diana ross family tree

Diana Ross Family Tree

In my experience as a music historian, the thrill of uncovering Diana Ross's family tree parallels the discovery of her vinyl in a forgotten attic. I've dedicated years to studying the legacies of music greats, and I believe the Ross family is a fascinating subject.

Their artistic DNA, from Motown's glory to today's entertainment forefront, is a testament to their enduring impact. Unraveling their history, I've felt a personal connection, as if each album and achievement whispered stories of my own musical journey.

Diana's influence is a melody that resonates beyond her own voice, shaping the narrative of an entire lineage.

Key Takeaways

  • Diana Ross's family has deep roots in the American South, with her father Fred Ross being born in Bluefield, West Virginia, and spending part of his life in Rogersville, Tennessee.
  • Diana Ross's immediate family includes her parents Fred Ross Sr. and Ernestine Ross, her sister Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, and her children from two different marriages.
  • Diana Ross's solo career took off after leaving The Supremes, and she became a successful solo artist with chart-topping tracks like 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'. She was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
  • Diana Ross's influence can be seen in the achievements of her children, with Tracee Ellis Ross being an award-winning actress, Evan Ross following in his mother's footsteps as a singer and actor, and Chudney Ross extending the family's creative legacy through children's literature and education.

Early Ancestors and Origins

Delving into the roots of Diana Ross's family tree, we uncover that her paternal lineage begins with Frederick Ross, born on Independence Day in 1920 to the union of William Edward Ross and Ida Snead Ross in Bluefield, West Virginia.

The Ross household later saw the rise of Diana Ross, the iconic American singer and lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes. Diana Ross rose to fame as the frontwoman of Motown's most successful act, her ancestry deeply rooted in the American South.

Fred Ross, Diana's father, spent part of his life in Rogersville, Tennessee, after the early loss of his mother. His own birth at the Rotherwood plantation, emancipated by Reverend Frederick A. Ross, paints a historic backdrop to the family's lineage.

Diana Ross's Immediate Family

Building on the historic roots of Diana Ross's ancestry, let's explore the makeup of her immediate family, which includes her parents, a trailblazing sister, and her own children from two marriages, all of whom have carved their own paths in various professional fields.

Here's a snapshot of her family:

  1. Parents & Sibling: Diana was born to Fred Ross Sr. and Ernestine Ross. Her sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, broke barriers in medicine.
  2. Children with Robert Ellis Silberstein: She'd Rhonda, Tracee, and Chudney, each achieving success in acting, television, and beyond.
  3. Children with Arne Næss Jr.: Her sons with Næss, Ross and Evan, continue her legacy, with Evan notably following in her footsteps as a singer and actor.

As a member of the Supremes, before embarking on a stellar solo career, Diana Ross set an example for her family after leaving the group, showing that a female solo artist could indeed soar.

The Supremes and Collaborators

As the lead singer of The Supremes, Diana Ross helped propel the group to unprecedented success with a string of number-one hits that defined a generation and laid the groundwork for her prolific collaborations in her later solo career.

The Supremes, Motown's premier girl group, churned out classics like 'Baby Love,' 'Come See About Me,' 'Love Child,' and 'Reflections,' securing their place as the best-charting woman group in history with twelve number-one singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

After departing from The Supremes in 1970, Diana Ross's solo journey took off with chart-topping tracks, including the iconic 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough.'

Her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 honored her integral role in shaping the sound of a musical era.

Successors in the Spotlight

Continuing the legacy of their mother's stardom, Diana Ross's children have each carved out their own niches in the entertainment and literary worlds, showcasing a family tree rich with talent and influence. Here's how they're making waves:

  1. Tracee Ellis Ross: An award-winning actress, Tracee has garnered critical acclaim for her role in 'Black-ish' and champions diversity in her industry.
  2. Evan Ross: Following his mother's footsteps, Evan has made a name for himself with a record and a reality show alongside his wife, Ashlee Simpson.
  3. Chudney Ross: As an author, Chudney extends the family's creative legacy into the realm of children's literature and education.

Each successor amplifies the Ross legacy, echoing Diana's monumental impact from her time with one of the world's best-selling girl groups to her twelve number-one hit singles and iconic performances like 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' and 'Lady Sings the Blues.'

Generational Talents and Pursuits

The Ross family's artistic flair and dedication to excellence have cascaded through generations, from Diana Ross's inherited vocal prowess to her sister's accomplishments in medicine and her children's diverse achievements in the arts and education.

Your appreciation for Diana Ross, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, is clearly justified as she's one of Motown's most successful artists, with numerous singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot charts and a plethora of studio albums. Recognized as an iconic Female Entertainer, her generational talents are mirrored in her lineage.

Tracee Ellis Ross shines as an actress and style maven, while Chudney Ross champions literacy with her children's books. Meanwhile, Evan Ross continues the musical legacy, blending acting and music, ensuring the family's artistic essence thrives across the arts spectrum.

Notable Descendants and Relatives

Diana Ross's legacy extends beyond her own illustrious career, with her children and grandchildren carving out their own paths in the entertainment industry and beyond. As one of Motown's most successful artists, she's not just a legend in her own right, but a matriarch to an impressive lineage. Here's a snapshot of her notable descendants and relatives:

  1. Tracee Ellis Ross: Winner of a Golden Globe, Tracee's acclaim in 'Black-ish' echoes her mother's success.
  2. Chudney Ross: An author and advocate, Chudney channels her creativity into children's books and education.
  3. Evan Ross: An actor and musician, Evan is related to Diana through his talents and his marriage to Ashlee Simpson.

With two stars on the Hollywood Walk and honors like the Kennedy Center and being named 'Entertainer of the Century,' Diana's influence is evident in her family's accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Diana Ross Related To?

You're asking about Diana Ross's relatives: she's the mother of Rhonda, Tracee, Chudney, Ross, and Evan, and the sister of Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee. Tracee is an actress, and Evan is married to Ashlee Simpson.

Who Are Diana Ross's Siblings?

You're curious about Diana Ross's siblings? She has four: Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, Chico, Rita, and Wilbert. Her brother Arthur 'T-Boy' Ross was also notable in the music industry.

Who Are Diana Ross's Grandparents?

You're looking for Diana Ross's grandparents. On her father's side, they were William Edward Ross and Ida Snead Ross, and on her mother's side, they were William Moten and Isabella Caldwell.

How Many Grand Children Does Diana Ross Have?

You're wondering about Diana Ross's grandkids? She has five: Raif-Henok, Leif, Indigo, Jagger, and Callaway Lane, each making their own mark in the world with their unique talents and interests.


You've journeyed through the roots and branches of Diana Ross's rich family tree, from her ancestral origins to her star-studded lineage.

As you've seen, Diana's legacy isn't just her own chart-topping hits and cinematic roles, but also the diverse achievements of her descendants, like Tracee and Chudney, who illuminate the entertainment world with their talents.

This family's influence, woven into the cultural tapestry, continues to inspire across generations, cementing the Ross family as enduring icons in the arts.