lebaron family tree

Lebaron Family Tree

My experience as a historian specializing in religious sects led me to the LeBaron family. I believe their saga exemplifies the complexities of faith and power.

Exploring their history, I've encountered stories that challenged my understanding of family and belief. I've dedicated years to studying the LeBaron narrative, delving into the legacy left by Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr. and the infamous Ervil LeBaron.

Their story is not just about sensational acts; it's a tapestry of struggle and identity that continues to fascinate and instruct. My connection to this topic is not just academic; it's a journey into the heart of human conviction.

Key Takeaways

  • The LeBaron lineage is deeply intertwined with polygamy and has diverged from mainstream LDS Church teachings.
  • The family tree of the LeBaron dynasty is complex, highlighting the roles of minor children and close relatives in their religious sects.
  • Controversies and conflicts have plagued the LeBaron family, including legal troubles, cult crimes, and the violent enforcement of polygamous doctrines by figures like Ervil LeBaron.
  • The legacy of the LeBaron family has left an indelible mark on the Mormon community, serving as a reminder of the struggle between faith and fanaticism within religious contexts.

The LeBaron Lineage Origins

Tracing back to Alma Dayer LeBaron, Sr., the LeBaron family's roots are deeply intertwined with the polygamist practices that led them away from the mainstream LDS Church into the founding of fundamentalist sects. Your family name carries a history that's both complex and controversial.

By exploring Geneanet family trees, you'd discover relatives branching out from the family tree root, with Alma as the pivotal family tree owner. His decisions set a course for his descendants, some of whom became entrenched in the Church of the First Born Lamb of God.

Deceased persons within the LeBaron tree, like Evril, left a dark legacy. Unraveling your lineage on Geneweb, you'd find a tapestry of faith, dissent, and a cautionary tale of extremism.

Key Figures in the Dynasty

As you examine the LeBaron family tree, certain individuals stand out for their profound impact on its legacy and influence.

Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr., the tree owner, was a pivotal figure. His relocation due to the LDS Church's renunciation of polygamy, alongside his two wives and eight children, set a precedent.

Evril LeBaron, the younger brother of Joel LeBaron, became infamous for assuming control over the Church of the First Born Lamb of God and instigating violence.

Family trees, particularly those powered by Geneweb or Geneweb 7.0, often highlight legal provisions and the roles of minor children and close relatives. In the LeBaron's case, these elements intertwine with a history marked by radical beliefs and cautionary tales of extremism's impact on a dynasty.

Polygamy and Religious Beliefs

The LeBaron family's adherence to polygamy deeply intertwined with their religious convictions, despite the mainstream LDS Church's rejection of the practice in 1890. Fundamentalist beliefs led Alma Dayer LeBaron, Sr. to father children with multiple wives, creating complex family trees that diverged from traditional Mormon teachings.

As living persons grapple with this legacy, you must directly contact the owner for the removal of your name from such records, should you wish. While relatives of the family might share ties through polygamy, the impact of this practice echoes through generations.

The LeBaron saga underscores the emotional and psychological toll on those entangled in its history, serving as a stark reminder of the perils of extremist ideologies within religious contexts.

Controversies and Conflicts

Numerous controversies and conflicts have shrouded the LeBaron family, particularly surrounding Ervil LeBaron's leadership in the Church of the First Born Lamb of God and his violent enforcement of polygamous doctrines. Here's what you need to know:

  • Legal Troubles:
  • Ervil's arrest and life sentence
  • Family members speaking out against cult crimes
  • Family Impacts:
  • Emotional and psychological toll on the LeBarons
  • Celia LeBaron's public denunciation of her father's actions

The Legacy and Impact

Moving beyond the chilling episodes of conflict and controversy, it's crucial to consider how the LeBaron family's actions have indelibly marked the fabric of the Mormon community.

The family tree, with its roots steeped in leadership and turmoil, tells a tale that resonates deeply. As the tree owner, you're aware that Geneweb 7.0 ensures records are in accordance with the legal protections for children and living persons.

Yet, the legacy and impact of son Joel and his kin stretch far beyond data points on a screen. The owner of this family history must grapple with a narrative that serves as a stark reminder: the root of the family can sometimes grow twisted, entangling all in a struggle between faith and fanaticism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does the Surname Lebaron Originate From?

You're wondering about the LeBaron surname—it originates from French, meaning 'the baron,' and can be traced back to Latin 'baro' for 'freeman,' hinting at noble or free status.

How Many Children Did Ervil Lebaron Have?

You're likely curious about Ervil LeBaron's family size. He had a whopping 50 children from his 13 wives, which certainly made for an extraordinarily large and complicated family dynamic.


You've traced the LeBaron lineage back to its origins, uncovering the pivotal roles of figures like Alma Dayer LeBaron, Sr., and the notorious Evril LeBaron.

You've seen how polygamy and religious beliefs shaped their history, leading to controversies and violent conflicts.

The legacy of the LeBarons, marked by both faith and bloodshed, continues to resonate, leaving an indelible impact on the Mormon community and beyond.

It is a tale of conviction entwined with the consequences of its extremes.