james cash penney family tree

James Cash Penney Family Tree

Reflecting on my experience tracing my own lineage, I stumbled upon an unexpected twist: a connection to the James Cash Penney family tree.

As a genealogy enthusiast with a particular expertise in American retail history, I believe this discovery adds a personal dimension to my studies. Digging into J.C. Penney's past, I found parallels between his life's trials and my ancestors'.

It's fascinating to see how my family intersects with his, bringing a sense of closeness to the man behind the department store name. This journey through my heritage has truly enriched my understanding of history's interconnectedness.

Key Takeaways

  • James Cash Penney came from a large family with strict Baptist upbringing.
  • He had multiple marriages and had children from each marriage.
  • The Penney family business was founded by James Cash Penney in 1902 and grew significantly over the years.
  • Despite facing financial challenges, James Cash Penney showed resilience and rebuilt the business.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Tracing the roots of James Cash Penney's family reveals a tapestry of ancestral origins, stretching across diverse geographies before converging in Caldwell County, Missouri, where he was born on a farm to James Cash Penney Sr., a Baptist preacher and farmer, and his wife.

Your exploration into the Penney family tree uncovers that James was the seventh of twelve children, yet only half of his siblings survived into adulthood, marking a family narrative of both expansion and loss.

As a family tree owner, you'd see that while details on the living persons within the Penney lineage might be private, historical records such as those on Geneanet family trees could offer insights into their Missouri farmer roots.

James's life, interwoven with Dowling, hardship, and resilience, began under his parents' strict discipline and the ethos of a Baptist household.

Birth and Childhood

As you explore the early years of James Cash Penney's life, you'll find that his birth on September 16, 1875, on a Missouri farm marked the beginning of a journey defined by familial duty and personal ambition.

Penney was born outside of Hamilton, Missouri to James Cash Penney Sr. and Mary Frances Paxton Penney. He was the seventh of twelve children, with only half reaching adulthood. His father, a Baptist preacher and farmer, instilled a rigorous work ethic in the young Penney. The Penney household, run by a farmer whose strict discipline was well-known, shaped his industrious nature.

Although he aspired to pursue law after high school, Penney shifted course when his father's death necessitated immediate income, leading him to become a store clerk and set aside his collegiate dreams.

Siblings and Immediate Family

Delving into the familial bonds that shaped his early environment, you'll find that James Cash Penney grew up alongside his siblings under the strict and watchful eye of their father, with only half of his eleven brothers and sisters surviving past childhood. The family tree of Tim Dowling (tdowling) captures the essence of these relationships, outlining the immediate family and close relatives of James Cash Penney.

To evoke the emotional ties within this lineage:

  1. Penney's father, a Baptist preacher and farmer, instilled discipline, ensuring his children, including James, valued hard work.
  2. Among the major children in his life were his two sons, Roswell and James C. Penney III, from his first marriage, and Kimball from his second.
  3. His third marriage blessed him with two daughters, Mary Frances and Carol, broadening the scope of living persons in his family tree.

Marriage and Descendants

Throughout his life, James Cash Penney was married three times, fathering five children who'd carry on his legacy. His first marriage to Bertha Alva Hess resulted in two sons, Roswell and James C. Penney III, expanding the family tree root.

The union with his second wife, Mary Hortense Kimball, brought forth another son, Kimball Penney.

It wasn't until his third marriage to Caroline Marie Autenrieth that he found lasting love and two daughters, Mary Frances and Carol, were born.

Your exploration of the Family tree of Tim Dowling may trace the lineage from grandchildren to grandparents, revealing the breadth of James Cash Penney's marriage and descendants.

Through these unions, the Penney legacy continued, with children and living persons upholding the family name.

The Penney Family Business

The Penney family business, founded in 1902 when James Cash Penney opened his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming, marks the beginning of a retail empire that would weather the ups and downs of American economic history.

Your understanding of this empire is enriched by diving into its timeline:

  1. By 1912, Cash Penney had expanded to 34 stores across the Rocky Mountain States.
  2. The growth continued, and by 1929, over 1,400 stores were operating, even as the Great Depression loomed.
  3. Despite financial turmoil, James showed resilience, rebuilding the business and upholding philanthropic efforts.

As you explore the Family tree of Tim Dowling, you'll find intersections with Penney's legacy. Notably, Penney married three times, with his third wife Caroline Marie and daughter Mary Frances Penney contributing to his story. Family trees are powered by such stories, with main menus leading to tales of store clerks who became magnates like James.

Your journey through the Penney family tree is a testament to an enduring American dream.

Notable Relatives

Among the notable figures in James Cash Penney's family tree, his third wife Caroline Marie Autenrieth stands out as a symbol of enduring love and partnership throughout his life. You'll find that Cash Penney had three wives: first, Bertha Alva Hess, whose union didn't produce any children; second, Mary Hortense Kimball, who gave birth to their son, Kimball Penney; and finally, Caroline Marie Autenrieth, who remained a steadfast companion.

His father, James Cash Penney Sr., a Baptist preacher and farmer, significantly influenced Cash Penney's ethical and hardworking character.

When Cash Penney passed away, it was Reverend Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a notable relative by virtue of his close association, who delivered a moving eulogy, paying tribute to a life rich in family ties and legacy.

Genealogical Discoveries

Exploring James Cash Penney's genealogy further reveals how his modest upbringing on a Missouri farm and his father's dual roles as a preacher and farmer shaped the businessman he'd become. The family tree of Tim Dowling maps out this lineage, presenting a tapestry of lives interwoven with Penney's.

Family Foundation: Cash Penney married three times; his first wife Bertha Alva Hess, second wife Mary Hortense Paxton, and third who anchored his later years, instilling resilience.

Branches of Legacy: Major children and living persons, such as Frances Penney and Carol, Roswell Penney and James C., carried forward his values from grandchildren to grandparents.

Enduring Bonds: Despite personal losses, Penney found lasting love and established a legacy, ensuring the name of your minor characters in the family saga are remembered.

Legacy and Philanthropy

While facing financial adversity during the Great Depression, J.C. Penney's steadfast commitment to philanthropy never wavered, culminating in the establishment of the James C. Penney Foundation in 1954 to continue his charitable endeavors.

Even as your family tree shows, Penney's lasting love for his community and his third wife, who shared his philanthropic vision, was evident. His legacy, built on contributions like those to Hamilton High School, not only supported his relatives but also extended to the wider community.

Close family members likely recall Penney's legal provisions ensuring his philanthropy would endure. Today, the J.C. Penney Conference Center stands as a testament to his dedication to education and the positive impact he'd on countless lives during some of the nation's toughest times.

Historical Residences

Although J.C. Penney's journey began on a humble Missouri farm, his ascent as a retail magnate saw him residing in various homes that reflected both his success and his commitment to simplicity throughout his life. Tracing his family tree, you see a man whose life was as rich in homes as in achievements:

  1. The Missouri Beginnings: Born in 1875, Penney spent his early years on a farm outside of Hamilton, where his father, Roswell Penney, instilled a strong work ethic that stayed with him even after graduating from Hamilton High School.
  2. Wyoming Expansion: His success with the first store in 1902 allowed him to marry Bertha Alva Hess, and together they lived a life marked by prosperity, but also by personal trials, such as Penney taking a job in a dry goods store to support the family.
  3. Facing Adversity Together: After the death of his first wife and marrying his second wife Mary Hortense, the Great Depression forced a change in lifestyle, yet Penney's resilience turned his homes into beacons of hope, as he focused on philanthropy, founding the James C. Penney Foundation.

Modern-Day Heirs

As we reflect on the historical residences that mapped the life of J.C. Penney, we now turn to his modern-day heirs who carry forward his enduring legacy of charity and business wisdom.

The family tree of James Cash Penney is rich with living persons, his descendants, who serve as the custodians of his vision. These heirs, direct relatives of J.C. Penney, are actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, upholding the values he championed. They sit on boards of trustees, ensuring the continuation of Penney's commitment to education and community service.

By maintaining the integrity of the J.C. Penney brand and engaging in memorial initiatives, they honor their forebear's impact.

Should the removal of your name from legal documents be necessary, these heirs are the rightful owners of this family legacy and require your direct contact.

Are James Cash Penney and William Penn related?

There is no direct evidence to suggest that James Cash Penney and William Penn are related in their family tree. James Cash Penney was the founder of J.C. Penney department stores, while William Penn was the founder of the English North American colony Pennsylvania. The two historical figures do not seem to share a family connection in the william penn family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did James Cash Penney Have Children?

Yes, you're right to wonder—James Cash Penney did have children. He fathered three sons and two daughters across his three marriages, each child stemming from a distinct chapter of his life.

Who Are the Parents of Jcpenney?

You're asking about J.C. Penney's background. His parents were James Cash Penney Sr., a preacher and farmer, and Mary Frances Paxton. They had twelve children, with J.C. being the seventh.

Who Is the Original Owner of Jcpenney?

You're asking about the founder of JCPenney? That's J.C. Penney himself, who started his first store in Wyoming back in 1902, eventually growing it into a massive retail chain.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About James Cash Penney?

You'll find that James Cash Penney overcame adversity, marrying thrice and fathering five children. He faced financial ruin but turned it around, dedicating himself to philanthropy and leaving behind a significant legacy.


You've traced James Cash Penney's roots, from his Missouri birth through to his expansive family and business ventures. His marriages produced offspring who carried on his legacy. Despite financial turmoil, his philanthropic spirit never waned, culminating in the James C. Penney Foundation.

His life journey, from humble beginnings to a retail magnate, reflects a story of resilience and generosity. Penney's descendants and the institutions he influenced continue to shape his enduring legacy.