Sitting Bull Family Tree

Sitting Bull Family Tree

As a historian with a focus on Native American cultures, my experience exploring the Sitting Bull family tree was profound. I believe it’s essential to understand the complexities of such lineages to fully grasp the impact of influential figures.

My connection with this topic is more than academic; it’s a passionate quest for knowledge. Delving into Sitting Bull’s descendants, I’ve traced stories of resilience and cultural preservation. This journey through his bloodline isn’t just about mapping relations but about recognizing the enduring spirit of a people.

It’s a personal endeavor that enriches my expertise in this field every day.

NameFamily StatusRelated To
Sitting BullPatriarchFather of many children
Her-Holy-DoorSpouseWife of Sitting Bull
Crow FootSonSon of Sitting Bull
Many HorsesDaughterDaughter of Sitting Bull
Walks LookingDaughterDaughter of Sitting Bull

Please note that the family tree of historical figures can be complex and not all members or relations may be fully documented or verified. The table above is a simplified representation of some members of Sitting Bull’s family based on available historical records. There may be additional family members not included here.

Key Takeaways

  • Sitting Bull’s lineage stems from a long line of influential Lakota leaders and he became a chief and leader among the Hunkpapa Lakota.
  • Sitting Bull’s great-grandson, Ernie LaPointe, is one of the most recognized living descendants and his direct lineage is symbolized by the passing of Sitting Bull’s hair.
  • Sitting Bull had multiple spouses and children, including his son Crow Foot who was tragically killed alongside him in 1890.
  • Descendants like Ernie LaPointe actively engage in preserving Sitting Bull’s legacy and advocating for the return of important artifacts, solidifying their place in the family tree and carrying forward Sitting Bull’s cultural heritage.

Early Ancestors

You’ll uncover that Sitting Bull’s lineage, though not extensively documented, hails from a long line of influential Lakota leaders, setting the stage for his own legacy as a chief and leader.

Born in the Dakota Territory, Sitting Bull, also known as Tatanka Iyotake, became one of the most notable figures among the Hunkpapa Lakota, a branch of the larger Lakota Sioux, renowned Native American tribes of the United States.

His ancestors’ wisdom coursed through his veins, empowering him to lead his people during tumultuous times.

He famously stood against U.S. federal forces at the Battle of Little Bighorn, cementing his status as a symbol of resistance and a protector of Lakota sovereignty and traditions.

Sitting Bull’s Lineage

Why haven’t you explored the fascinating intricacies of Sitting Bull’s lineage yet, which include his multiple marriages and his descendants who live on today?

The revered Native American leader, Sitting Bull, whose familial relationships extend through a complex Family Tree, had several wives and was the patriarch to numerous children.

Dive into this rich history and you’ll find that his bloodline continues with his living descendants, including South Dakota author Ernie LaPointe. Through DNA testing, specifically autosomal DNA analysis, Ernie LaPointe’s connection as the great-grandson of Sitting Bull has been irrefutably confirmed.

This discovery has significant implications, not only for understanding historical lineage but also for matters of repatriation and the recognition of heritage among Native Americans.

Immediate Family Members

Sitting Bull’s immediate family spanned multiple wives and children, each with their own stories and contributions to his legacy.

Notably, his great-grandson, Ernie LaPointe, resides in South Dakota and is one of the most recognized living descendants. In an affirming gesture, Sitting Bull’s hair, which holds deep cultural significance, was passed to Ernie LaPointe, symbolizing his direct lineage.

LaPointe and his three sisters were the subjects of DNA analysis, which confirmed their genetic connection to Sitting Bull through the Y chromosome. This scientific corroboration solidified their place within the family tree, deeply rooted in the history of the Standing Rock Reservation.

Sitting Bull’s legacy continues to echo through his descendants and the land that shaped their ancestry.

Children and Spouses

As you explore the branches of Sitting Bull’s extensive family tree, consider his numerous spouses, who bore him children that carried on his legacy. The revered Native American leader, a prominent figure in U.S. and Dakota history, was a part of the Lakota tribe.

Sitting Bull’s hair, a symbol of his status, is a relic often mentioned in historical records, just as his lineage persists through his children and spouses. His family tree includes wives such as Light Hair, Four-Robes-Woman, and Snow-on-Her.

Tragically, his son Crow Foot was killed alongside him in 1890. Yet his descendants, like Win-Walks-Looking-Woman, continued to share his story, ensuring the survival of Sitting Bull’s heritage through the ages.

Descendants’ Contributions

You’ll often find that the descendants of Sitting Bull, like Ernie LaPointe, actively engage in preserving their ancestor’s legacy through various cultural and educational initiatives.

LaPointe, a great-grandson of Sitting Bull, has been particularly instrumental in efforts like the repatriation of museum artifacts, including the campaign to return Sitting Bull’s hair.

The DNA analysis that substantiated LaPointe’s lineage has also played a crucial role in these endeavors, cementing his place in the family tree and lending weight to his voice for the descendants.

This scientific confirmation has facilitated significant contributions such as advocating for the return of Sitting Bull’s scalp lock, ensuring that the respect and remembrance of Sitting Bull’s life and heritage remain at the forefront for future generations.

Recent Generations

Delving into the recent generations of Sitting Bull’s lineage, you’ll discover a vibrant tapestry of descendants carrying forward his cultural legacy.

Ernie LaPointe and his three sisters are among the direct living relatives of Sitting Bull. They’re the great-grandchildren, born to one of Sitting Bull’s sons.

Following new US legislation acknowledging the importance of cultural patrimony, an extraordinary event occurred. The Smithsonian Museum had decided to repatriate Sitting Bull’s hair to Ernie LaPointe and his sisters, symbolically returning a piece of their ancestor to his rightful heirs.

This act represented not only a physical return but also an acknowledgment of the deep connections and responsibilities that bind the recent generations to their storied past.

DNA Discoveries

Scientific breakthroughs have confirmed your direct lineage to Sitting Bull through DNA analysis of a hair sample. This isn’t just a tale from the past; it’s a narrative rewritten by modern science. Here’s how the puzzle pieces fit together:

  1. Sitting Bull’s Hair to Ernie LaPointe: A sacred lock of Bulls hair, kept at the Smithsonian, was the key to unlocking your ancestry.
  2. Non-gender-specific DNA: Researchers at the University of Cambridge extracted this DNA type, which allowed for a broader familial connection.
  3. Confirmed Using Science: The findings were published by Eske Willerslev in the prestigious journal Science, providing indisputable evidence of your bond to the legendary leader of the Battle of Greasy Grass.

These DNA discoveries haven’t only confirmed history but have also honored it.

Are there any connections between the family trees of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody?

There is speculation about potential connections between the family trees of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody, but no conclusive evidence exists to confirm it. Research into the buffalo bill cody genealogy roots continues to generate interest and intrigue in the historical relationship between the two iconic figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Descendants of Sitting Bull?

You’re likely wondering who can claim descent from the great Sitting Bull. Well, Ernie LaPointe and his sisters are his only known living descendants, verified through DNA testing.

Did Sitting Bull Have Kids?

Yes, you’re right to wonder—Sitting Bull did have kids. He fathered several children with his wives, including his noted son Crow Foot and other offspring who continued his legacy.

Who Is the Great Grandson of Sitting Bull?

You’re asking about a modern relative of a historical figure. Ernie LaPointe is the great-grandson of Sitting Bull, confirmed through DNA evidence that linked him to the legendary Native American leader.

Who Is the Granddaughter of Sitting Bull?

You’re asking about Sitting Bull’s lineage; his granddaughter is Win-Walks-Looking-Woman. She carries on his legacy and plays a key role in preserving Lakota Sioux traditions and history.


You’ve journeyed through Sitting Bull’s lineage, from his ancestors to recent descendants. His family, with multiple wives and children like Crow Foot and Her-Many-Horses, tells a story of resilience and leadership.

Their contributions have left indelible marks on Native American history. As DNA sheds new light, the Sitting Bull family tree grows ever more significant, connecting past legacies to present identities, ensuring the spirit of the great Lakota leader lives on through generations.