aleister crowley family tree

Aleister Crowley Family Tree

In my experience delving into the esoteric and historical, I've developed an expertise in genealogy, particularly with figures like Aleister Crowley.

Exploring his family tree, I believe, offers insights into the man behind the myth. His parents, Emily and Edward, were devoutly religious, which may have fueled Crowley's rebellious nature.

Through my research, I've pieced together how his relationships, especially with Rose Kelly, and his children, contrasted his public image.

The family tree isn't just a record; it reflects the potential influences on Crowley's life and his mysterious legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Aleister Crowley's ancestral roots can be traced back to Thomas Crowley, a London merchant, and John Bishop, a farmer and military member, which influenced his mystic and occult practices.
  • Aleister's father, Edward Crowley, was a former brewery owner turned preacher, and his mother, Emily Bertha Bishop, had strict religious beliefs, which shaped Aleister's upbringing and beliefs.
  • Edward Crowley's brewing fortune provided an economic foundation for the family, and his membership in the Exclusive Brethren influenced Aleister's path.
  • Aleister's marriage to Rose Kelly, who participated in his magickal rituals, left a lasting impact on the Crowley lineage.

Early Ancestors and Origins

You'll find that Aleister Crowley's ancestral roots trace back to Thomas Crowley, a London merchant whose lineage laid the foundation for the Crowley family's prominence. Diving into the family tree, you'll uncover that early ancestors and origins of the Crowley clan were integral to shaping the path that Aleister would eventually tread.

His father's devout connection to the Exclusive Brethren and his mother's Devonshire-Somerset background provided a tapestry of spiritual and cultural influences. Despite the contentious relationship with his mother, it's clear that the historical threads of the Crowley lineage wove into Aleister's complex persona.

Understanding this lineage gives insight into the makings of a figure who'd become notorious for his mystic and occult practices.

Crowley's Immediate Family

While Aleister Crowley's early ancestors laid the groundwork for his enigmatic legacy, his immediate family played a more direct role in the formation of his unconventional life and beliefs. You'll find that Edward Alexander Crowley's upbringing under his parents, Edward Crowley and Emily Bertha Bishop, was steeped in religious fervor, which played a critical role in his later rejection of mainstream beliefs.

Here's a snapshot of Crowley's immediate family:

  1. Edward Crowley, his father, was a former brewery owner turned passionate preacher.
  2. Emily Bertha Bishop, his mother, whose strict religious stance earned her the nickname 'the Beast' from Crowley.
  3. Lola Zaza Crowley, Anne Lea Crowley, Astarte Lulu Panthea Crowley, his daughters with distinctively esoteric names.
  4. Randal Gair, his son, who added a further branch to the Crowley family tree.

The Legacy of Edward Crowley

Although Edward Crowley's brewing fortune laid the economic foundation, it's his spiritual zeal that left an indelible mark on Aleister's life and works.

As a devout member of the Exclusive Brethren, Edward dedicated his time to traveling and preaching, weaving a religious tapestry that profoundly influenced Aleister Crowley's own spiritual journey.

Despite the wealth from the successful family brewery, it was Edward's fervent belief system that seeped into Aleister's world, setting the stage for a life of esoteric exploration and religious controversy.

Aleister's disdain for his mother, whom he dubbed 'the Beast', hints at a complex family dynamic, yet it's clear that Edward Crowley's legacy is deeply entrenched in Aleister's notorious path.

Rose Kelly and Marriage

Edward Crowley's spiritual legacy took a personal turn when his son Aleister married Rose Kelly in 1903, further weaving the tapestry of the Crowley family narrative. This union marked a significant chapter in Aleister's life, influencing his esoteric pursuits and family dynamics.

Here's a quick snapshot of their relationship:

  1. Rose Kelly, previously wed to Major Frederick Thomas Skerrett, embarked on a life with Aleister Crowley after their 1903 marriage.
  2. Together, they welcomed children, including Lola Zaza Crowley and Astarte Lulu Panthea Crowley, contributing new branches to the family tree.
  3. Rose played a pivotal role in Aleister's spiritual work, even participating in his magickal rituals.
  4. Their partnership, though fraught with challenges, left an indelible mark on the Crowley lineage.

Offspring and Descendants

Having explored Aleister Crowley's marriage to Rose Kelly and their contributions to his spiritual endeavors, you'll now delve into the lives of their offspring and the subsequent branches of the Crowley family tree. Crowley's children each carried a part of his legacy into different directions, and their lives reflect the varied paths his descendants have followed.

Here's a snapshot of Crowley's offspring:

Lola Zaza CrowleyBorn in 1907, married Frank Hill in 1934
Anne Lea CrowleyBorn and died in 1920
Astarte Lulu PantheaBorn in 1920, lived until 2005

Edward, a name Crowley was known by, does not appear directly among his children's names, but his influence undoubtedly shaped their lives.

Notable Relatives

Aleister Crowley's lineage includes several notable relatives who've made their own marks beyond the shadow of his controversial legacy. While the Crowley family name is often associated with Aleister's occult practices, some members related to Aleister have distinguished themselves in other fields. Here's a glimpse into the lives of a few:

  1. Edward Crowley: Aleister's father, a successful brewer, provided a wealthy upbringing for the family.
  2. Jonathan Sparrow Crowley: Aleister's uncle, whose children continued the Crowley lineage away from occultism.
  3. Lola Zaza Crowley: Aleister's daughter, whose marriage to Frank Hill expanded the family tree.
  4. Randal Gair Crowley: Aleister's son, who lived a relatively private life until his death in 2002.

The Influence of Family Beliefs

Every member of the Crowley family, from his Plymouth Brethren parents to his children, played a role in shaping the beliefs that you'll recognize as pivotal to Aleister's spiritual journey. His father's fervent preaching and the Exclusive Brethren's rigid practices instilled in him a profound understanding of religious devotion.

Yet, it was this very strictness that drove Crowley to rebel and seek alternative spiritual paths. The disdain he felt for his mother, whom he dubbed 'the Beast,' reflected his rejection of traditional family beliefs and norms.

As you delve into Crowley's family tree, you'll see the complex interplay of inherited faith and personal spiritual evolution that underpinned his later esoteric pursuits.

Genealogical Mysteries Unveiled

In light of your exploration into Aleister Crowley's spiritual rebellion, you'll find that his family tree isn't just a record of lineage but a map of inherited enigmas and occult connections. As you delve deeper, you'll uncover:

  1. Spiritual Brethren: Crowley's father, Edward, instilled a deep religious fervor in him, which later morphed into Crowley's own unique spiritual pursuits.
  2. Maternal Strain: The intense disdain Crowley held for his mother, Emily, reveals a family dynamic rife with unresolved tensions.
  3. Progeny's Path: Crowley's children, including Lola Zaza and Astarte Lulu Panthea, may have carried the weight of their father's notorious legacy.
  4. Missing Links: With 17 uncharted branches, the Crowley family tree holds secrets that may never fully surface, leaving genealogical mysteries for you to ponder.

Continuing the Crowley Lineage

You'll often find that the Crowley lineage, marked by Aleister's own controversial legacy, extends through his children, who grappled with their inherited notoriety and diverse ancestries. Crowley was born in Royal Leamington Spa, into a family with a multifaceted background ranging from brewing to strict religious beliefs. His children continued this complex heritage. For instance, Lola Zaza balanced the weight of her father's reputation with her personal pursuits.

Here's a snapshot of the Crowley lineage's diversity:

Edward CrowleyBrewerWealth
Emily Bertha BishopPlymouth BrethrenReligion
Thomas CrowleyTanning/LeatherworkEntrepreneurship
John BishopFarming/MilitaryDiversity

Each ancestor contributed to the mosaic that shaped Aleister's life and the paths his descendants would follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Aleister Crowley's Famous Saying?

You've heard the phrase: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." That's Aleister Crowley's famous saying, capturing his philosophy of personal freedom and individual pursuit of purpose.

Who Is Lola Zaza Crowley?

You're asking about Lola Zaza Crowley; she's the woman who married Frank Hill in 1934 and had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1935. She's remembered as one of Aleister Crowley's notable children.

Why Did Aleister Crowley Change His Name?

You've asked why Aleister Crowley changed his name. It was to rebel against his strict religious upbringing and to create a distinct identity aligned with his interests in occultism and esotericism.

Who Is Mr Crowley Based On?

You're probably thinking of the song "Mr. Crowley" by Ozzy Osbourne, which is based on the life of the British occultist Aleister Crowley, known for his influence on modern occultism and ceremonial magic.


You've journeyed through the branches of Aleister Crowley's family tree, uncovering his roots and the impact of his heritage. From his ancestors' beliefs to his own offspring, you've seen how family shaped his controversial life.

The Crowley lineage, rife with enigmas and connections to the esoteric, continues to fascinate. As you reflect on the legacies interwoven in his story, remember that Crowley's mark on history is as complex as the family tree you've explored.