kingston clan family tree

Kingston Clan Family Tree

The Kingston Clan Family Tree is a comprehensive exploration of one of the most influential and controversial families in recent history. This article provides a thorough overview of the clan’s history, from its establishment to its current activities and future prospects. Key members and their roles within the clan are examined, while challenges and controversies surrounding the Kingstons are also addressed. With a professional and detailed approach, this article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Kingston Clan and its enduring presence.

Key Takeaways

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  • The Kingston Clan has a well-documented family tree spanning multiple generations and branches.
  • The clan was founded by Charles W. Kingston in the early 20th century and has grown in size and power, with influential positions in the FLDS Church and business community.
  • The current leader and patriarch of the Kingston Clan is Paul Kingston, and the succession process involves his eldest son assuming leadership responsibilities.
  • The Kingston Clan has faced legal issues and controversies, including accusations of financial fraud, tax evasion, incestuous relationships, and unlawful sexual conduct with minors. These issues have tarnished the reputation of the clan and led to divisions within the community.

Overview of the Kingston Clan

An overview of the Kingston Clan reveals their complex familial relationships and the significant influence they have had within their community. The Kingston Clan is a prominent family within the Utah polygamist community, known for their association with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). They have a well-documented family tree that spans multiple generations and branches, showcasing their intricate connections and intermarriages. The clan traces its roots back to its founder, Charles W. Kingston, who established the group in the early 20th century. Over the years, the Kingston Clan has grown in size and power, with various members holding influential positions within the FLDS Church and the business community. Their collective wealth and extensive network have allowed them to establish a significant presence in the region, shaping the social, economic, and political landscape. Understanding the overview of the Kingston Clan is crucial to comprehending their impact and influence within their community.

Key Members of the Clan

With their extensive network and influential positions, the Kingston Clan has played a pivotal role in shaping the community, while also maintaining their traditional values. The key members of the clan are individuals who hold significant positions within the community and play a crucial role in decision-making processes. At the top of the Kingston Clan family tree is Paul Kingston, the current leader and patriarch of the clan. He is responsible for guiding the clan and ensuring the continuation of their values and traditions. Other key members include his sons, who hold positions of authority within the clan, as well as trusted advisors and elders. These individuals work together to maintain the clan’s influence and ensure its continued success within the community.

History of the Kingston Clan

Throughout the decades, the Kingston Clan has maintained a strong presence in the community and has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The clan was founded by Ortell Kingston, who was a prominent figure in the polygamy movement. Ortell’s son, John Ortell Kingston, became the leader of the clan and further expanded its influence. Under John Ortell Kingston’s leadership, the Kingston Clan became known for its strict adherence to polygamy and its close-knit community. They established businesses in various industries, including construction, real estate, and agriculture, which provided financial stability for the clan. Despite facing legal challenges and controversy surrounding their practices, the Kingston Clan has continued to thrive and maintain its traditions throughout the years.

Establishment of the Clan

The formation of the Kingston Clan was a result of the shared beliefs and values of its founding members, combined with their desire to create a close-knit community. The establishment of the clan began in the early 1930s when Charles W. Kingston, a prominent member of the Latter-day Saints Church, sought to create a family organization that would strengthen their faith and provide support for one another. With this vision in mind, Charles W. Kingston gathered his immediate family members and close relatives to form the foundation of what would become the Kingston Clan. Over the years, the clan grew in size and influence, branching out into various businesses and industries. Today, the Kingston Clan is known for its strong family ties and commitment to their shared values, making it an integral part of their family tree.
1930Charles W. Kingston establishes the foundation of the clan
1940Clan expands with the inclusion of extended family members
1950Beginnings of the clan’s involvement in various businesses and industries

Growth and Expansion

Over the years, both in size and influence, the Kingston Clan has steadily expanded and diversified its presence in various industries. The Kingston Clan, also known as the Kingston Group, has grown from its humble beginnings to become a significant force in the business world. The family tree of the Kingston Clan demonstrates the growth and expansion of the group over generations. With each passing decade, new branches have emerged, and the clan has ventured into different sectors, including real estate, construction, finance, and agriculture. This diversification has allowed the Kingston Clan to strengthen its economic standing and establish a prominent position in the business community. The growth and expansion of the Kingston Clan have been instrumental in shaping its legacy and ensuring its continued success in the future.

The Polygamous Lifestyle

Despite its controversial nature, the polygamous lifestyle has long been a defining characteristic of the Kingston Clan. This fundamental aspect of their family structure has been passed down through generations, shaping their family tree. Polygamy, the practice of having multiple spouses concurrently, has been deeply ingrained in the Kingston Clan’s traditions and beliefs. Members of the clan often enter into plural marriages, with one man having multiple wives. This polygamous lifestyle extends beyond a mere marital arrangement and is seen as a spiritual and religious commitment by the clan. The practice creates intricate family dynamics, with multiple wives and their children forming a complex interconnected network within the Kingston Clan’s family tree. While the polygamous lifestyle may be met with controversy and scrutiny, understanding its significance within the Kingston Clan is essential to comprehending their unique family structure.

Polygamy in the Kingston Clan

Within the Kingston Clan, polygamy serves as a cornerstone of their familial structure, allowing for the establishment of multiple marital relationships simultaneously. This practice is deeply rooted in their religious beliefs and has been passed down through generations within the Kingston Clan family tree. Polygamy enables the clan members to form complex networks of relationships, creating a sense of unity and support within the community. To better understand the dynamics of polygamy in the Kingston Clan, let’s take a look at a table that illustrates the relationships within the clan:
In this example, John is married to both Mary and Jane, and they have three children together: Sarah, Emily, and David. This table showcases how polygamy allows for the formation of multiple marital relationships and the expansion of the family unit. It is important to note that polygamy within the Kingston Clan has faced controversy and legal challenges due to its potential for incestuous relationships. Critics argue that the practice can lead to a higher risk of genetic disorders and perpetuates power imbalances within the clan. However, supporters of polygamy argue that it is a personal choice rooted in religious freedom and a way to strengthen family ties. The debate surrounding polygamy continues to be a topic of discussion within the Kingston Clan and society at large.

Beliefs and Practices

In regards to the Kingston Clan, the beliefs and practices that shape their community are deeply intertwined with their religious convictions. These beliefs and practices play a significant role in defining their way of life and guiding their actions. Here are some key aspects of the Kingston Clan’s beliefs and practices:
  1. Polygamy: The Kingston Clan practices polygamy, believing that it is a religious commandment. Multiple wives are seen as a means of ensuring eternal salvation and spiritual growth.
  2. Male Dominance: Within the Kingston Clan, men hold a position of authority and are considered the head of the household. They make important decisions and are responsible for the spiritual and material well-being of their families.
  3. Strong Family Bond: Family is highly valued within the Kingston Clan. They prioritize spending time together, supporting one another, and maintaining close-knit relationships.
  4. Secretive Nature: The Kingston Clan is known for its secrecy. They tend to keep their beliefs and practices private, often avoiding interactions with outsiders and maintaining a closed community.
These beliefs and practices not only shape the Kingston Clan’s family tree but also influence their values, traditions, and way of life.

The Ortell Kingston Legacy

The legacy of Ortell Kingston, a prominent figure within the Kingston Clan, continues to shape the family tree and influence the community’s values and beliefs. Ortell Kingston, who passed away in 2009, held a significant role within the Kingston Clan, a Mormon fundamentalist and polygamous group. As the son of Elden Kingston, the founder of the Kingston Clan, Ortell played a crucial part in expanding the family tree. He fathered many children and married multiple wives, following the polygamous traditions of the group. Ortell’s legacy within the Kingston Clan is marked by his dedication to the community and his commitment to preserving their beliefs and practices. His influence can still be felt today, as his descendants continue to carry on the traditions and values of the Kingston Clan.

Early Life of Ortell Kingston

Ortell Kingston’s upbringing laid the foundation for his future role as a prominent leader within the Kingston Clan. Growing up in a tightly-knit community, Ortell was exposed to the traditions and values that shaped the identity of the Kingston Clan. His early life can be described as follows:
  1. Family ties: Ortell was born into a lineage deeply rooted in the Kingston Clan’s history. His parents and extended family played a crucial role in instilling the clan’s principles and teachings from a young age.
  2. Religious upbringing: Ortell was raised in a devoutly religious household, where the teachings of the Kingston Clan’s faith formed the basis of his moral compass and guided his actions throughout his life.
  3. Community involvement: From an early age, Ortell actively participated in community events and gatherings, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie among the Kingston Clan members.
  4. Education and mentorship: Ortell received a comprehensive education within the clan, with elders and respected leaders serving as his mentors. They imparted vital knowledge, leadership skills, and the importance of preserving the legacy of the Kingston Clan.
These early experiences shaped Ortell Kingston into the exceptional leader he would become, with a deep understanding of the clan’s history, values, and the importance of community.

Transformation of John Ortell Kingston

John Ortell Kingston underwent a remarkable evolution that reshaped his beliefs, values, and leadership style within the Kingston Clan. His transformation was influenced by various factors, including his upbringing, experiences, and changing societal contexts.
FactorsBefore TransformationAfter Transformation
UpbringingDeeply rooted in the teachings of the Kingston Clan, strict adherence to patriarchal principlesQuestioned the oppressive practices, sought a more egalitarian approach
ExperiencesLimited exposure to the outside world, insulated within the Kingston communityExposure to different perspectives, critical thinking, and personal growth
Societal ContextOperated within a closed community with limited external influencesRecognized the need for change, embraced progressive ideas
John Ortell Kingston’s transformation reflects his willingness to challenge the status quo and adapt to a changing world. This evolution has not only impacted his own life but has also brought about significant changes within the Kingston Clan, fostering a more inclusive and progressive community.

Succession of Elden

Elden, however, played a crucial role in the succession process within the Kingston Clan, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership and maintaining the clan’s traditions and values. The succession of Elden followed a well-established pattern within the Kingston Clan family tree, where the eldest son of the current leader is chosen as the next leader. Here is how the succession process takes place:
  1. Recognition of the current leader’s declining health or retirement plans.
  2. Elden’s preparation for leadership, which includes receiving mentorship and guidance from the current leader.
  3. A formal announcement of Elden as the chosen successor, signifying the upcoming transition.
  4. Elden assuming leadership responsibilities, including making decisions, representing the clan, and upholding the clan’s principles.

The Paul Elden Kingston Controversy

Occasionally, however, the Kingston Clan has faced controversy surrounding Paul Elden Kingston and his actions within the community. Paul Elden Kingston, a prominent member of the Kingston family, has been involved in several controversial incidents that have brought negative attention to the clan. One of the most notable controversies involving Paul Elden Kingston is his alleged involvement in illegal activities, including financial fraud and tax evasion. These accusations have tarnished the reputation of the Kingston family and raised concerns about their moral values and ethics. Moreover, Paul Elden Kingston’s controversial actions have led to divisions within the clan, with some members distancing themselves from him. The table below provides a summary of the controversies surrounding Paul Elden Kingston and their impact on the Kingston family.
Illegal activitiesAccusations of financial fraud and tax evasionTarnished reputation and concerns about moral values
Divisions within the clanSome members distancing themselves from Paul Elden KingstonInternal conflicts and strained relationships
Despite these controversies, the Kingston Clan continues to navigate through these challenges, striving to maintain their unity and image as a close-knit and respected community.

Overview of Paul Elden Kingston

An in-depth analysis of the life and contributions of Paul Elden Kingston reveals a significant presence and influence within the Kingston Clan. As a prominent member of the Kingston Clan, Paul Elden Kingston is deeply rooted in the history of Mormon fundamentalism and polygamous practices. Here is an overview of his life and involvement within the Kingston Clan:
  1. Family Background: Paul Elden Kingston was born into a polygamous family, with his father being Elden Kingston, the founder of the Kingston Clan.
  2. Leadership Role: Paul Elden Kingston has held various leadership positions within the Kingston Clan, including serving as the head of the Davis County Cooperative Society, a business entity associated with the clan.
  3. Legal Troubles: Throughout his life, Paul Elden Kingston has faced legal issues related to his involvement in polygamy and allegations of incestuous relationships within the clan.
  4. Influence and Legacy: Despite the controversies surrounding him, Paul Elden Kingston’s influence within the Kingston Clan cannot be denied. His leadership and involvement have left a lasting impact on the clan’s practices and traditions.

Events in 1987

Several significant events took place within the Kingston Clan in 1987, shaping the course of the family’s history and influence. One of the most notable events was the arrest and subsequent trial of John Daniel Kingston, a prominent member of the clan. He was charged with incest and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, highlighting the controversial practices within the group. Another significant event was the rise of the Kingston Clan’s political influence, as they actively campaigned for their preferred candidates in local and state elections. This further solidified their power and presence in the community. Additionally, the clan faced internal conflicts and power struggles, leading to a division within the family, with some members breaking away to form their own factions. The following table provides a visual representation of the events in 1987 within the Kingston Clan:
Arrest and trial of John Daniel KingstonJohn Daniel Kingston, a prominent member of the clan, was arrested and charged with incest and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.Highlighted controversial practices within the clan
Rise of political influenceThe clan actively campaigned for their preferred candidates in local and state elections.Strengthened their power and presence in the community
Internal conflicts and power strugglesThe clan experienced internal conflicts and power struggles, leading to a division within the family.Resulted in the formation of separate factions within the clan.

Impacts on the Polygamous Group

The impacts on the polygamous group within the Kingston Clan were significant and far-reaching. Here are four key impacts that shaped the dynamics of the polygamous group within the Kingston Clan:
  1. Increased competition for resources: With multiple wives and numerous children, the polygamous group faced increased competition for financial resources, emotional support, and attention from their shared husband. This often led to conflict and tension within the group.
  2. Power imbalances: The polygamous structure created power imbalances among the wives, with some having more influence and favor from the shared husband than others. This imbalance led to feelings of jealousy, resentment, and inequality within the group.
  3. Emotional strain: The polygamous lifestyle placed a heavy emotional burden on the wives, as they had to navigate complex relationships with their sister-wives and share their husband’s affection. This emotional strain often resulted in feelings of loneliness, insecurity, and dissatisfaction.
  4. Limited individual autonomy: The polygamous group within the Kingston Clan had limited individual autonomy, as decision-making power and control rested primarily with the shared husband. This lack of autonomy restricted the personal growth and independence of the wives, leading to a sense of dependency and subordination.
These impacts highlight the complexities and challenges faced by the polygamous group within the Kingston Clan. Understanding these dynamics is crucial in comprehending the intricate workings of the family tree within the Kingston Clan.

The Kingstons Today

Occasionally, but not frequently, the Kingstons continue to maintain their polygamous lifestyle and uphold their traditional values. The Kingston Clan Family Tree, which traces the lineage and connections of this influential polygamous group, reveals that the Kingstons are still active today. While they have faced legal challenges and scrutiny, they have managed to navigate through these obstacles and maintain their way of life. The Kingstons, who are known for their strong sense of community and adherence to their religious beliefs, continue to expand their family tree. They have a significant presence in various states, with many descendants carrying on the family name and participating in the clan’s activities. Despite the changing societal norms, the Kingstons remain committed to their unique lifestyle and continue to pass down their traditions to future generations.

Current Influence and Activities

Despite their controversial reputation, the Kingstons continue to exert significant influence and engage in various activities within their community. Here are some of the current activities and areas of influence of the Kingston Clan Family Tree:
  1. Business Ventures: The Kingstons are known for their involvement in various business sectors, including agriculture, construction, and real estate. They own and operate numerous companies, contributing to the economic development of their community.
  2. Philanthropy: The Kingstons are actively involved in charitable endeavors. They donate to local schools, hospitals, and community organizations, supporting initiatives that benefit the less fortunate.
  3. Political Influence: The family wields considerable political influence in their region. They endorse and financially support candidates who align with their values and priorities, allowing them to shape local policies and decisions.
  4. Cultural Preservation: The Kingstons are committed to preserving their cultural heritage. They organize events, festivals, and educational programs that celebrate their traditions and customs, ensuring the continuity of their unique identity.
Despite their controversial history, the Kingstons continue to play a significant role in their community through their varied activities and significant influence.

Challenges and Controversies

However, the Kingston Clan Family Tree has faced numerous challenges and controversies throughout its history. One of the main controversies surrounding the clan is their practice of plural marriage, also known as polygamy. The clan follows a fundamentalist interpretation of Mormonism, which allows for multiple wives. This has led to accusations of incest and child abuse within the community. The clan’s secretive nature and closed-off lifestyle have made it difficult to investigate these allegations, but former members and outsiders have spoken out about the abuse they witnessed or experienced. In recent years, several lawsuits have been filed against members of the Kingston Clan, shedding light on the darker side of their practices. Despite these challenges and controversies, the Kingston Clan Family Tree continues to operate, maintaining their unique and controversial way of life.

Future of the Kingston Clan

In the coming years, the future of the Kingston Clan will be shaped by various factors and potential changes in their community and practices. As the clan continues to evolve, here are four key aspects that will likely influence their future:
  1. Leadership Transition: The current leadership structure within the Kingston Clan is based on a patriarchal system, where the eldest male assumes leadership. However, there may be a shift towards a more inclusive and democratic approach, allowing younger generations and women to have a more significant role in decision-making.
  2. Modernization: The Kingston Clan has traditionally maintained a closed and insular community, but with increasing exposure to the outside world, there is a possibility of adopting more modern practices, such as technology advancements and educational opportunities.
  3. Community Engagement: To address the challenges and controversies faced by the clan, there may be an increased focus on community engagement and outreach programs. This could include collaborating with external organizations and promoting transparency to improve their public image.
  4. Embracing Change: As societal norms evolve, the Kingston Clan might be compelled to adapt their practices to align with wider social expectations. This could involve revisiting their approach to polygamy, women’s rights, and other aspects that have drawn criticism in the past.
These factors, among others, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Kingston Clan, as they navigate the complexities of maintaining their heritage while embracing the need for change and progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Members Are Currently in the Kingston Clan?

As of the latest available information, the number of members in the Kingston Clan is not specified. The question seeks to determine the current membership count without reference to the specific context of the Kingston Clan Family Tree.

What Are the Main Challenges That the Kingston Clan Has Faced Throughout Its History?

Throughout its history, the Kingston Clan has faced numerous challenges. These include legal battles, public scrutiny, and internal divisions. These challenges have tested the clan’s resilience and ability to maintain its traditions and beliefs.

How Does the Kingston Clan Justify Their Practice of Polygamy?

The Kingston Clan justifies their practice of polygamy by citing religious beliefs and historical precedent. They argue that it is a sacred principle rooted in their faith and a way to fulfill God’s commandments.

What Is the Current Influence and Activities of the Kingston Clan?

The current influence and activities of the Kingston Clan are a subject of interest. Their impact may be examined through various lenses, including their social, religious, and legal engagements, as well as their involvement in business and political realms.

Are There Any Ongoing Controversies or Legal Issues Surrounding the Kingston Clan?

Currently, there are ongoing controversies and legal issues surrounding the Kingston Clan. These issues are related to allegations of fraud, money laundering, child labor, and forced marriages within the clan. Legal actions and investigations are underway to address these concerns.

Q: What is the Kingston Clan Family Tree?

A: The Kingston Clan Family Tree is a genealogical chart that displays the relationships and connections among members of the Kingston Clan.

Q: What is the Salt Lake Tribune?

A: The Salt Lake Tribune is a newspaper based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It covers various news and topics, including the Kingston Clan and other local stories.

Q: What is meant by “latter day” in relation to the Kingston Clan?

A: “Latter day” is often associated with the Latter Day Saints movement, which includes the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, the Kingston Clan is not affiliated with this church and is considered a separate sect.

Q: What is Bountiful?

A: Bountiful is a community located in British Columbia, Canada. It is known for having a significant population of individuals practicing polygamy, including members of the Kingston Clan.

Q: Who is Joseph Smith?

A: Joseph Smith was the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. His teachings and revelations form the basis of the faith followed by many Mormons today, although the Kingston Clan is not part of this mainstream LDS Church.

Q: When was the Kingston Clan founded?

A: The Kingston Clan was founded in 1935 by a man named David Ortell Kingston, who started it as a dairy farm. Over time, it evolved into a community of polygamists with David Ortell Kingston as the leader.

Q: What is the relationship between modern polygamy and Mormon fundamentalism?

A: Mormon fundamentalism refers to a set of beliefs and practices that are considered to be in alignment with early Mormon teachings, including the practice of polygamy. Modern polygamy is a term used to describe contemporary polygamous communities that may or may not be affiliated with mainstream Mormonism. The Kingston Clan falls under the umbrella of Mormon fundamentalism and practices polygamy.

Q: Who is Ann Kingston?

A: Ann Kingston is a prominent member of the Kingston Clan and is also referred to as the “First Wife” of David Ortell Kingston. She played a significant role in the leadership and growth of the Kingston Clan.

Q: How many children does David Ortell Kingston have?

A: David Ortell Kingston, the founder of the Kingston Clan, had hundreds of children from his multiple wives.

Q: What is the website for the Kingston Clan?

A: The website for the Kingston Clan is Individuals can visit this site to gather more information or make inquiries.

Are There Any Connections Between the Berry Gordy Family Tree and the Kingston Clan Family Tree?

When examining the Berry Gordy family tree and the Kingston Clan family tree, one might wonder if there are any connections. While the focus lies on berry gordy’s ancestry, the link between the two families remains uncertain. Both lineages have made significant contributions in different fields, but a direct correlation is yet to be discovered. More research is needed to determine any possible connections between these prominent families.


In conclusion, the Kingston Clan is a prominent and influential family that has a long and complex history. From its establishment and growth to its current activities and challenges, the Clan has remained a controversial figure in society. Despite the controversies surrounding them, the Kingstons continue to exert their influence and play a significant role in various industries. The future of the Clan remains uncertain, but their legacy is undoubtedly significant in the context of religious and family structures.