CircleDNA Review

CircleDNA Review – Read this before you buy! (2023)

CircleDNA is a genetic sequencing and reporting company that provides DNA sequencing, health reports, genetic counseling, and more1. Here are some key points from various reviews:

  • Location: CircleDNA is based in Hong Kong and has offices worldwide1.
  • Reports: CircleDNA offers reports on diet, health, genetic diseases, and family planning1.
  • Genetic Counseling: One 30-minute session is included with the purchase of a kit1.
  • Result Delivery: Results are delivered within 18 days1.
  • Privacy: CircleDNA has a secure privacy policy and offers the option to delete data15.
  • Cost: The price ranges from $170 to $566, which is more expensive than some whole-genome sequencing providers1.
  • Accuracy: CircleDNA boasts 99.9% accuracy, validated by the Croucher Lab of Genomics4.
  • Reviews: CircleDNA has received positive reviews on Trustpilot and Tech Radar1. However, it has not received any reviews on DNA Testing Choice6.
  • App and PDF Results: CircleDNA’s results come in two formats: an email linking to a PDF with all your results, and the app, which breaks everything down by sections. Both are easy to navigate and understand, with colorful illustrations5.

Overall, CircleDNA seems to be a reputable company with positive reviews and accurate results. However, it is more expensive than some other DNA testing providers.

With their range of test kits, including Vital, Health, Family Planning, and Premium, CircleDNA offers a wealth of information about your genetic makeup. Developed as a university spin-off, this DNA testing company has gained popularity for its accurate results and comprehensive analysis.

Each CircleDNA kit comes with a cheek swab for easy DNA collection, along with instructions and a QR code to access the companion app. Results are typically ready in just 10 working days and can be conveniently accessed through the app.

But what sets CircleDNA apart is their commitment to customer support—live chat and email options are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Additionally, every kit includes a 30-minute consultation with genetics-trained health professionals to discuss your results in detail. So whether you’re interested in learning about your ancestry or want insights into specific health issues, CircleDNA has got you covered.

Discover the power of your DNA with CircleDNA’s reliable and informative test kits today.

Key Takeaways

  • CircleDNA offers four DNA test kits: Vital, Health, Family Planning, and Premium.
  • The app allows users to access ancestry, health and wellness, and diet and fitness results.
  • Each test kit comes with at least one 30-minute consultation to discuss results.
  • CircleDNA is a comprehensive and accurate DNA testing company, although it is more expensive compared to competitors.

What is CircleDNA?

CircleDNA, a Hong Kong-based DNA testing company owned by Prenetics, offers premium Whole Exome Sequencing tests that provide personalized reports on health aspects. With a focus on genetic analysis, CircleDNA aims to give individuals valuable insights into their genetic makeup through comprehensive DNA testing.

By analyzing specific mutations and traits within 1% of the genome, CircleDNA can offer detailed information about ancestry makeup, diet and nutrition needs, exercise responses, and health risks including cancer and brain health. The results are delivered in an 84-page PDF report and accessible through the CircleDNA app for more in-depth explanations and recommendations.

This genetic testing service goes beyond just providing information; it also includes a one-on-one consultation with CircleDNA’s health consultants to identify areas of concern and provide personalized recommendations based on your genetic results.

Features and Test Kits

Discover the incredible features and test kits that CircleDNA offers, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your health and well-being. Here are the key features and test kits available:

  1. Premium DNA Test: This top-tier test kit is designed to give you a deep dive into your genetic makeup. It includes over 500 reports across 20 categories with 99.9% analytical accuracy. You’ll receive insights into your ancestry makeup, diet and nutrition needs, exercise responses, and health risks such as cancer and brain health.
  2. Health DNA Test: This test kit focuses on providing you with information about your overall health. It covers various aspects including common health risks, disease risk, drug response, and more.
  3. Vital DNA Test: With this test kit, you can gain insights into your diet and fitness preferences. It helps identify your optimal diet type, sensitivity to alcohol and salt, endurance capacity, optimal sports types for you, among other factors.
  4. Family Planning DNA Test: Designed specifically for couples planning a family or individuals who want to understand their potential genetic conditions that could be passed on to their children.

These test kits offer valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle choices in order to optimize your well-being based on your unique genetic profile.

Consultation and Support

Maximize your experience with CircleDNA by taking advantage of their personalized consultations and reliable support options. CircleDNA offers one or two 30-minute consultations with genetics-trained health professionals to discuss your test results and provide actionable advice on Precision Sports & Fitness, Weight Management, or Living Healthier. These consultations can be booked through the app and focus on helping you understand and interpret your genetic information in relation to your specific goals and concerns.

In addition to consultations, CircleDNA provides various support options to ensure you have a seamless experience. You can access their searchable FAQ page for quick answers to common questions. If you need further assistance, their live chat feature allows you to communicate directly with a representative who can address any inquiries or issues promptly. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via email for more detailed support.

To give an emotional appeal and help visualize the benefits of consultation and support from CircleDNA, here is a table showcasing the advantages:

Personalized advice from genetics-trained health professionalsQuick answers through searchable FAQ page
Focus on specific goals and concernsPrompt assistance through live chat feature
Bookable through the appDetailed support via email

By providing personalized consultations and reliable support options, CircleDNA ensures that you have the necessary resources to fully understand your genetic results and make informed decisions about your health journey.

Results and Reports

Unlock the fascinating world of your genetic makeup with CircleDNA’s comprehensive results and reports. When you receive your CircleDNA test results, you’ll gain valuable insights into various aspects of your health and well-being.

Here are some key features of the results and reports:

  • Detailed Information: Your results will provide in-depth information about your ancestry, diet and nutrition needs, exercise responses, and potential health risks including cancer, brain health, and diseases.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on your genetic information, CircleDNA will offer personalized recommendations to help you make informed decisions about lifestyle changes, such as optimizing your diet type or adjusting exercise routines.
  • Lifetime Updates: The CircleDNA app offers lifetime updates on DNA insights, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest scientific discoveries related to your genetic profile.
  • One-on-One Consultation: With the Premium DNA Test kit, you’ll also receive a one-on-one consultation with CircleDNA’s health consultants who can further analyze your results and provide additional guidance.

CircleDNA’s detailed reports empower you to better understand yourself from a genetic perspective and take proactive steps towards improving your overall health.

Privacy and Security

Ensure your genetic information remains confidential and secure with CircleDNA’s robust privacy and security measures. CircleDNA takes the privacy of your genetic data seriously and implements strict protocols to protect your information. They have comprehensive privacy policies in place to ensure that your data is stored securely and used only for the purposes specified. CircleDNA uses advanced encryption technology to safeguard your genetic information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Additionally, they allow you to delete your data at any time if you wish. By prioritizing privacy and security, CircleDNA aims to provide a safe environment for users to explore their genetic insights without compromising personal information or risking any potential misuse of their data. Trust in CircleDNA’s commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your genetic information throughout the testing process.


In conclusion, CircleDNA offers a range of DNA test kits that provide comprehensive insights into ancestry, health and wellness, and diet and fitness. With a 30-minute consultation included in each kit, customers can discuss their results with genetics-trained health professionals.

The company’s tests are known for their accuracy and the reports are accessible through the companion app. CircleDNA also ensures privacy and security of customer data.

Overall, CircleDNA is a reliable option for individuals seeking in-depth genetic information to better understand their health and make informed lifestyle choices.

Is Tribecode By Centrillion Biosciences a Better Choice Than CircleDNA?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable genetic testing service, consider Tribecode by Centrillion Biosciences. With its advanced technology and accurate results, Tribecode excels in providing comprehensive insights into your DNA. In the tribecode centrillion biosciences review 2023, users praised its user-friendly interface, quick turnaround time, and in-depth reports. While CircleDNA is also a popular choice, Tribecode stands out for its scientific rigor, making it a better option for those seeking cutting-edge genetic testing.


Q: What kind of information does Circledna Review provide?

A: Circledna Review provides information about your ancestry, genetic predispositions, and personalized health reports. Their reports cover a wide range of topics such as fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Q: Is the DNA sample collection process easy?

A: Yes, the DNA sample collection process is straightforward. Circledna Review provides a premium kit that includes all the necessary materials and instructions. You simply need to follow the instructions and provide a saliva sample using the included collection tube.

Q: Are Circledna reports accurate?

A: Circledna reports are generated based on validated genetic testing methods. Their laboratory, the Croucher Laboratory, ensures the accuracy and reliability of their results. However, it’s important to note that genetic testing is not 100% definitive, and there can be limitations in the interpretation of the results.

Q: Can Circledna help me understand my ancestry?

A: Yes, Circledna provides an ancestry report that gives you insights into your genetic heritage. It can identify specific geographical regions where your ancestors may have originated and provide information about your genetic background.

Q: Is there a consultation with a genetics-trained health professional?

A: Yes, Circledna Review offers a complimentary consultation with a genetics-trained health professional. This consultation can further help you understand the results, address any questions or concerns, and provide guidance on how to interpret and use the information provided in the reports.

Q: Can Circledna provide insights into my fitness?

A: Yes, Circledna offers fitness-related information based on your genetic profile. Their reports can provide insights into your genetic tendencies, such as whether you have a higher or lower risk for certain health conditions, or whether you may have a predisposition for certain types of workouts.

Q: Can Circledna assist with personalized wellness recommendations?

A: Yes, Circledna provides personalized wellness recommendations based on your genetic profile. Their reports can offer insights into your nutritional needs, potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and other lifestyle factors that may affect your well-being. However, it’s important to note that these recommendations should be used in conjunction with professional medical advice.