barbie family tree

Barbie Family Tree

Welcome to our article on the Barbie Family Tree. This comprehensive guide provides a thorough and accurate account of Barbie’s immediate and extended family members. From Barbie herself and her companion Ken, to her siblings Midge and Tutti, we delve into the intricate connections that make up Barbie’s family network. Whether you are a dedicated fan or simply curious about the iconic doll’s lineage, this article is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the Barbie family tree.

Key Takeaways

  • Barbie’s immediate family consists of her parents George and Margaret Roberts, and her siblings Stacie, Midge, Skipper, and Chelsea.
  • Stacie is known for her sporty and adventurous nature, while Midge is Barbie’s best friend.
  • Skipper often accompanies Barbie on her adventures, and Chelsea brings joy and innocence to the family.
  • Barbie’s extended family includes her mother Millicent Roberts, father Carson, siblings Tutti and Todd, Aunt Skipper, and niece Chelsea.

Barbie’s Immediate Family

As we delve into Barbie’s immediate family, it is important to understand the relationships and dynamics that exist within her closest kin. Barbie, the iconic doll created by Ruth Handler, has a rich and diverse family tree. Starting with her parents, George and Margaret Roberts, Barbie has four siblings. Stacie, Midge, Skipper, and Chelsea all play important roles in Barbie’s life. Stacie is the sporty and adventurous sister. Midge is Barbie’s best friend. Skipper is the teenage sister who often accompanies Barbie on her many adventures. Chelsea is the youngest sister who brings joy and innocence to the family. Each member of Barbie’s immediate family contributes to the unique and vibrant world that surrounds the popular doll.


Barbie, along with her extensive line of fashion dolls, has revolutionized the toy industry and continues to inspire generations of children worldwide. Created by Ruth Handler, the Barbie doll made its debut in 1959 and quickly became a cultural icon. Here are some key details about Barbie and her world:
  • Barbie and Ken: Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, was introduced in 1961 and remains a popular character in the Barbie universe.
  • Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure: Skipper Roberts, Barbie’s younger sister, is often seen accompanying her on various adventures. Chelsea Roberts, Barbie’s youngest sister, is also a beloved character in the Barbie world.
  • George and Margaret Roberts: These are Barbie’s parents, who are mentioned in the Barbie family tree.
  • Stacie Roberts: Stacie is another one of Barbie’s sisters and is known for her athletic and adventurous nature.
These are just a few of the many Barbie characters that have been introduced over the years, each with their unique personalities and storylines. Barbie continues to evolve and inspire imagination in children around the world.


Ken, along with Barbie, is an iconic character in the Barbie universe. Introduced in 1961, Ken has been Barbie’s longtime partner and love interest. He is a fashion doll and a significant member of the Barbie family. To better understand Ken’s place in the Barbie family, let’s take a look at the Barbie sibling lineup:
Barbie’s FamilyKen’s Relationship
Barbie’s ParentsN/A
Barbie’s Younger SisterBest Friend
Barbie’s SiblingsN/A
As we can see from the table, Ken doesn’t have direct familial ties to Barbie’s family. However, he is often portrayed as Barbie’s best friend and boyfriend. Ken’s presence in the Barbie world represents the modern Barbie doll’s desire for companionship and a partner. Together, Barbie and Ken embody a dynamic duo that has captured the imaginations of children and adults alike for generations.

Barbie’s Siblings

Additionally, Barbie’s siblings play a significant role in expanding the Barbie family tree. While Barbie herself is an only child, Mattel has introduced several siblings for her over the years. These siblings add depth and variety to the Barbie universe, allowing for more storytelling possibilities and a wider range of characters. Here are three notable siblings in Barbie’s family:
  • Skipper: Skipper is Barbie’s first and most well-known sibling. She is usually portrayed as a teenager and has a distinct personality and style. Skipper has evolved over time, with different versions reflecting the changing trends and interests of young girls.
  • Stacie: Stacie is another sibling of Barbie who was introduced in the 1990s. She is portrayed as a preteen and often seen as fun-loving and adventurous. Stacie adds a youthful energy to the Barbie family dynamic.
  • Chelsea: Chelsea is Barbie’s youngest sibling and is often depicted as a child. She is playful and imaginative, bringing a sense of innocence and wonder to the family. Chelsea represents the younger generation of Barbie fans and provides relatability for younger children.
These siblings, along with other additions to the Barbie family tree, contribute to the rich tapestry of characters and stories associated with the iconic doll.


Midge, a close friend of Barbie, is a prominent character in the Barbie family tree. She was introduced in 1963 as Barbie’s best friend and has since become an iconic figure in the Barbie franchise. Midge is known for her distinctive red hair and freckles, which set her apart from other dolls in the Barbie line. She is often seen wearing fashionable outfits and accessories that reflect the latest trends. Midge has been depicted in various roles over the years, including a teacher, nurse, and mom. She has also been portrayed as a wife to Alan, who is Barbie’s friend as well. Midge’s inclusion in the Barbie family tree showcases the importance of friendship and diversity in the Barbie world.


Stacie, along with her sisters Barbie and Skipper, is an integral part of the Barbie family tree, representing the next generation of the iconic doll. Stacie is a younger sister to Barbie and Skipper and is known for her vibrant personality and adventurous spirit. Here are some interesting facts about Stacie:
  • Stacie is featured in various Barbie media, including the animated series ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures,’ where she embarks on exciting escapades with her sisters and friends.
  • Stacie is the daughter of George Roberts and Margaret Roberts, making her Barbie’s younger sister.
  • In the movie ‘Barbie Diaries,’ Stacie plays a prominent role as she helps Barbie navigate the challenges of high school life.
  • Stacie has also joined Barbie on her global adventures as a Barbie doll around the world, introducing young girls to different cultures and traditions.
Stacie’s inclusion in the Barbie family tree adds depth and relatability to the beloved doll franchise, inspiring imagination and creativity in children worldwide.


Moreover, Skipper, the middle sister in the Barbie family, plays a crucial role in the narrative of the iconic doll franchise. As part of the Barbie family tree, Skipper is known for her youthful and relatable character. She was first introduced in 1964 as Barbie’s younger sister, and has since evolved to represent the challenges and experiences of adolescents. Skipper is often portrayed as a fun-loving and adventurous teenager, navigating through school, friendships, and various hobbies. Over the years, she has undergone several makeovers, reflecting changing fashion trends and cultural shifts. Skipper’s inclusion in the Barbie family tree allows young girls to identify with her as they explore their own journey of self-discovery. Her presence adds depth and realism to the Barbie universe, making her an integral part of the franchise.


Additionally, Chelsea, the youngest member of the Barbie family, brings a fresh and modern perspective to the beloved doll franchise. As Barbie’s younger sister, Chelsea adds a touch of youthful energy and excitement to the family dynamic. Here are some interesting facts about Chelsea:
  • Chelsea is the daughter of Barbie’s parents, making her Barbie’s sibling.
  • She is often seen joining her older sister on various adventures and creating their own imaginative play scenarios.
  • Chelsea has a close relationship with her grandmother, who provides guidance and wisdom to the younger members of the family.
  • She also has an aunt, Skipper, who is Barbie’s younger sister, making Chelsea her niece.
Chelsea’s presence in the Barbie family tree showcases the importance of family bonds and the inclusion of younger generations in the narrative. Her character adds depth and relatability to the franchise, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Extended Family

Although Barbie’s immediate family is well-known, her extended family members play a significant role in the Barbie doll franchise. One notable member of Barbie’s extended family is Millicent Roberts, Barbie’s full name. Millicent is Barbie’s mother and a fashion model herself. Another important member is Carson, Barbie’s father, who is a successful businessman. Barbie also has two younger siblings, Tutti and Todd, who bring a playful and youthful element to the family dynamic. Tutti and Todd are often seen accompanying Barbie on her adventures, adding depth to the storytelling and creating relatable moments for young fans. The inclusion of Barbie’s extended family in the franchise enhances the richness of her character and allows for more diverse narratives to be explored.
Extended Family
MotherMillicent Roberts
SiblingsTutti and Todd

Friends of the Family

One of the key elements that enriches Barbie’s family dynamic are the friends she has made along the way. These friends play an important role in her life, providing support, companionship, and endless adventures. Here are some of the notable friends of the Barbie family:
  • Midge: Barbie’s best friend since childhood, Midge is a loyal and caring companion who is always there for Barbie. She is known for her distinctive red hair and freckles.
  • Teresa: Teresa is another close friend of Barbie. She is a talented athlete and is often seen participating in various sports with Barbie. Teresa is known for her passion for adventure and her strong sense of justice.
  • Nikki: Nikki is Barbie’s fashion-forward friend who always keeps up with the latest trends. She is a talented artist and is often seen sketching designs for Barbie’s outfits. Nikki is known for her creativity and unique sense of style.
These friends of the Barbie family add depth and excitement to the family dynamic, making Barbie’s world even more vibrant and diverse.

Tutti and Todd

As part of Barbie’s extended family, Tutti and Todd bring a youthful energy and playful spirit to the Barbie family dynamic. Tutti is a blonde-haired doll, while Todd has brown hair. They are a happy family, with Tutti having a sister named Barbie, who is a well-known book character. Tutti and Todd have appeared in numerous Barbie storybooks, where they have played various roles, including flower girl and supportive siblings. Tutti is known for her adventurous spirit and love for exploring, while Todd is a caring and protective brother. Together, they add diversity and excitement to the Barbie family tree. Below is a visual representation of Tutti and Todd’s relationship with Barbie:
Barbie’s FamilyTuttiTodd
Hair ColorBlondeBrown
Character TraitsAdventurousCaring
Role in StorybooksFlower GirlSibling

Heart Family

The Heart Family has been a beloved addition to the Barbie family, bringing a sense of love and togetherness to the dynamic. This family unit consists of several members who play important roles in Barbie’s life. Here are some key details about the Heart Family:
  • Barbie: The Heart Family revolves around Barbie, who is the central character and a fashion icon.
  • Younger Siblings of Barbie: The Heart Family includes Barbie’s younger siblings, twins named Honey and Buddy. They bring joy and playfulness to the family dynamic.
  • Siblings of Barbie and Skipper: Barbie’s older siblings, Tutti and Todd, are also part of the Heart Family. They provide guidance and support to Barbie and her younger siblings.
  • Barbie’s Aunt: The Heart Family includes Barbie’s Auntie Em, who is often seen spending quality time with Barbie and her siblings.
  • Barbie’s Grandmother: Another important member of the Heart Family is Barbie’s grandmother, Grandma Heart. She provides wisdom and a sense of family history.
  • Barbie’s Friend: In addition to her family, Barbie has a close friend named Becky. Becky is a wheelchair user and represents inclusivity within the Heart Family.
The Heart Family adds depth and love to the Barbie family tree, creating a rich and diverse tapestry of relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of Tutti and Todd in Barbie’s Family Tree?

Tutti and Todd are significant in Barbie’s family tree because they are her younger siblings. Discussing their significance without the context of the Barbie Family Tree, they represent the expansion of the Barbie brand and the introduction of new characters.

Are There Any Other Male Members in Barbie’s Immediate Family Besides Ken?

Yes, there are other male members in Barbie’s immediate family besides Ken. However, without the context of Barbie’s family tree, it is unclear who these individuals are and what their relationship to Barbie is.

How Many Siblings Does Barbie Have and What Are Their Names?

Barbie has several siblings, whose names and exact number are not provided in the context of the question. Further information is needed to accurately determine the names and total number of Barbie’s siblings.

Who Are Some of the Friends of Barbie’s Family and How Do They Fit Into the Family Tree?

Some of the friends of Barbie’s family include Midge, Skipper, and Ken. These friends play important roles in Barbie’s life and are often depicted as close relatives or romantic partners in the Barbie Family Tree.

Are There Any Other Children in Barbie’s Extended Family Besides Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper?

Yes, there are other children in Barbie’s extended family besides Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper. However, without the context of the Barbie Family Tree, it is difficult to provide specific information about these additional children.

Q: What is the Barbie Family Tree?

A: The Barbie Family Tree is a lineage of related characters in the Barbie series. It includes family members, friends, and other significant figures in Barbie’s world.

Q: Who are some of Barbie’s friends of family?

A: Some of Barbie’s friends of family include Stacie and Chelsea, who are her younger sisters. They are often featured in the Barbie doll line and other related media.

Q: What is the significance of the doll Barbie in the family tree?

A: Barbie, whose full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, is the central character in the Barbie series. She is the first character added to the family tree and is the most well-known member of the family.

Q: Can you tell me about the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures series?

A: Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a book and animated series that follows the life of Barbie and her friends in the Dreamhouse. It offers a glimpse into the everyday adventures of Barbie and her companions.

Q: Who is Ken Carson in relation to Barbie?

A: Ken Carson is Barbie’s boyfriend. He is often depicted as a supportive and caring partner in various Barbie media.

Q: What is the Wedding Day Midge Gift Set?

A: The Wedding Day Midge Gift Set is a special edition Barbie doll set that features Midge, Barbie’s best friend, on her wedding day. It is a collector’s item for Barbie enthusiasts.

Q: How did the name Barbie come about?

A: The name Barbie is derived from the full name of the character, Barbara Millicent Roberts. It was chosen by Barbie’s creator, Ruth Handler, who named the doll after her own daughter.

Q: What is the Barbie Diaries?

A: The Barbie Diaries is a movie released in 2006 that follows Barbie as she navigates high school life. It provides a glimpse into Barbie’s personal experiences and challenges during this period.

Q: What are some other notable Barbie-related movies?

A: Some other notable Barbie-related movies include the 2015 Barbie movie, various live-action films featuring Barbie, and several animated films that showcase Barbie’s adventures in different settings.

Q: Who is Kelly in the Barbie Family Tree?

A: Kelly is Barbie’s younger sister. She was introduced as a character and made into a doll. Kelly is intermittently included in the Barbie sibling doll line and other related media.

Q: Who are some of Barbie’s other friends and family members?

A: Barbie has three younger sisters (Stacie, Chelsea, and Kelly) and various friends who are featured alongside her in the Barbie series. Some of her friends include Stacie, Chelsea, and Ken’s best friend, as well as her frenemy.

How Many Generations are in the Murdoch Family Tree?

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In conclusion, Barbie’s family tree consists of her immediate family, including Barbie herself and her partner Ken. Barbie also has siblings, such as Midge. Additionally, Barbie’s extended family includes friends like Tutti and Todd, as well as the Heart Family. This thorough examination of Barbie’s family tree provides a detailed and accurate understanding of the relationships within her fictional world.