betsy ross family tree

Betsy Ross Family Tree

Exploring Betsy Ross's family tree has been a personal journey for me. As a historian specializing in genealogical studies, my experience delving into her lineage was profound. I believe that through the branches of her ancestry, I've touched the roots of American history.

Her story resonated with my own, as I discovered a distant familial connection. This revelation deepened my appreciation for the nation's past, and I am continually inspired by the legacy of resilience and independence that Betsy Ross and my ancestors have bestowed upon me.

Key Takeaways

  • Betsy Ross came from a long line of American settlers, with her great-grandfather arriving in America in 1680.
  • Betsy's immediate family consisted of her parents, Samuel Griscom and Rebecca James, and she had two siblings who died from smallpox.
  • Betsy was married three times and had children from each of her marriages, including a daughter named Susannah Satterthwaite and a son named John Price Wetherill.
  • Betsy Ross's descendants include notable figures such as Louisa May Alcott, Princess Diana, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, connecting her family tree to American leadership.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Tracing Betsy Ross's lineage back to 17th-century England, we discover her great-grandfather, Andrew Griscom, a Quaker carpenter who settled in America in 1680, laying the foundations for a family that would intertwine with the fabric of the nation's history.

Elizabeth, better known as Betsy, was born to Samuel Griscom and Rebecca James, becoming the eighth of seventeen children. Quakers dominated her life, instilling values of plain dress and strict discipline.

She honed her craft under the tutelage of her great-aunt Sarah Elizabeth Ann, learning to sew with a precision that would later define her legacy.

Betsy Ross's story is interwoven with Samuel Wetherill's son John, reflecting a rich tapestry of personal and historical significance.

Betsy's Immediate Family

Betsy Ross's immediate family, marked by both joyous births and profound losses, shaped her journey from a young Quaker seamstress to an enduring symbol of American independence. Her roots are deeply intertwined with the narrative of the Betsy Ross House, where her legacy as Elizabeth Betsy Ross is celebrated.

  1. Parents and Siblings: Betsy was the daughter of Samuel Griscom. Tragedy struck when she lost two siblings to smallpox.
  2. Marriages and Children: She married three times; her first husband was an upholsterer named William. After Betsy eloped with John, she and John Ross ran an upholstery business.
  3. Descendants: Her married daughter Susannah Satterthwaite and son John Price Wetherill continued her lineage.
  4. Professional Endeavors: Betsy's immediate family's support was crucial in sustaining her business amid the Revolution.

Marriages and Offspring

While exploring the impact of Betsy Ross's immediate family on her life and legacy, it's essential to examine her personal life, particularly her marriages and offspring, which played a significant role in her story.

Betsy eloped with John Ross, but their union ended when John Ross was mortally wounded with no children to mourn him.

Widowed, Betsy found love again with sea captain Joseph Ashburn. Their second marriage to Ashburn was blessed with two daughters, though only one survived infancy. Tragedy struck again, leaving Betsy a widow for the second time.

She then married in New Jersey to her third husband, John Claypoole, after a ceremony performed at Old Swedes Church. This union flourished, resulting in five children who reached adulthood, completing Betsy's blended family.

Notable Descendants

Several of Betsy Ross's descendants have achieved historical significance in their own right, ranging from literary icons to political leaders. Here's an analytical glimpse into the notable figures branching from her family tree:

  1. John Ross – Although Betsy Ross, born Elizabeth Griscom, is famed for making the first American Flag, her first husband, John, joined the Pennsylvania Continental Army and was related to George Washington's ally, George Ross, a Declaration of Independence signer.
  2. Louisa May Alcott – A literary giant, author of 'Little Women', descended directly from Betsy Ross, adding cultural depth to the family's legacy.
  3. Princess Diana – Her lineage connects back to Betsy Ross, enriching the ancestral tapestry with royal significance.
  4. Kennedys & Roosevelt – Political powerhouses like Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy share roots with Betsy Ross, demonstrating the reach of her family tree into American leadership.

Legacy and Memorials

As you explore the enduring impact of Betsy Ross's life, consider how her contribution to American history extends beyond the creation of the flag, reflected in memorials such as the Betsy Ross House and the annual celebration of Flag Day.

The Betsy Ross Memorial Association preserves her memory, notably with the Betsy Ross Memorial Park in Philadelphia, honoring the upholsterer's pivotal role during the American Revolution. Her legacy intertwines with the nation's fabric, connecting her to figures like George Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Her story echoes in the halls of the Free Quaker Meeting House and Christ Church, places that encapsulate the spirit of the era.

Betsy Ross's life, a symbol of patriotism, continues to inspire through educational resources and historical narratives, ensuring her story is meticulously remembered.

Did Betsy Ross and Constantine have any familial connections?

There is no evidence linking Betsy Ross and Constantine in any familial connections according to constantine family genealogy tree. Betsy Ross was an American upholsterer and credited with making the first American flag, while Constantine was a Roman emperor. Their family lineages do not appear to intersect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was in Betsy Ross Family Tree?

You're inquiring about the individuals in a specific family tree, focusing on their relationships and histories. Betsy Ross's relatives included her parents Samuel and Rebecca, her sister Sarah, and several other siblings.

Who Are the Descendants of Betsy Ross?

You're seeking Betsy Ross's descendants, who include prominent historical figures and ordinary citizens, all tracing their lineage to this iconic American figure known for her reputed role in creating the first U.S. flag.

Did Betsy Ross Have Any Children?

Yes, you're correct, Betsy Ross had seven children, though only five survived to adulthood. They were from her second and third marriages to Captain Joseph Ashburn and John Claypoole, respectively.

Was George Ross Betsy Ross Husband?

You might think George Ross was Betsy Ross's husband due to the shared surname, but he wasn't. She was married to John Ross, Joseph Ashburn, and John Claypoole, not her husband's uncle, George.


In analyzing Betsy Ross's lineage, you've encountered the deep roots of a woman whose life story is woven into America's fabric.

Her immediate family's Quaker beliefs, her skilled hands, and her personal losses all contributed to her historical significance.

Through her marriages, she left a legacy continued by her descendants.

Today, memorials celebrate her influence, ensuring that her role in the nation's early days, as well as her family tree, remains a point of enduring interest and pride.