Johnny Cash Family Tree

Johnny Cash Family Tree

Exploring the Johnny Cash family tree has been a personal journey, interwoven with my experience as a music historian.

I believe understanding his lineage offers profound insights into the Man in Black’s enigmatic character.

My expertise in tracing musical genealogies has led me to appreciate the rich tapestry of his ancestry, from Scottish nobility to the soulful echoes of his descendants like Rosanne Cash.

Each discovery about his familial bonds deepens the narrative of how heritage shaped his legendary sound—a testament to the enduring influence of Johnny Cash’s roots.

NameFamily StatusRelated To
Ray CashFatherJohnny Cash
Carrie Cloveree RiversMotherJohnny Cash
Johnny CashSonRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Vivian LibertoFirst WifeJohnny Cash
Rosanne CashDaughterJohnny Cash, Vivian Liberto
Kathy CashDaughterJohnny Cash, Vivian Liberto
Cindy CashDaughterJohnny Cash, Vivian Liberto
Tara CashDaughterJohnny Cash, Vivian Liberto
June Carter CashSecond WifeJohnny Cash
John Carter CashSonJohnny Cash, June Carter
Carlene CarterStep-DaughterJune Carter (Mother)
Rosie Nix AdamsStep-DaughterJune Carter (Mother)
Tommy CashBrotherRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Joanne CashSisterRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Jack CashBrotherRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Reba Cash HancockSisterRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Roy CashBrotherRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Louise CashSisterRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree
Margaret Louise CashSisterRay Cash, Carrie Cloveree

Please note that this table is a simplified representation and does not include all members of the extended family or all of Johnny Cash’s siblings. Also, family trees can be complex with many branches, so this table focuses on the immediate family and notable relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Johnny Cash’s family has a long and rich ancestry that can be traced back to 11th-century Scotland near Cash Loch.
  • The Cash family tree includes notable members such as Rosanne Cash, John Carter Cash, and Thomas Gabriel, who continue to contribute to the family’s musical legacy.
  • Johnny Cash had two marriages and seven children, with Vivian Liberto and June Carter, respectively.
  • The Cash family has notable descendants such as Grammy-winning artist and producer John Carter Cash, pioneering country musician Rosanne Cash, and independent artist Chelsea Crowell.

Early Ancestry and Origins

You’ll find the roots of Johnny Cash’s lineage in the misty highlands of 11th-century Scotland, where his family name first emerged near the shores of Cash Loch.

As you delve into the Cash family tree, you’ll uncover a rich tapestry of ancestry. Sifting through ancient records, you might discover the great names that have shaped your history.

To verify these connections, you may embark on a search, exploring the variations of your ancestors’ names. This quest to map out your early ancestry and origins won’t only connect you to Johnny Cash but also to the storied lands that bore the Cash surname.

Unraveling the threads of the past, you become a part of this enduring legacy.

Cash Family Members

Amidst the branches of your Cash family tree, you’ll find a constellation of musicians and artists, each with their unique impact on the world of music and arts. As you explore your Cash roots, you’ll notice how family members share more than just a last name; they make a tapestry rich with artistic expression.

  • Rosanne Cash: A torchbearer of the Cash musical legacy with a storied career in country and Americana.
  • John Carter Cash: Continues to connect with other family musicians, preserving and celebrating the Cash heritage.
  • Thomas Gabriel: Another relative adding depth to the family’s artistic presence.

When you add the names of other relatives, it’s easy to verify connections and search for name variants, which make constructing a comprehensive family tree for the family a fascinating journey.

Marriages and Children

Exploring Johnny Cash’s family tree, you’ll uncover the stories of his marriages and children, a narrative interwoven with love, partnership, and the continuation of a musical dynasty. With seven children, the family of John F. Cash is a testament to a rich heritage. To make it easy to connect and collaborate with relatives in the fields of music and beyond, we’ve put together information to share on the family structure that can narrow your search and help you share your ancestry.

Here’s a tree for the family:

1stVivian LibertoRosanne, Kathy, Cindy, Tara
2ndJune CarterJohn Carter Cash

This table encapsulates the core of his familial connections.

Notable Descendants

Often, when you delve into the Cash lineage, you’ll find a remarkable pattern of artistic prowess and resilience, as evidenced by the achievements of Johnny Cash’s descendants. Here are just a few:

  • John Carter Cash, a Grammy-winning artist and producer
  • Rosanne Cash, a pioneering force in country and Americana music
  • Chelsea Crowell, an independent artist with a unique lyrical depth

In your case, trees in this collection might inspire you to collaborate with other family historians who share an interest in the Cash family. Trees are a great way to organize and highlight notable descendants, making it easier to verify the information with records before being incorporated.

And when you contribute your own findings, you’re adding to a rich tapestry that family historians will treasure.

Legacy and Influence

You’ll frequently find that Johnny Cash’s profound empathy for marginalized communities deeply colored his musical oeuvre, particularly in his heartfelt songs about Native American struggles. His legacy and influence extend into how you might search for common names within your own ancestry. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your past and organize your finds.

Here’s a quick guide to enhance your search:

Trees with Source InformationWhat to Look For
Attached records from AncestryVerify the information for quality
Trees may include attached documentsA great way to confirm ancestors’ names in case of doubts
Ancestry hintsCan help you expand your family tree
Collaboration featuresEngage with others who are also looking into their past
Public family treesUse them as a starting point for your research

Always remember that each fact should be verified to ensure the integrity of your family’s history.

Researching Cash Genealogy

Delving into Johnny Cash’s genealogy, you’ll uncover the roots of his Scottish royal lineage and the diverse origins of the Cash family.

When researching Cash genealogy, it’s vital to approach the search with a methodical eye:

  • Use wildcards when names might be spelled incorrectly in records.
  • Cross-reference information to fact-check and verify connections in the family tree.
  • Diversify your search across geographical locations—from Arkansas to Scotland.

Researching genealogy is like assembling a puzzle; each record you find is a piece that contributes to the whole picture.

As you trace the Cash family tree, remember to research to ensure accuracy, distinguishing fact from family lore. The journey through Johnny’s ancestry isn’t just a quest for information, it’s a discovery of identity and heritage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Johnny Cash’s Relatives?

You’re asking about Johnny Cash’s kin? His relatives include children Rosanne and John Carter Cash, both influential in music, and his parents, Ray Cash and Carrie Cloveree, with Scottish roots dating back to the 11th century.

Did Johnny Cash Have Any Offspring?

Yes, you’ve got offspring from Johnny Cash: four daughters with his first wife and a son with June Carter. They’ve made their own marks in music and beyond, carrying on his legacy.

Which One of Johnny Cash’s Daughters Died?

You’re asking about a daughter of Johnny Cash who passed away. Kathy Cash, his second daughter, died in 2003 from a lung disease, shortly after her father’s death. Her loss deeply affected the family.

Who Is Johnny Cash’s Son?

You’re asking about Johnny Cash’s son; his name is John Carter Cash. He’s an accomplished musician and producer, carrying on his father’s legacy in the music industry.


You’ve traced Johnny Cash’s roots from Arkansas soil to Scottish royalty, uncovering a lineage as complex as his music.

His family’s tale weaves through generations, spotlighting members like Rosanne and John Carter Cash, who carry his legacy forward.

As you delve deeper into the Cash genealogy, you’re not just charting names; you’re mapping the very chords of a family’s enduring melody, echoing Johnny’s iconic baritone across the annals of music history.