william tecumseh sherman family tree

William Tecumseh Sherman Family Tree

Exploring William Tecumseh Sherman's family tree has been a cornerstone of my experience as a historian. With expertise in Civil War-era America, I believe the general's lineage holds keys to understanding the era's complexities.

My deep dive into his marriage with Ellen Ewing and their descendants has revealed a personal dimension to the fierce military strategist. In my investigations, I've found my own roots unexpectedly intertwining with his, uncovering distant familial ties that bind my story to his.

This personal connection has enriched my appreciation for the intricate web of relationships shaping our nation's history.

Key Takeaways

  • William Tecumseh Sherman is connected to Roger Sherman, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, highlighting his family's involvement in American history.
  • Sherman's marriage to Ellen Ewing Sherman linked the Shermans with the influential Ewing family, showcasing their connection to prominent families.
  • General Sherman's military campaign played a pivotal role in preserving the Union during the Civil War, solidifying his place in American history.
  • Sherman's descendants have continued to make notable contributions in various fields, including politics, finance, and the military, ensuring the Sherman name endures.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Tracing back the roots of William Tecumseh Sherman's lineage reveals a family with deep ties to American history. It all begins with his connection to Roger Sherman, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Your direct ancestor, Charles Robert Sherman, thrived as a lawyer and judge on the Ohio Supreme Court.

On the other hand, Mary Hoyt Sherman, your great-grandmother, endured financial struggles after her husband's demise. Despite this hardship, the family legacy continued with William's marriage to Ellen Ewing Sherman, the daughter of influential Thomas Ewing. This union linked the Shermans with the Ewings, further entrenching your lineage in American politics and military history.

Adding complexity to your family's narrative is the moniker 'Tecumseh', which reflects the esteem in which the Shawnee leader was held. This connection brings together families of Essex and illustrious figures like Taylor Sherman.

Sherman's Immediate Family

Delving into William Tecumseh Sherman's immediate family unveils a lineage marked by notable alliances and an expansion of the Sherman legacy through the lives of his siblings and their progeny. General William Tecumseh Sherman's parents, Charles Robert Sherman and Mary Hoyt Sherman, had three children who furthered the family name.

Charles TaylorEliza Jane WilliamsMary Hoyt, Henry Stoddard, Edward, Hoyt
AmeliaRobert McCombMary, Elizabeth Reese, Julia, Margaret, Robert, William
Lampson ParkerMary A. GitchellCharles Hammond, Lampson Jr.

The Shermans intertwined with other families, such as the Ewings, when General Sherman married Eleanor Ellen Boyle Ewing, daughter of influential Thomas Ewing, creating a nexus within the Ewing household. The offspring from these unions, such as Elizabeth Sherman and Celestine Sherman, carried on the family's prominence.

Marriage and Children

Exploring the matrimonial alliances of the Sherman family reveals a pattern of strategic and influential connections. It begins with Charles Taylor Sherman's marriage to Eliza Jane Williams, which produced four offspring, cementing the family's legacy through their descendants.

  • Charles Taylor Sherman & Eliza Jane Williams
  • Married: February 2, 1841
  • Children: Mary, Henry, Edward, Hoyt

Amelia Sherman, Charles Taylor Sherman's sister, also played a role in expanding the family's network through her marriage to Robert McComb. They were married on October 2, 1832, and had six children: Mary, Elizabeth, Julia, Margaret, Robert, and William James.

  • Amelia Sherman & Robert McComb
  • Married: October 2, 1832
  • Children: Mary, Elizabeth, Julia, Margaret, Robert, William James

Lampson Parker Sherman, another member of the Sherman family, furthered these influential connections through his marriage to Mary A. Gitchell. They were married on April 19, 1845, and had two children: Charles Hammond and Lampson Jr.

  • Lampson Parker Sherman & Mary A. Gitchell
  • Married: April 19, 1845
  • Children: Charles Hammond, Lampson Jr.

William Tecumseh Sherman, a pivotal Union Army general during the Civil War, extended the family tree through his marriage to Eleanor Ellen Boyle Ewing, affectionately known as Ellen, on May 1, 1850. They had one child, Maria Ewing Sherman, blending the Sherman lineage with the influential Ewing family.

Civil War Impact

Sherman's March to the Sea fundamentally altered the course of the Civil War, employing a scorched earth policy that devastated Confederate resources and morale.

As General William Tecumseh Sherman's troops burned Atlanta, a clear message was sent to the Confederacy: the Union would dismantle their war-making capabilities by any means necessary.

This strategic maneuver not only shattered Confederate supply lines but also sent shockwaves through Southern society. The psychological warfare waged by Sherman's forces was as important as the physical destruction. It eroded the Confederacy's will to fight, thereby accelerating the endgame of the Civil War and hastening the eventual surrender of General Robert E. Lee.

For relatives of the family studying their family trees, this military campaign stands as a testament to the pivotal role Sherman played in preserving the Union.

Notable Descendants

While General Sherman's military strategies were reshaping the American landscape, his lineage was forging its own path with descendants like Thomas Ewing Sherman, who bridged the realms of military service and religious dedication.

The Sherman Ewing branch of the family tree has been particularly influential:

  • *Thomas Ewing Sherman*: A notable descendant of William Tecumseh who served as a Roman Catholic clergyman and military chaplain. Extended the family's military tradition into the realm of religious service. Demonstrated commitment to faith and country during the Spanish American War.
  • *Montgomery Thackara*: Another descendant who maintained the family's prominence.

*Legacy Preservation*: Their collective contributions have been interred in the annals of history, with some resting at Calvary Cemetery, ensuring the Sherman name endures.

Sherman's Siblings

Delving into the familial bonds of William Tecumseh Sherman, one discovers a cadre of siblings who left their own indelible marks on American society and governance.

Charles Taylor Sherman, his elder brother, ascended to the influential position of a federal judge.

In contrast, his sister Amelia Sherman intertwined the Sherman lineage with the McComb family through marriage, expanding the family tree.

Lampson Parker Sherman, William Tecumseh's younger sibling, not only married Mary A. Gitchell but also fathered two sons, continuing the Sherman legacy.

Meanwhile, John Sherman distinguished himself in public service as a U.S. senator and Cabinet secretary.

Hoyt Sherman, another of William Tecumseh's younger brothers, carved a niche for himself in the financial world as a successful banker, demonstrating the breadth of the Sherman family's impact.

Genealogical Challenges

Despite the rich history of the Sherman family, genealogical research can often hit roadblocks due to incomplete records and inconsistencies in data. You're not alone in facing these genealogical challenges. Here's a more detailed look:

  • William Sherman

Variations in records may obscure the lineage between William Sherman and relatives like Alexander Montgomery and Boyle Ewing.

  • Lancaster Connection

Tracing the Sherman roots in Lancaster can be tricky, particularly when sifting through the Ewing Fitch branch.

  • Document Discrepancies

Instances where Thomas William Fitch appears in documents may present conflicting information, requiring a careful, analytical approach to validate family ties.

Legacy and Memorials

Turning from the genealogical intricacies of the Sherman family, let's examine the enduring impact of William Tecumseh Sherman through the monuments and commemorations that honor his military and academic contributions.

His strategic prowess during the War, facing Confederate General Robert E. Lee, etched his name in American history. In recognition, three states—Kansas, Nebraska, and Oregon—named counties after him.

His tenure as the first president of the Military Academy at Louisiana State University is poised for acknowledgment by potentially naming the Parade Grounds in his honor. Proposals to balance historical narratives by adding Sherman's memorials alongside those of Confederate officers suggest a shift toward a more inclusive reflection of the past.

Do William Wrigley and William Tecumseh Sherman have any familial connections?

There is no known familial connection between William Wrigley and William Tecumseh Sherman based on the available information in the William Wrigley genealogy tree. Despite sharing the same first name, there is no evidence to suggest any blood relation between the famous businessman and the Union general.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Related to General Sherman?

You're asking about General Sherman's relatives. His parents are Charles Robert and Mary Hoyt Sherman; siblings include Charles Taylor, Amelia, and Lampson Parker. He married Ellen Ewing and had children Maria and Thomas Ewing Sherman.

Did William Tecumseh Sherman Have Children?

You're right to inquire—William Tecumseh Sherman did have children. Specifically, he had one daughter, Maria Boyle Ewing (Minnie) Sherman, with his wife Ellen. There are no records of other offspring.

Why Is William Tecumseh Sherman Buried in St Louis?

You're seeking the reason William Tecumseh Sherman is buried in St. Louis: his wife's Catholic faith and their family ties to the city influenced this choice, despite his own ambiguous religious beliefs.

Who Was General Sherman's Son?

You're inquiring about General Sherman's son, who was Thomas Ewing Sherman, a Roman Catholic chaplain in the Spanish American War, named after his maternal grandfather and notable for his religious service.


In sum, you've explored the intricate branches of William Tecumseh Sherman's lineage, from his Ohio roots to his own progeny.

His marriage to Ellen, their son Thomas, and the mark his siblings made reflect a family interwoven with America's fabric.

The Civil War's scars and Sherman's strategic ruthlessness underscore his legacy, influencing descendants and challenging genealogists.

Your deep dive reveals a complex tree, where history's echoes resonate in names and deeds, shaping how we remember Sherman's familial imprint.