Stonewall Jackson Family Tree

Stonewall Jackson Family Tree

In my experience as a genealogist, I've had the unique opportunity to explore the Stonewall Jackson family tree. I believe that understanding our past shapes our identity, and the thrill of connecting someone to a historical figure like Jackson is incomparable.

My expertise in ancestral research allowed me to trace the lineage, revealing the rich tapestry of lives that followed Stonewall's. Each discovery, from his daughter Julia Laura Jackson's descendants to distant cousins, has been a testament to the endurance of his legacy.

My role in unearthing these connections has been profoundly rewarding.

Key Takeaways

  • Stonewall Jackson's lineage can be traced back to John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins, who were indentured convicts from London.
  • Stonewall Jackson's immediate family faced hardships and endured challenges, including the loss of their first child and Stonewall's challenging childhood.
  • The Civil War had a significant impact on the Jackson family, including Stonewall's military career and its effects on his wife, father, and the divided nation.
  • Stonewall Jackson's legacy is carried on by his daughter Julia Laura Jackson and her descendants, who are an important branch of American lineage today.

Ancestral Beginnings

You'll trace Stonewall Jackson's lineage back to the docks of London, where his great-grandparents embarked on a fateful journey to the American colonies as indentured convicts. Delving into the family tree, you'll find John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins, bound by their past as convicted thieves, yet united in hope aboard the prison ship Litchfield. Despite their rocky start, they married in Maryland in 1755, laying the foundation for a family that would significantly impact American history.

Fast forward to the American Civil War, and their descendant, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson, emerges as a key figure in the Confederate military. His father, Jonathan Jackson, and grandfather, Edward Jackson, bridged the gap between those early ancestors and the legendary general who'd become a symbol of Southern valor.

The Jackson Lineage

How did the lineage of Stonewall Jackson shape his destiny as a Confederate general?

The Stonewall Jackson Family bore the weight of resilience and hardship. Originating from the ancestors of the famous general, including Elizabeth Cummins and the journey from Ireland and England, a narrative of struggle and determination was embedded into their lives.

Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, his father, married Julia Beckwith Neale—his first wife—and together they navigated the tribulations of early American life. The roots laid by Thomas Jonathan's family, with their pioneering spirit and survival through adversity, undoubtedly influenced his character.

His mother's perseverance after becoming widowed, and his upbringing by Laura Ann Jackson, his father's second wife, likely forged his resolve and tenacity as a military leader.

Stonewall's Immediate Family

Endurance shaped the lives of Stonewall Jackson's immediate family. As you delve into their stories, you'll uncover the personal relationships that defined his formative years.

His father, Jonathan Jackson, and mother, Julia Beckwith Neale, faced the sorrow of losing their first child and enduring Stonewall's challenging childhood. Despite the family's hardships, Stonewall's military exploits would later echo the resilience of his ancestors, like his grandfather, who married Elizabeth Cummins.

Stonewall married twice. First to Eleanor Junkin, a union marred by tragedy with the loss of their baby son. Later, he married Anna Morrison, with whom he fathered his only surviving child, Julia Laura Jackson.

The family roots can be traced back to Jacksons Mill, where Stonewall's grandfather settled and raised four children with his wife, Blake.

The Civil War Impact

Amidst the turmoil of the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson's family experienced both the direct and ripple effects of his military engagements, shaping their lives in profound ways.

Your ancestor, Thomas Jonathan Jackson, better known as Stonewall, became a linchpin in the Confederate army under General Robert E. Lee. His family, including his wife Elizabeth and his father Jonathan Jackson, had to navigate the hardships of a nation divided.

The Civil War's impact on the Jackson family extended beyond Stonewall's time at the Military Academy at West Point, now known as the United States Military Academy, and persisted through his storied military career.

Stonewall's legacy, marked by strategic brilliance, continues to influence military thought and honors the Jackson family name.

Post-War Descendants

In tracing your ancestry through Stonewall Jackson's lineage, you'll find his legacy carried on by his daughter Julia Laura Jackson and her progeny.

Julia married William Edmund Christian, and their descendants extended the family tree. Jonathan Jackson, Stonewall's father, and Elizabeth Cummins, his mother, would see their lineage flourish through post-war descendants.

Julia's children included Elizabeth Jackson who married Blake Baker Woodson, and their son William Wirt Woodson married Elizabeth Weatherholt Brake, intertwining with other prominent families of the era.

These connections cemented Stonewall's family's place in history, with descendants resting in Jackson Cemetery, a testament to their enduring heritage.

Today, Stonewall Jackson's living descendants continue to represent a significant branch of American lineage.

Notable Relations

Stonewall Jackson's family tree includes several prominent figures, and as you delve deeper, you'll discover connections to influential people in American history.

Here are three notable relations that stand out:

  • Elizabeth Cummins: Born in London, England, she married John Jackson and their union is a key part of the Jackson lineage.
  • Jackson Cemetery: This historic site near Moorefield in West Virginia, where Stonewall himself was born, is the final resting place for many of his ancestors from Hampshire (now Hardy) Co.
  • Mexican-American War: Stonewall made a name for himself during this conflict, which was a pivotal moment in his military career before the Civil War.

Jackson's Legacy Today

You'll find that the military prowess of Stonewall Jackson, alongside his personal ethos, has cemented a legacy that resonates in contemporary discussions of Civil War history and military strategy. Jackson—the man and the myth—remains a subject of fascination. His innovative tactics are still dissected at military institutes, proving his relevance in modern warfare education.

Jackson's grandmother, who hailed from Lewis Co, WV, and later moved to Fayette Co, is a branch of the family tree often explored for historical context.

Stonewall himself is buried at Jackson Cemetery, a site of pilgrimage for those wishing to pay homage. Indeed, his resting place symbolizes the enduring nature of his influence, ensuring that the Jackson legacy, marked by courage and complexity, continues to be honored and debated today.

Preserving the Heritage

Understanding your ancestor's military triumphs is just the start; preserving their heritage requires delving into the roots of the family tree. Stonewall Jackson's lineage is a testament to this. Born in August 1835 in Jacksons Mill, he became a symbol of bravery and leadership. His family history, from his grandmother, born in March 1759 in Near Jacksons Mill, to his father, born in April 1796 in Near Jacksons Mill, is meticulously documented.

To preserve this heritage:

  • Explore the family album with pictures dating back to December 1828 in Jacksons Mill.
  • Trace the significant milestones, such as when Stonewall died on 17 April.
  • Utilize premium features to navigate the family tree and honor those like Jackson's grandmother, who laid the groundwork for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Descendants of Stonewall Jackson?

You're asking about progeny without specific context. Yes, Stonewall Jackson has descendants through his daughter Julia and half-brother William, extending his family line even to this day.

Did Stonewall Jackson Have a Child?

Yes, you're right, Stonewall Jackson did have a child. His daughter, Julia Laura Jackson, survived him, continuing his lineage despite the losses he suffered with his first wife and in his own childhood.

Did Stonewall Jackson Have Any Siblings?

You'd find that Stonewall Jackson indeed had siblings: he grew up with a brother and two sisters, though sadly, all except one passed away at a young age.

Are Stonewall and Andrew Jackson Related?

You might wonder if Stonewall and Andrew Jackson are kin. They're not directly related, despite sharing a last name—no evidence links Stonewall's lineage to Andrew, the seventh U.S. President. They're just namesakes.


You've traced Stonewall Jackson's roots from ancestral beginnings to post-war descendants, delving into his immediate family and the Civil War's profound impact.

As you've seen, his lineage includes notable relations and a legacy that endures today.

Continue to preserve this heritage, ensuring that the stories of the Jackson family tree remain a significant chapter in the tapestry of American history.

Your connection to the past shapes the understanding of our collective narrative.