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Is Herscan Legit

From what I've found, HerScan is a legitimate service specializing in ultrasound imaging for early breast cancer detection. They charge $285 per appointment and don't accept health insurance, but many users appreciate the straightforward booking and reminder system. Results are reviewed by a radiologist and returned within 10 business days. Customer feedback often highlights their professionalism and the important early detection they provide. The service's transparent pricing and detailed ultrasound scans make it a reliable option for preventive healthcare. There's much more interesting information about HerScan's process and customer experiences that's worth exploring.

Key Takeaways

  • HerScan uses advanced ultrasound technology for thorough breast cancer screenings.
  • Results are reviewed by a radiologist and delivered within 10 business days.
  • The service is priced at $285 and does not accept health insurance.
  • Many customers praise HerScan's efficiency and professionalism in Yelp reviews.
  • Booking is straightforward through the HerScan website, with reminder notifications sent before appointments.

Overview of HerScan

HerScan provides a specialized breast cancer screening service that uses ultrasound imaging for early detection. This service costs $285 per appointment, making it accessible for many who prioritize preventive health care. HerScan doesn't accept health insurance, but booking an appointment is straightforward through their website. You can select the closest HerScan location and will receive reminder notifications beforehand.

Results from the ultrasound screening are sent by a radiologist within 10 business days. Customers have shared positive experiences, often highlighting the efficiency, professionalism, and the crucial early detection of breast cancer. HerScan's focus on early detection through ultrasound screening offers an essential option for those concerned about breast cancer.

How HerScan Works

Understanding the process of how the ultrasound screening is conducted can help potential users feel more prepared and informed. HerScan offers breast ultrasound screenings for $285, with no acceptance of health insurance.

Appointment scheduling is straightforward; users can book through the HerScan website by selecting the nearest location. Once booked, reminder emails and texts are sent a week before the appointment, and any venue changes are notified via text.

During the appointment, a non-invasive ultrasound is performed to screen for breast cancer. Results delivery takes place within 10 business days, analyzed by a radiologist.

This structured approach guarantees clarity and efficiency, helping users stay informed throughout the entire process, from scheduling to receiving results.

Services Provided

Breast cancer screening services provided include thorough ultrasound scans that guarantee a detailed examination of both breasts. HerScan employs advanced ultrasound technology to detect abnormalities that mightn't be visible through other methods. The process is designed to be stress-free, using warm gel for comfort during the scan.

According to Yelp reviews, many clients appreciate the professionalism and care they receive.

Appointments can be easily booked through HerScan's website, making it accessible for those seeking timely breast cancer screening. After the scan, results are reviewed by a radiologist and sent within 10 business days. This ensures that women receive their results within a reasonable timeframe, allowing for prompt follow-up if necessary.

Pricing and Payment

While the quality of care and professionalism at HerScan is highly praised, it's important to understand the pricing and payment options available for these services.

A HerScan appointment costs $285, and it's worth noting that they don't accept health insurance. Payment options are straightforward, typically requiring a credit card for transactions.

Patients can fill out digital authorization forms online, streamlining the process. The results, interpreted by a radiologist, are sent within 10 business days.

When scheduling an appointment, individuals can choose their closest location on the HerScan website. HerScan, as a registered trademark, emphasizes convenience and transparency in its service offerings, making it easier for those seeking accessible and reliable diagnostic options.

Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment with HerScan is a straightforward process that can be completed directly through their website. When I scheduled an appointment, I appreciated the simplicity and efficiency of the online booking system.

HerScan, a service protected by registered trademarks, allows me to choose the closest location for my screening. Once my appointment was confirmed, I received reminder emails and texts a week before the scheduled date, ensuring I wouldn't forget. Additionally, if there were any venue changes, notifications were promptly sent. This level of communication reassured me that HerScan values its patients' time and convenience.

The cost is $285, and results from the radiologist are delivered within 10 business days, adding to the overall reliability of the service.

Screening Process

After confirming my appointment, I was excited to experience HerScan's screening process, which employs advanced ultrasound technology for breast cancer detection. The process started with receiving reminder emails and texts a week before my appointment, ensuring I was well-prepared.

The screening itself was straightforward and efficient. Here's what stood out:

  • HerScan Ultrasound: Non-invasive and comfortable, making the experience less stressful.
  • Quick Procedure: The entire process was completed within a short timeframe, allowing me to continue my day without much disruption.
  • Results: I was informed that results would be sent within 10 business days, providing a clear timeline for follow-up.

HerScan's approach combines technology and convenience, making it a viable option for breast cancer screening.

Radiologist Review

Radiologists meticulously review the ultrasound results from HerScan appointments, playing a vital role in the accuracy of the diagnoses provided. These radiologists have specialized training in detecting breast abnormalities, allowing them to offer precise interpretations of the imaging. Their expertise ensures that any potential issues are identified early, contributing greatly to the reliability of HerScan's services.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback highlights HerScan's professionalism, efficiency, and knowledge in promptly diagnosing cancer. As I researched, I found consistent praise for their service. Many clients mentioned how they hadn't asked any questions yet but still felt thoroughly informed.

Here are some key points:

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Clients appreciated the clear information and quick, efficient testing.
  • Early Detection: Numerous testimonials credit HerScan with detecting cancer early, especially in the left breast, enabling life-saving treatments.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: Customers noted the affordable pricing and accessibility, particularly for the uninsured.

HerScan's reputation, bolstered by its registered trademarks, reflects its commitment to providing high-quality care using advanced technology and skilled staff. This feedback underscores the company's impact on early cancer detection and patient support.

Pros and Cons

Evaluating the pros and cons of HerScan reveals significant strengths in its service alongside some potential drawbacks. HerScan's use of ultrasound technology for breast cancer screening is a notable advantage, ensuring early detection. The appointment process is straightforward and can be completed online, accommodating busy schedules. The results timeline is reasonably quick, with reports delivered within 10 business days.

However, the $285 cost per screening is a downside, particularly since HerScan doesn't accept insurance. This could be a financial barrier for some. Additionally, as HerScan holds registered trademarks, it indicates a proprietary approach, which may limit competitive pricing.

Early cancer detectionHigh cost ($285)Results in 10 business days
Simple appointment processNo insurance accepted
Positive customer reviewsProprietary service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Herscan Ultrasound?

HerScan ultrasound's accuracy is impressive due to technological advancements. User testimonials highlight early cancer detection, even in dense breast tissue. Its high detection rate and regulatory approval confirm its effectiveness as a reliable screening method.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results From Herscan?

When I had my HerScan ultrasound, the results timeframe was about 10 business days. Patient feedback indicates this period allows for thorough analysis. The scan duration itself was brief, ensuring a detailed yet efficient screening process.

Does Insurance Cover Herscan?

Insurance providers don't offer coverage for HerScan appointments. Patients need to pay $285 out-of-pocket, typically by credit card. Unfortunately, health insurance doesn't cover the cost, regardless of patient eligibility or coverage details.

What Is the Difference Between Herscan and Ultrasound?

The difference between HerScan and ultrasound lies in the technology comparison. HerScan specializes in breast screening using advanced ultrasound imaging techniques, while ultrasound is a broader technology used for various medical imaging purposes beyond breast cancer detection.


After exploring HerScan's services, pricing, and customer feedback, I believe it's a legitimate option for ultrasound screenings. The process is straightforward, from booking an appointment to receiving a radiologist's review.

Customers generally seem satisfied with the service, although some mention the importance of follow-up care. Overall, HerScan offers a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor your health, but it's crucial to evaluate all aspects and consult your primary healthcare provider.