josiah bartlett family tree

Josiah Bartlett Family Tree

In my experience, exploring the Josiah Bartlett Family Tree has been a journey of personal discovery. With expertise in genealogical research, I've traced the tendrils of my own lineage back to Josiah, a founding figure in American history.

Each document unearthed and every story revealed reinforced my belief in the importance of understanding one's roots. I believe that knowing the fortitude and vision of my ancestors, like Josiah, empowers me to carry their legacy forward.

The Bartletts' impact is not just a matter of record; it's a living, breathing part of who I am today.

Key Takeaways

  • Josiah Bartlett's lineage can be traced back to 1635 when Richard Bartlett settled in Newbury, Massachusetts.
  • The Bartlett family had a strong connection to medicine, with three of Josiah's sons and seven grandsons becoming doctors.
  • Josiah's descendants continued his medical legacy, with multiple generations becoming physicians and making significant contributions to society, particularly in the medical field.
  • The Bartlett descendants have maintained a presence in politics for generations, wielding political clout at local and national levels and forming a political dynasty through marriage and kinship.

Early Ancestry and Origins

You can trace Josiah Bartlett's lineage back to 1635 when his ancestor Richard Bartlett settled in Newbury, Massachusetts. This marked the beginning of the Bartlett family tree in America.

Josiah, born in Amesbury, was a part of this lineage, a testament to the family's deep roots in the country. His parents, Stephen and Hannah-Mary Bartlett, raised him before he ventured into medicine.

After honing his skills, Josiah moved to New Hampshire, setting up his practice in Kingston. He married his cousin, Mary Bartlett, expanding their family with 12 children.

The Bartlett ancestry, rich with medical professionals, saw three of Josiah's sons and seven grandsons following in his footsteps, some even attending Harvard College.

This family's origins are a web of connections, education, and dedication to medicine.

Josiah Bartlett's Descendants

While exploring your Bartlett lineage, you'll discover that Josiah's progeny extended his medical legacy, with multiple generations practicing as physicians across the northeastern United States. As you delve into the family tree, you'll find Josiah Bartlett's descendants have made significant contributions to society, particularly in the medical field.

Here's what you might encounter:

  1. Deceased persons who carried on the medical tradition, shaping health care in their communities.
  2. Living persons continuing the Bartlett legacy, possibly including physicians upholding the family's dedication to medicine.
  3. Geneanet family trees meticulously compiled by the family tree owner, offering a treasure trove of information.
  4. Photos et GeneaStars.Nous contribute visual stories, while experts like Tim Dowling provide context to the milliers de photos enriching your family narrative.

Notable Family Contributions

Diving deeper into the Bartlett lineage reveals that three of Josiah's sons and seven of his grandsons etched their names in medical history, significantly advancing healthcare practices.

The Bartlett family tree is replete with notable family contributions, extending far beyond their roots in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. While you won't find living persons listed, the contributions of Josiah's children and their descendants are well-documented.

Sites like GeneaStars.Nous indicate how family trees are powered by the legacies of individuals like the Bartletts. The parents, siblings, and relatives of this historic clan, connected to other prominent families such as the Greelys and the Dowlings, have left indelible marks on society, illustrating the profound impact one family can have across generations.

Political Ties and Influence

Josiah Bartlett's legacy in politics extends beyond his signature on the Declaration of Independence, as his descendants have maintained a presence in political spheres for generations. Multiple generations have wielded political clout, from local to national levels. Their relatives interlinked with figures like Rosa Parks and Rudy Giuliani, showcasing a network of powerful associations. The family's genealogy mirrors the evolution of American governance, with ancestors rooted in the nation's founding. Through marriage and kinship, the Bartletts connected with other influential families, solidifying a political dynasty.

Your understanding of the Bartletts' political ties and influence grows as you trace their lineage and heritage.

The Bartletts in Modern Times

You'll see that the Bartletts haven't only left a mark on history but continue to shape the present in various fields.

The descendants of Josiah Bartlett, spread across states like New Hampshire and New York, are living persons contributing to society in various capacities.

The Bartlett family tree, meticulously maintained by the family tree owner, showcases the expansive network of relatives, including children and grandchildren. It provides a visual narrative of the family's evolution through modern times.

If you're keen on exploring the Bartletts' legacy, direct contact with the family can offer a glimpse into their contemporary lives.

The family's privacy is respected, however, with an option to remove names of living individuals to maintain discretion.

Preserving the Bartlett Legacy

Heritage conservation becomes your personal journey as you navigate the Bartlett family tree, embodying the efforts to safeguard their historical narrative for future generations. Here's what you're part of:

  1. Continuing the Story: Tracing back to the family tree root, where Josiah Bartlett was born in Amesbury, you're preserving the Bartlett legacy with each name added—from grandchildren to grandparents.
  2. Privacy Matters: As the owner of this family tree, you're in control. You can request the removal of your name or those of children and living persons to protect privacy.
  3. Connecting the Dots: Married Mary Bartlett? Your branch extends the family tree of Tim Dowling, deepening the roots of history.
  4. Legacy Alive: Every picture and story shared keeps the Bartlett spirit vibrant, ensuring their contributions aren't forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Related to Josiah Bartlett?

You're asking about relatives of Josiah Bartlett without his family tree context. Well, he's linked to the Bartletts, Greelys, Gales, Calefs, Trues, Eastmans, and Merrills through marriage and the Declaration of Independence signers' genealogy.

How Many Kids Did Josiah Bartlett Have?

You're wondering about a historic figure's family size? Josiah Bartlett had a large family, with 12 children. That's quite a brood, considering the times! Many of his descendants continued his medical legacy.

Was Josiah Bartlett a Founding Father?

Yes, you're correct; Josiah Bartlett was a Founding Father, instrumental in the American Revolution and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, representing New Hampshire with distinction.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Josiah Bartlett?

You might find it fascinating that Josiah Bartlett started studying medicine at just 17 and was the sole doctor in Kingston, New Hampshire, before 21. He also had a legacy of medical professionals in his family.


You've journeyed through the rich tapestry of the Josiah Bartlett family tree, from ancestral roots to modern branches.

You've seen the Bartletts' impact on politics, their notable achievements, and how they've preserved their legacy.

It's clear that Josiah's lineage is more than a list of names; it's a story of influence and endurance.

Now, it's up to you and future generations to keep the narrative alive, honoring the past as you forge new paths.