paul revere family tree

Paul Revere Family Tree

Through my experience as a historian specialized in American Revolutionary figures, I've delved deep into Paul Revere's family tree. It's more than just research; it's a journey through a lineage that shaped a nation.

I believe every name, every branch represents a unique story, intertwining with the fabric of our country's history. My expertise allows me to appreciate the nuances of Revere's ancestry, from Huguenot roots to his descendants' contributions.

Uncovering these narratives is like revealing hidden chapters in the saga of American liberty, adding layers to our understanding of Revere beyond his famed ride.

Key Takeaways

  • Paul Revere came from a diverse family background, with his father being a French Huguenot and his mother from a well-established local family.
  • The Revere family had a strong tradition of craftsmanship, with Paul Revere Sr. being a prominent goldsmith and landowner in Boston.
  • Paul Revere and his wife Deborah had at least 9 children, with 7 of them reaching adulthood, and their descendants continued the family's tradition of craftsmanship and public service.
  • The Revere family's contributions, including Paul Revere's famous midnight ride, played a significant role in the American Revolution and their legacy is recognized as one of the most notable from that period.

Early Life of Paul Revere

Paul Revere, originally named Apollos Rivoire, was born in Boston's North End in either 1734 or 1735 to a French Huguenot father and a mother from a well-established local family. Your ancestor, Apollos Rivoire, sent to the New World, became an apprentice to John Coney, a respected silversmith, and thereafter adopted the anglicized name Paul Revere.

Growing up amidst a bustling colonial port, you'd have witnessed the daily grind of Deborah Hitchborn's family business—a small shipping wharf, contributing to your pragmatic upbringing.

With a household bustling with at least nine siblings, seven of whom reached adulthood, the Revere home was a place of constant activity and learning. In 1757, you'd have seen Paul marry Sarah Orne, expanding the Revere lineage with eight children, and further embedding your family into the fabric of American society.

The Huguenot Connection

Delving into your Huguenot heritage, you'd discover that the Revere family's journey from France to the New World began with your great-great-grandparents, Jean Rivoire and Sarra Frassineau, whose lineage would play a pivotal role in shaping American history.

  • Apollos Rivoire, the original name of your forebear, reflects the French Huguenot roots before he anglicized his name.
  • The transition to 'Paul Revere' signifies not only a personal transformation but also his family's integration into Boston society.
  • The Hitchbourn and Woody families, part of your maternal ancestry, contributed significantly to your lineage.
  • Understanding the Huguenot connection offers deep insights into the cultural and historical tapestry that underpins your family's contribution to American heritage.

Your ancestors' narrative captures the essence of the Huguenot spirit, resiliently woven into the fabric of the nation's history.

Revere's Immediate Family

Exploring the immediate family of Paul Revere reveals a lineage steeped in resilience and craftsmanship. It starts with his father, Apollos Rivoire, a French Huguenot who established himself as a prominent goldsmith and landowner in Boston.

When you delve deeper, you'll find that Paul Revere's personal life was just as robust. He married Deborah Hitchbourn, and together they nurtured a bustling household. At least 9 children graced their home, with 7 reaching adulthood—a testament to the era's harsh realities.

Continuing this prolific trend, Paul Revere Jr., a direct descendant, fathered a staggering 15 children, ensuring the Revere legacy through 10 who survived into adulthood. This immediate family, consisting of carpenters and silversmiths among others, not only showcases individual tenacity but also the collective contribution of the Reveres to America's narrative.

Marriage and Children

Fostering a large and enduring lineage, Paul Revere Sr. and his wife Deborah Hitchbourn initiated their family's legacy in 1729, an era marked by both personal triumphs and the broader struggle for American independence. Your understanding of this family's roots must recognize the significance of marriage and child-rearing in their narrative.

  • Paul Revere Sr. married Deborah, setting a precedent for a prolific progeny.
  • Their union produced at least 9 children, with a notable 7 reaching adulthood.
  • Paul Revere Jr.'s first marriage to Sarah Orne resulted in 8 children.
  • His second marriage to Rachel Walker further expanded the family tree with 15 children, though only 10 survived into adulthood.

Analyzing these details, you'll appreciate the Reveres' contribution to America's population during a pivotal chapter in history.

Descendants and Legacy

Paul Revere's legacy, woven into the fabric of American history, isn't solely defined by his iconic midnight ride but also through the myriad contributions of his descendants who upheld the family's tradition of craftsmanship and public service.

Among them, Paul Revere Jr., with an impressive brood of 15 children, ensured the family's influence persisted across generations. The Revere lineage, recognized as one of the most notable from the American Revolution, continued to embody the spirit of innovation and civic engagement.

As carpenters, silversmiths, and professionals, they not only preserved but also enriched the descendants and legacy of their forebear. Delving into the Revere family tree offers a lens to understand the enduring social and political fabric shaped by their collective endeavors.

Notable Relatives

Delving into the Revere family tree reveals ancestors like Apollos Rivoire, Paul's father, whose transition from French Huguenot to Boston goldsmith provided the groundwork for his son's esteemed craft. Paul Revere's lineage is marked by notable relatives who played various roles in shaping the family's history and American society.

  • Apollos Rivoire: French Huguenot immigrant and goldsmith, father of Paul Revere.
  • Paul Revere Jr.: Continued the family legacy with a large progeny of 15 children.
  • Thomas Hitchbourn: Maternal grandfather, wharf owner in Boston, indicating maritime connections.
  • Diverse Occupations: Descendants include carpenters and silversmiths, reflecting the family's varied professional engagements.

The Revere family's prominence, particularly during the American Revolution, underscores the significant impact Paul Revere and his notable relatives had on the fabric of American history.

The Revolutionary Kin

Within the branches of Paul Revere's family tree, revolutionary fervor ran deep, as his kin were intricately connected to the fabric of America's fight for independence. Tracing back to southwestern France, his paternal forebears like Jean Rivoire set the stage for a lineage of resilience and determination.

Maternally, the Hitchbourn and Woody families migrated to Boston, embedding a pioneering spirit.

Paul Revere, born Apollos Rivoire, wed Deborah Hitchbourn, entwining robust revolutionary roots. Their offspring, including Paul Revere Jr., upheld this legacy.

The Revere family's contributions transcend Paul's legendary midnight ride, encapsulating a broader narrative of American history. Their home, now a historic landmark, stands as a testament to their enduring impact. Visitors can explore this legacy at the Paul Revere House, delving into the Revere's revolutionary kin's story.

The Revere Homestead

As you walk through the rooms of the Revere family home, you're stepping into a space where the personal lives and revolutionary ideals of one of America's earliest families converged. The Revere Homestead, once the residence of Paul Revere and his large family, now stands as a museum, immersing you in the domestic life of the 18th century.

  • Location: 19 North Square, Boston, MA 02113
  • Contact Information: 617-523-2338 or [email protected]
  • Museum Hours: Varies seasonally, closed on Mondays during the winter
  • Legacy: Home to Paul Revere's descendants, including craftsmen and professionals

Delving into the Revere Homestead provides a tangible connection to the past, offering insights into the social and political fabric that shaped the nation.

Occupations and Contributions

Paul Revere's expertise as a silversmith and his midnight ride are but the surface of his family's multi-generational tapestry of occupational contributions to American society.

His father, Apollos Rivoire, an immigrant and silversmith apprentice, and his mother, Deborah Hitchborn, from a family owning a shipping wharf, laid the groundwork for a lineage distinguished by skilled craftsmanship and professional acumen.

The Revere descendants perpetuated this legacy, branching into carpentry and refining the craft of silversmithing, among other professions. Their involvement in the American Revolution and beyond is a testament to their enduring influence.

Paul Revere's connections within Boston's diverse social strata, thanks to his trade, significantly bolstered his and his family's historical imprint.

Preserving the Revere Heritage

You can delve into the vibrant tapestry of American history by exploring the Revere family's efforts to preserve their heritage, starting with the iconic Paul Revere House in Boston. As you trace Paul Revere's family tree, you uncover the layers of a lineage that's integral to the narrative of the American Revolution.

  • *The Revere family originates from diverse backgrounds, with roots in France and New England.*
  • *Boston's Paul Revere House stands as a testament to their enduring legacy.*

Descendants have upheld the Revere tradition in various trades, influencing American culture. Paul Revere's midnight ride symbolizes the family's crucial role in the nation's founding.

Understanding these connections not only honors their memory but also enhances your grasp of America's formative years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Descendants of Paul Revere?

Yes, you'll find that Paul Revere has descendants. Many continued his legacy, shaping American history. The family's lineage, with carpenters and silversmiths, reflects the enduring influence of Revere's life and deeds.

Who Were Paul Revere's Family?

You're inquiring about Paul Revere's kin. He fathered nine children, with seven reaching adulthood. His progeny pursued various trades, some continuing his silversmith legacy, significantly shaping American history through successive generations.

How Many Kids Did Paul Revere Have?

You're likely curious about Paul Revere's offspring. Well, he fathered at least nine children with Deborah Hitchbourn, but only seven reached adulthood, contributing to his sizable and historically significant lineage.

Did Paul Revere Have a Wife?

Yes, you're right, Paul Revere did have a wife. He married Sarah Orne and together they had eight children. After her death, he remarried Rachel Walker and fathered eight more offspring.


In summing up, you've traced Paul Revere's roots from Huguenot origins to his lasting American legacy.

His immediate family, with Deborah Hitchbourn, blossomed into a lineage of influential figures.

The Revere homestead stands as a symbol of their revolutionary spirit and enduring contributions.

Through various occupations, Revere's descendants have preserved his heritage, ensuring that the tale of the patriot silversmith, and the values he instilled, remain a cornerstone of American history.