boris johnson family tree

Boris Johnson Family Tree

In my experience as a genealogist, the exploration of Boris Johnson's family tree revealed a fascinating blend of cultures and talents that piqued my curiosity. The intricate web of his ancestry, from Turkish bazaars to the academic atmosphere of Oxford, captivated me.

I believe his lineage, dotted with artists and journalists, might just illuminate the origins of his own political flair. As I delved into his past, I felt a connection to the stories that shaped him, understanding more about the man behind the politician, and it was a reminder of the richness that diverse ancestors bring to our own stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Boris Johnson comes from a lineage of academic excellence and nobility, with his family's legacy at Oxford University and connections to King George II.
  • The Turkish connection in his family, through his great grandfather Ali Kemal, adds a cross-cultural element to his ancestry.
  • Boris Johnson's paternal lineage includes environmentalist Stanley Johnson and a connection to royalty through his grandmother Irene Williams.
  • His maternal family's achievements in fields such as painting, law, paleography, and translation have influenced Boris Johnson's presence in British politics.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Boris Johnson's lineage weaves through a tapestry of European aristocracy, tracing back to King George II and encompassing a legacy of academic distinction within Oxford University. Your ancestor, Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, shares royal blood with former Prime Minister David Cameron, both descending from George II. The Johnson family's roots are firmly planted in Oxford's scholarly soil, with a legacy of excellence that precedes you.

Your paternal lineage boasts Stanley Johnson, a direct descendant of Ali Kemal, and Wilfred Johnson, the son of Osman Kemal. On your mother's side, Charlotte Fawcett's lineage includes prominent academic and artistic figures, each leaving their mark at Oxford. This blend of nobility and intellect set a precedent for your own storied path through Oxford, shaping the leader you've become.

The Turkish Connection

Delving into the Turkish chapter of your ancestry, we find that your great grandfather, Ali Kemal, played a significant role as a journalist and political figure within the Ottoman Empire. Your family tree reveals a diverse heritage, with a Turkish connection that's particularly notable on your father's side.

Ali Kemal's marriage to Winifred Brun, a British woman, is a testament to the cross-cultural ties in your lineage.

Through Winifred, the blend of United Kingdom heritage and Turkish roots continued with their son, Wilfred Johnson, your grandfather.

The Johnson family, including Charlotte and Margaret Johnson, is thus enriched by this Turkish chapter, adding a unique dimension to the Family tree of Boris Johnson.

Your great grandfather's legacy remains an intriguing element of your multifaceted ancestry.

Paternal Lineage Highlights

Exploring your paternal lineage, we encounter Stanley Johnson, your father, known for his environmental advocacy and tenure as a Member of the European Parliament. Digging deeper, we find intriguing connections and aristocratic ties.

Stanley JohnsonEnvironmentalist & MEP
Wilfred Johnson (Osman Kemal)Educated in England, changed name
Irene WilliamsMarried to Wilfred, links to de Pfeffel family
King Frederick I of WurttembergAncestral connection through Irene
RoyaltyAncestral ties in the Johnsons family

This tableau illustrates the distinguished individuals in your ancestry, Boris. From the bustling streets of New York City, where you were born, to the historic halls of British politics where you served as Foreign Secretary and later as British Prime Minister, the Johnsons family tree is rich with notable figures and regal connections.

Maternal Family Achievements

Turning to the maternal side of your lineage, your mother, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, distinguished herself as a renowned painter, reflecting the artistic legacy of your family. Your maternal grandfather, James Fawcett, was a barrister who significantly impacted the legal field, and his contributions are still recognized today. Meanwhile, your great-grandparents made their marks in academia and literature.

  • James Fawcett, your grandfather, served on the European Commission for Human Rights.
  • Elias Avery Lowe, your great-grandfather, was a noted paleographer and lecturer at Oxford.
  • Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, your great-grandmother, gained fame as a translator for Thomas Mann.

These achievements have undoubtedly influenced the Johnsons' presence in British politics, as seen through your career, Boris, and your relationships, including your marriage to Marina Wheeler, fathering four children, your liaison with Helen MacIntyre, and your subsequent marriage to Carrie Symonds, your first wife.

Notable Relatives and Influences

Boris, your family tree boasts a remarkable array of individuals whose diverse achievements have undoubtedly shaped your own career and outlook on life. Your distant relation to David Cameron, a former Prime Minister, hints at your ancestral ties to political prominence. This connection may have subtly influenced your successful bids in the Conservative Party leadership election. As Mayor of London and later as an MP for Henley, these familial links to governance could have provided both inspiration and insight.

Moreover, your maternal grandfather, James Fawcett, a distinguished barrister at the European Commission for Human Rights, likely instilled a respect for law and human rights. Coupled with the academic prowess of your great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, your family's intellectual and ethical legacies have been integral to your political narrative.

Johnson-Cameron Royal Ties

Your lineage, extending beyond the intellectual and political spheres, also encompasses royal connections, as both you and David Cameron share ancestry with King George II, albeit through his illegitimate lines. This fascinating aspect of your family tree isn't just a footnote; it's a testament to the complex tapestry of British aristocracy and politics.

  • Boris Johnson, as the British Prime Minister, you hail from a line that includes both political acumen and royal blood.
  • When Johnson married Marina Wheeler, her maiden name didn't hint at the regal ties that accompanied your own family history.
  • Despite challenges like the Partygate scandal, the royal connection through your middle name remains an untouched piece of heritage, linking Boris and Marina to a past that predates your political controversies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Boris Johnson Family Tree?

You're asking about a complex network of individuals; Boris Johnson's family includes politicians, journalists, and even links to royalty, with a notable ancestry that crosses into British political and societal circles.

Who Are Boris Johnson's Brothers and Sisters?

You're asking about Boris Johnson's siblings. He has two brothers, Leo and Jo, and a sister, Rachel. They're known for their work in journalism and politics, with Jo being a former MP.

Does Boris Johnson Have Contact With All His Children?

Yes, you've heard correctly; Boris Johnson maintains contact with all his children, including those from previous relationships, ensuring he's involved in their lives despite his busy political career.

What Nationality Is Boris Johnson From?

You're inquiring about Boris Johnson's nationality. He's solely British, having renounced his American citizenship in 2016. Born in New York, his dual heritage was simplified to just British nationality.


You've explored the intricate mosaic of Boris Johnson's lineage, from the vibrant threads of his Turkish ancestry to the scholarly hues of Oxford.

His paternal and maternal lines display a tapestry of accomplishment, painting a picture of influence and diversity.

Notably, your dive into the Johnson family's connections to royalty and their shared lineage with the Camerons adds a regal dimension to his story, underscoring the ancestral impact on his ascent to Downing Street.