killed off within the show. It may be possible for future episodes to explore more deeply into these relationships but so far nothing has been confirmed. As such, we cannot definitively say whether or not any original family members’ ancestors remain active in current episodes.

How Did Davina Claire Become Part Of The Mikaelson Family?

In the hit show The Originals, Davina Claire is a major character and part of the Mikaelson family. It’s no surprise that fans are curious about how she became intertwined with such an influential clan. From her humble beginnings to becoming one of the most powerful witches in New Orleans, here’s what we know about Davina’s journey into the Mikaelson inner circle:

For starters, Davina was born into a coven of witches known as ‘The Harvest Girls.’ To become one of their own, she had to pass a series of tests – quite literally proving her worth. She passed each test with flying colors and rose quickly through their ranks. In addition to being incredibly talented at magic, Davina also has a unique ability to manipulate time and space. This made her invaluable for any spellcaster looking for assistance on difficult cases.

Before long, this caught the attention of Klaus Mikaelson who recruited her to help him locate his missing sister Freya. Initially, they didn’t get along due to their differing moral codes but eventually came together as allies against common enemies like Esther and Finn Mikaelson – two vampires from the originals family tree attempting world domination. As thanks for helping him out, Klaus offered her sanctuary within his home which later evolved into full-fledged membership in the family – making them all brothers and sisters by blood or bond!

By joining forces with Klaus and his siblings Elijah and Rebekah, Davina gained access not only to greater power but also more resources than ever before – including protection from those seeking revenge for past wrongdoings. These three relationships have grown over time to create an unbreakable bond between them that continues even today as they fight enemies both old and new alike!


The Originals family tree is truly remarkable! It’s a never-ending saga of twists, turns and surprises. This incredible family has been around for centuries, with each member more powerful than the last. The Hollow still haunts them to this day – an evil entity that will forever be intertwined in their history. There are connections between the Mikaelsons and Petrova families that go back generations – secrets hidden away from the public eye. Then there are the Ancestors, who play an important role in keeping the balance of power within the family. And not forgetting Davina Claire – her journey from outcast to beloved granddaughter was nothing short of miraculous!

It’s amazing how these characters have all come together to form one giant family tree, full of love and loyalty but also danger and darkness. Their stories intertwine like a web, with each character playing a vital part in the grand narrative. I don’t think any other TV show can boast such a unique or captivating family dynamic as The Originals’. It’s both inspiring and awe-inspiring at the same time!

To put it simply: The Originals’ family tree is an epic masterpiece that I’m sure viewers will be talking about for years to come. From its complex yet beautiful storylines to its larger than life characters, this show really does have something special going on – which makes me even more excited for what lies ahead!


Q: What is The Originals Family Tree?

A: The Originals Family Tree is a graphical representation of the family lineage of the characters from the TV show “The Originals”. It shows the relationship between the various vampire, werewolf, and witch families.

Q: How does The Originals Family Tree relate to Vampire Diaries?

A: The Originals Family Tree is closely related to Vampire Diaries as it features the same characters and takes place in the same fictional universe. “The Originals” is a spin-off series of “Vampire Diaries”.

Q: What is the significance of the white oak tree in The Originals Family Tree?

A: The white oak tree holds great significance in The Originals Family Tree. It is the only tree on earth that can kill an Original vampire, which makes it a powerful weapon and a key element in the story.

Q: What happened to the father and his entire family in The Originals Family Tree?

A: In The Originals Family Tree, the father and his entire family were human before they turned into vampires. Their transformation into vampires changed their lives and set the stage for many events in the story.

Q: How was the family devastated in The Originals Family Tree?

A: The family in The Originals Family Tree was devastated when they became the first vampires. Their new existence as vampires brought about many challenges and conflicts with other supernatural beings.

Q: What is the story behind the burning of the tree in The Originals Family Tree?

A: In The Originals Family Tree, Henrik, one of the members of the family, snuck out to watch the werewolves transform one night. Unfortunately, he was killed, which infuriated the family. As revenge, they burned the tree where the werewolves resided.

Q: How did Klaus make his first kill in The Originals Family Tree?

A: Klaus, one of the main characters in The Originals Family Tree, made his first kill by drinking the blood of a human. This marked a significant milestone in his journey as a vampire.

Q: What is the meaning of “always and forever” in The Originals Family Tree?

A: “Always and forever” is a phrase often used in The Originals Family Tree to represent the bond and loyalty between the members of the family. It symbolizes their commitment to stay together no matter what.

Are the Gallo Family and The Originals Family related?

Yes, the Gallo Family and The Originals Family are related. The Gallo family history timeline dates back to the 1930s, when brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo started their wine business. The Originals Family, a branch of the Gallo Family, played a key role in the establishment of the wine empire.

What Are the Family Ties Between the Originals Family and Bonnie Parker’s Family?

The family ties between the Originals family and Bonnie Parker’s family can be traced through the Bonnie Parker family tree. Both families have a rich history and enduring legacies that have left an indelible mark on their respective communities.

Q: What happened a thousand years ago in The Originals Family Tree?

A: A thousand years ago in The Originals Family Tree, the family was involved in igniting a war and was subsequently forced to flee their homeland. This event had a significant impact on the family’s dynamics and story.

Q: What is the story behind the village’s greatest threat in The Originals Family Tree?

A: In The Originals Family Tree, the village’s greatest threat was Mikael’s relentless pursuit of the family. Mikael, the father, became an enemy of the family and posed a constant danger to their existence.