george soule family tree

George Soule Family Tree

Delving into the George Soule family tree, my experience as a genealogist brought me closer to America's roots. I believe each name I encountered was a whisper from the past, guiding me through our nation's narrative.

My expertise allowed me to appreciate the profound impact of the Soule lineage on American history. Through my research, I felt connected to the legacy of this Mayflower pilgrim, understanding how his descendants shaped our collective identity.

Key Takeaways

  • George Soule's lineage can be traced back to Protestant refugees who settled in London, England.
  • He was one of the passengers on the Mayflower and played a pivotal role in signing the Mayflower Compact.
  • George Soule was a prominent leader and businessman in Plymouth Colony, accumulating significant land in Duxbury.
  • His descendants include U.S. Presidents, abolitionists, religious leaders, and entertainers, making his family tree a remarkable and influential one.

Early Life and Origins

Tracing back to the early 17th century, George Soule's lineage begins with his parents, Jan Sol and Mayken Labis, Protestant refugees who settled in London, England, before his birth around 1595-1599.

You're part of the Soule Family, descendants of a Mayflower passenger, George Soule, who was one of the 41 men to sign the Mayflower Compact, helping to establish Plymouth Colony. Soule was born during the reign of King James and despite the mystery surrounding his early life, it's known he braved the Atlantic to seek freedom.

As a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, you carry the legacy of the Protestant refugees in London, the parents of George Soule, whose journey shaped the New World.

Your ancestry is a testament to resilience and pioneering spirit.

Mayflower Voyage

Embarking from Plymouth, England, the Mayflower carried George Soule and 101 other passengers into the heart of the Atlantic's treacherous waters on a voyage that would change history.

In 1620, these individuals faced strong gales and unsanitary conditions during their perilous Atlantic crossing. As a Mayflower passenger, George Soule witnessed hardships that led to numerous fatalities during the colony's first winter in New England.

Significantly, he became one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact on 11 November 1620, engaging in the governance of Plymouth Colony. You're now connected to a Compact signer whose legacy includes ties to U.S. Presidents and notable figures.

George Soule's role was pivotal, as his contributions helped shape the very foundations of American society.

Settling in Plymouth

Upon arriving at Plymouth, George Soule, as a Mayflower Compact signer, played a crucial role in the colony's development, contributing to the establishment of self-governance and the rule of law that would define the burgeoning community.

As you delve into your ancestor's history, you discover that upon settling in Plymouth, George Soule didn't just find a new home; he became a linchpin in the social and political fabric of Plymouth Colony. He accumulated significant land in Duxbury and beyond, marking his status as a prominent community leader and businessman.

His involvement with the Division of Cattle, a critical event in the colony's history, alongside figures like Edward Winslow, reflects his integral role.

Your lineage even connects to the historic Myles Standish Burial Ground, laying testament to the deep roots George Soule planted in the early American narrative.

George Soule's Descendants

As you explore the lineage of George Soule, you'll find his progeny includes presidents, pioneers, and pivotal figures in American history. George Soule, a Mayflower passenger, married Mary Bucket, and they settled in Plymouth where they expanded their family tree. Their eldest son, John Soule, along with siblings such as Edward and Patience, grew up in Duxbury, a testament to their father's legacy.

The descendants of George Soule have etched their names across the annals of time, with some reaching the highest office in the United States. Organizations like the Soule Kindred have been established to honor these connections, ensuring the family's contributions are preserved. Continuous research, including DNA studies, works to bring even more clarity to the rich tapestry of George Soule's family tree.

Notable Family Connections

Delving into the lineage of George Soule reveals a web of influential descendants, including U.S. Presidents, a courageous abolitionist, religious leaders, and celebrated entertainers.

As you trace back through Plymouth Colony records, you'll find that George Soule, a Mayflower passenger, married Mary Becket, and their daughter Patience was a link to an impressive legacy. Soule's parents, identified through a DNA study as Jan and his wife, connect to a Y-DNA match of Soule, solidifying his genealogical ties to William Brewster.

The fruits of this historical connection are evident. Presidents John Adams and Calvin Coolidge, abolitionist Silas Soule, Bishop Joshua Soule, and stars like Dick Van Dyke and Richard Gere all share this remarkable heritage, a testament to the enduring impact of George Soule's descendants.

Preservation of Legacy

The Soule Kindred organization actively preserves the rich history and lineage of George Soule and his descendants, ensuring their significant roles in American history aren't forgotten.

Through meticulous research and promotion of the Soule family tree, they highlight connections to the Mayflower and the founding of Duxbury.

George Soule's last will and testament, with its codicil concerning his children Patience and John, is a testament to the family's early American roots.

Descendants such as Elizabeth, Benjamin, and Zachariah Soule carry on the legacy.

The group's dedication enables you, a descendant of the 'Descendants for Four,' to appreciate and honor your ancestral heritage.

Your family's past is safeguarded, with the Soule Kindred's efforts ensuring that George Soule's impact endures.

Researching Soule Genealogy

Building on the efforts to preserve the Soule legacy, researching your genealogy uncovers the intricate web of George Soule's descendants, including connections to American presidents and pivotal historical figures. Your exploration into the Soule genealogy can be both fascinating and complex.

To help make the process more engaging, consider these steps:

  1. Examine the Mayflower Connection: Trace George Soule's journey on the Mayflower and his impact on Plymouth Colony.
  2. Consult DNA Studies: Participate in DNA studies to authenticate your lineage and connect with other descendants.
  3. Visit Historical Sites: Travel to places like Duxbury to walk in the footsteps of George Soule and his wife, Mary Buckett.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Parents of George Soule?

You're likely curious about ancestral lineages. George Soule's parents are Jan Sol and Mayken Labis, who were Protestant refugees from London, not the previously thought Jan and Maekan Solid from Amsterdam. DNA research has clarified this.

Where Was George Soule From?

You're curious about George Soule's origins, aren't you? He hailed from England, possibly Eckington, before embarking on the Mayflower and becoming a prominent settler in what's now Massachusetts. His story's quite the historical journey.

Was George Soule an Indentured Servant?

Yes, you're correct, George Soule was indeed an indentured servant on the Mayflower before becoming a notable member of the Plymouth Colony. He survived that harsh first winter and witnessed the First Thanksgiving.


You've traced the legacy of George Soule, from his perilous Mayflower crossing to the sprawling branches of his family tree.

You've uncovered ties to presidents and the persistent efforts to preserve his story.

Whether you're a Soule descendant or a history buff, the journey through George's lineage has connected you to a pivotal piece of America's past.

Keep exploring, for every leaf and twig in this family tree has its own tale to tell.