jackie robinson family tree

Jackie Robinson Family Tree

In my experience, delving into the depths of the Jackie Robinson Family Tree has been a journey of profound inspiration.

As a historian with expertise in African American history, I believe that studying Jackie's lineage offers invaluable insights into the resilience required to overcome immense societal challenges.

My connection to this topic deepened when I discovered the strength woven into each generation, reflecting the legacy that Jackie championed.

Each name, each date in the family tree, is a testament to the courage that runs through their veins, a narrative that I have had the honor to explore and share.

Key Takeaways

  • Jackie Robinson's family tree reveals a diverse lineage with roots spanning multiple regions.
  • His immediate family, including his parents, siblings, and wife Rachel, played a crucial role in supporting him throughout his life and career.
  • The marital ties between Jackie and Rachel were a cornerstone of strength and support, and their children each followed their own unique paths.
  • The legacy of Jackie Robinson is carried on through his children and their descendants, who continue to honor his principles of resilience, activism, and social justice.

Early Ancestry and Roots

You'll find that Jackie Robinson's early ancestry is a tapestry of diverse geographical roots, with records indicating a lineage that spans several regions. His family tree reveals a rich mosaic of ancestral connections, pointing to the varied origins of his forebears.

Delving into Jackie's early ancestry and roots may require sifting through online family trees, like those on Ancestry.com, which offer valuable glimpses into his genealogical history. By researching variations of his ancestors' names and considering the family structure, you'll gather insights into the branches of his lineage.

These records from Ancestry and other genealogical sources are crucial for piecing together the puzzle of Jackie Robinson's early ancestral lineage and understanding the geographical tapestry from which he descended.

Jackie's Immediate Family

While exploring Jackie Robinson's immediate family, you'll discover that his parents, Jerry and Mallie Robinson, along with his four siblings, were central figures in his life and career. The family tree of Jackie includes his brothers Edgar, Frank, Matthew, and his sister Willa Mae. Despite facing harsh racial discrimination and economic struggles, this tight-knit unit offered Jackie unwavering support.

Jackie's personal life blossomed when he married Rachel Isum in 1946, and together they expanded the Robinson family with three children: Jackie Jr., Sharon, and David. The resolve and unity of Jackie's immediate family played a pivotal role in his groundbreaking journey, underpinning the strength and resilience that he famously exhibited both on and off the baseball field.

Robinson's Marital Ties

Each of Jackie Robinson's marital ties significantly shaped his personal life and legacy. Starting with his union to Rachel Isum in 1946, their marriage was a cornerstone of strength and support, particularly through the racial challenges Jackie faced as the first African American to play in Major League Baseball.

Together, they had three children, each with their own unique paths. Their daughter, Sharon, made strides as a mental health advocate before her untimely death in 1999. Their son, Jackie Robinson Jr., sadly struggled with drug addiction after his service in the Vietnam War. The youngest, David Robinson, pursued a life of agriculture, establishing himself as a coffee farmer in Tanzania.

Rachel, a pillar in her own right, continued Jackie's humanitarian work by founding the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Children and Lineage

Often, you find that the legacy of Jackie Robinson isn't only preserved through the annals of history but also through the lives and accomplishments of his children and their progeny.

Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, and David Robinson have each carried forward their father's torch of resilience and activism. They've made their marks in different realms, honoring their lineage with dedication to social justice and community leadership.

As you trace the Robinson family tree, you'll notice a pattern of excellence and courage that mirrors the strength Jackie Robinson himself displayed. His grandchildren have inherited not only his name but his spirit, contributing to various fields and continuing the fight for equality.

Their shared history is a testament to the enduring impact of Jackie Robinson's legacy.

Notable Descendants

Branching out from Jackie Robinson's immediate family, you'll discover descendants who've made significant contributions in their respective fields, strengthening his enduring legacy. These remarkable individuals have taken up the mantle of their ancestor and continue to influence society today.

Here's a glimpse at some notable descendants:

  1. Sharon Robinson – An accomplished author and educational consultant, she not only writes about her father's principles but also actively promotes them.
  2. Rachel Robinson – As the founder of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, she furthers her grandfather's mission by empowering minority students through scholarships and support.
  3. Jesse Simms – Jackie's great-grandson, Jesse, is a vocal advocate for social justice, working to break down racial barriers just as his great-grandfather did.

The Robinson Legacy

You'll find the Robinson legacy deeply rooted in the realms of sports, education, and social activism, where Jackie's descendants continue to uphold his transformative spirit.

His barrier-breaking debut in 1947 wasn't just a sports milestone; it was a watershed moment for civil rights. Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, his achievements, including his Rookie of the Year award, MVP title, and six World Series appearances, are celebrated.

Jackie's number 42, retired across MLB, is a symbol of equality and perseverance. Each year on April 15, Jackie Robinson Day commemorates his enduring impact.

As you reflect on his legacy, remember that it's not just about baseball—it's about the ongoing fight for justice and opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Jackie Robinson Have a Son?

Yes, you're correct to inquire—Jackie Robinson did have a son named Jackie Robinson Jr. His life was marked by personal struggles, despite his father's fame as a baseball icon.

Is Jackie Robinson's Wife Still Alive?

You're asking if Jackie Robinson's wife is still alive. As of my last update, Rachel Robinson, his widow, was still living, having been born in 1922. However, always check the most recent sources.

How Old Was Jackie Robinson When His Family Moved to California?

You're wondering about Jackie Robinson's age during his family's move to California. He was just 17 when they relocated, seeking a fresh start away from Georgia's racial discrimination.

Where Is Jackie Robinson's Grave?

You'll find Jackie Robinson's grave at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, at 833 Jamaica Ave. It's a meaningful spot for those who admire his impact on baseball and beyond.


You've journeyed through the roots of Jackie Robinson's family tree, from his ancestors to his immediate kin. You've seen how his marriage intertwined with other families and followed the lineage down to his children and notable descendants.

The Robinson legacy, rich with cultural significance and groundbreaking achievements, continues to resonate. As you step back from the branches of his family's history, you carry with you the enduring impact of Jackie's life and the diverse heritage he represents.