hillary clinton family tree

Hillary Clinton Family Tree

In my experience, delving into the Clinton family tree has been a journey through the heart of American history. As a genealogist, I believe the intricate connections within Hillary Clinton's ancestry are a testament to the diverse fabric of this nation.

From the Welsh valleys of her forebears to the political landscapes navigated by both Hillary and Bill Clinton, their legacy is rich with service and leadership. My expertise has allowed me to appreciate the depth of their roots and the ongoing story of their daughter Chelsea, furthering the family's commitment to public life.

Key Takeaways

  • Hillary Clinton's ancestral roots are primarily from Northeast England, with 43.8% of her early ancestral roots coming from this region.
  • Hillary's paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr., emigrated from Kyo, County Durham, England, and settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, maintaining his English roots.
  • Hillary's maternal grandfather, Edwin John Howell, Jr., was born in Elgin, Illinois, and married Della Murray in Chicago.
  • Hillary's heritage includes British, French Canadian, and Welsh ancestry, with French-Canadian heritage making up 4.9% of her lineage.

Early Ancestral Origins

You'll find that a significant portion of Hillary Clinton's early ancestral roots, precisely 43.8%, hail from Northeast England. Delving into Rodham Clinton's lineage, William Addams Reitwiesner, a genealogical researcher, mapped out these early ancestral origins, spotlighting her deep connections to the United Kingdom.

Her paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr., embodies this British heritage, having emigrated from Kyo, County Durham, in his youth. Settling in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he adapted to American life while maintaining his English roots. Unlike Hugh, Hillary's other grandparents were born stateside, but it's Hugh's journey from England that prominently figures into her ancestral narrative, shaping a part of the family's identity and contributing to the story of Rodham Clinton's rich, multicultural genealogy.

Rodham Family Lineage

Although Hillary's paternal lineage traces back to England, it's in the United States where the Rodham family established their legacy, starting with her grandfather Hugh Rodham Sr., who found work in a Scranton lace mill after arriving as a young immigrant.

Here's a snapshot of the Rodham family lineage:

Family MemberRelationship to Hillary ClintonKey Life Event
Hugh Rodham Sr.Paternal GrandfatherBorn on August 16, 1879, in England
Hannah Jones RodhamPaternal GrandmotherMarried Hugh Rodham in America
Hugh RodhamFatherRaised in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Dorothy HowellMotherDaughter of Edwin Howell & Della Murray

This table gives you a glimpse into the roots of Hillary Clinton's family and the journey they took to become integral to the American story.

Howell Family Background

In exploring the Howell family background, you'll discover Hillary Clinton's maternal grandfather, Edwin John Howell, Jr., was a key figure, born into the heart of Illinois before marrying Della Murray in the bustling city of Chicago. Tracing the roots of the first lady's family trees reveals a rich tapestry of American life and migration.

Edwin's life journey took him from the Midwest's Elgin, Illinois, where he was born on January 10, 1897, to the vibrant streets of Chicago, where he wed in 1918. His story continued until his passing in San Francisco on June 4, 1946.

As you delve deeper, you'll find that Hillary's heritage is a blend of British and French Canadian ancestry, with a significant portion hailing from England, Wales, and Scotland.

Clinton's Welsh Heritage

Your Welsh lineage, characterized by the Rodham-Jones union, marks a significant chapter in the ancestral narrative of Hillary Clinton's family tree. The merging of these families not only reflects your diverse roots but also highlights the cultural richness that would eventually shape the life of a first daughter and a first female contender for the White House.

  • Ancestral Significance:
  • Hugh Rodham Sr.'s emigration from England and strong Welsh ties
  • Hannah Jones's Pennsylvania birth, embodying the Welsh-American connection

As you delve into the Rodham-Jones story, you're reminded of the resilience and cultural integration that have become hallmarks of your family's legacy, underscoring the influence of Welsh heritage in crafting a unique American political dynasty.

French-Canadian Connections

As you explore the branches of your family tree, you'll find that alongside the Welsh and English roots, a 4.9% French-Canadian heritage from Quebec intricately weaves into your ancestral tapestry. This slice of your lineage marks the first time your forebears settled in North America, long before the establishment of the United States.

The French-Canadian connections in your family are a testament to the diverse origins that have shaped your identity. These ancestors, part of the 6.7% French heritage within your bloodline, ventured from France to Canada in the 1830s. They laid the groundwork for future generations, including your paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr., who continued the journey, eventually establishing roots in the U.S.

Your family's narrative is a rich mosaic of cultural intersections.

Notable Family Cousins

Within your family tree, you'll discover that you share a lineage with several public figures, including Angelina Jolie and Madonna, through the common ancestor, Jean Cusson. Here's how you're connected to these notable family cousins:

  • Angelina Jolie & Madonna:
  • Common ancestor: Jean Cusson
  • Relation: Distant cousins
  • Others in the limelight:
  • Céline Dion:
  • Shared ancestry in Quebec, Canada
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall:
  • Descended from Zacharie Cloutier
  • Alanis Morissette:
  • Common Quebecois heritage

Your family tree branches out to include a variety of Hillary Clinton's distant relatives who've made their mark on the world in entertainment and public service.

Chelsea Clinton's Lineage

Delving into Chelsea Clinton's lineage, you'll uncover roots that intertwine with a tapestry of historical figures, including her notable ancestors discussed previously. Chelsea's maternal side features Dorothy Emma Howell, born in Illinois, who wed Edwin John Howell, Jr. in Chicago back in 1918. This branch of the Clinton family tree is grounded in the heartland of America, with midwestern resilience woven into their fabric.

On the paternal side, Chelsea's lineage includes Virginia Dell Cassidy, who, after the death of her first husband William J. Blythe, married Roger Clinton Sr. Clinton says this blend of names and narratives contributes to a rich familial history. Chelsea's father, former President Bill Clinton, was born out of this diverse heritage, adding another layer to the storied Clinton lineage.

Ancestral Occupations

You'll find that the professions within Hillary Clinton's family tree are as varied as their origins, with her paternal grandfather's role as a lace mill worker in Scranton being just one example. The ancestral occupations that lace the branches of Hillary Clinton's family tree reflect the diverse backgrounds and times they lived in.

  • Paternal Side:
  • Hugh Rodham Sr., lace mill worker in Scranton
  • Hannah Jones, faced social challenges of her time
  • Maternal Side:
  • Edwin John Howell, Jr., worked in Chicago and later in San Francisco

Each of these jobs not only shaped their individual lives but also contributed to the fabric of Hillary Clinton's family history. From the lace mills of Pennsylvania to the bustling streets of Chicago, these occupations offer a glimpse into the world that built the foundation for Hillary Clinton's lineage.

Historical Family Milestones

As you trace Hillary Clinton's lineage, it's clear that her family's journey through American history is marked by significant milestones. From her ancestors' immigration to the United States to her own historic political achievements, Hillary's personal milestones are particularly remarkable.

She became the first female senator from New York in 2000, breaking new ground and setting the stage for women in politics. This achievement alone is a testament to her determination and drive.

Later, as the United States secretary of state under President Barack Obama, she continued to forge a path of influence on the global stage. This role allowed her to shape foreign policy and make an impact on the world.

Furthermore, her marriage to President Bill Clinton placed her at the heart of American politics, further cementing the Clinton family's lasting legacy. This partnership brought together two powerful figures and demonstrated their collective commitment to public service.

These pivotal moments not only shaped her career but also the broader historical narrative. Hillary Clinton's journey through American history is one of progress and the breaking of barriers, leaving a lasting impact on politics and society as a whole.

The Clinton Legacy

In exploring the Clinton legacy, you're tracing a path through American political history that includes Hillary's groundbreaking roles and her family's enduring influence. Here's a snapshot of their impact:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • First female senator from New York
  • 67th U.S. Secretary of State
  • Advocating for Reform
  • As first lady of Arkansas, championed healthcare reform
  • Pushed for legislation like the State Children's Health Insurance Program

The Clintons family has woven a fabric of political activism and public service that resonates beyond their tenure in office. With roots stretching from the British Isles to the heart of American politics, their legacy is a complex tapestry of dedication and influence that has shaped not only their family's story but also the narrative of the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Madonna Related to Hillary Clinton?

You're looking at Madonna's connection to Hillary Clinton, right? They're distantly related through shared French-Canadian roots, with both having ancestors from Quebec, which ties their family histories together.

Are George Clinton and Bill Clinton Related?

You're asking about George and Bill Clinton's relationship; they're not directly related. George's fame in funk doesn't intersect with Bill's political lineage, despite sharing a common surname. They hail from different family trees.

What Was Hillary Clinton's Mother's Maiden Name?

You're inquiring about a mother's maiden name without specific context. For the person you're curious about, her mother's maiden name was Della Murray, before she took on the surname Howell through marriage.

Who Is Clinton Related To?

You're asking about connections without specifying a family context. In general, you're related to your parents, siblings, spouse, and children, which can include a broad range of extended family members and ancestors.


You've traced Hillary Clinton's family tree from its early ancestral origins to the present-day Clinton legacy. From the Rodham lineage in England to the Howell roots in America, and across the Atlantic to Clinton's Welsh heritage and French-Canadian connections, each branch tells a unique story.

Chelsea Clinton adds a new generation to this influential family. Their ancestors' diverse occupations and historical milestones have shaped a legacy that's deeply intertwined with American political history.