travis barker family tree

Travis Barker Family Tree

My experience as a genealogy enthusiast has often led me to untangle the roots of famous family trees, including that of Travis Barker.

I believe that understanding one's heritage can profoundly impact their identity, and Barker's lineage is a testament to this. Delving into his family history, I've seen how pivotal relationships and fatherhood have shaped him.

His marriages and public relationships add layers to his story, much like the intricate beats he's famous for.

Through my expertise, I've come to appreciate the familial rhythms that resonate in the background of Travis Barker's life and career.

Key Takeaways

  • Travis Barker's early musical foundation and dedication to music played a pivotal role in shaping his career.
  • Travis has been married to Shanna Moakler and is currently in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, resulting in a blended family dynamic with children from both marriages.
  • Travis treats Shanna Moakler's daughter as his own, highlighting his commitment to being a devoted father.
  • The next generation, including his children and step-siblings, represents Travis Barker's musical legacy, with his collaborations and the intertwining of the Barker and Kardashian families influencing their musical styles.

Early Life and Ancestry

Travis Barker's formative years in Fontana, California, were marked by a profound influence from his mother, who nurtured his early musical talents by gifting him his first drum kit at the tender age of four. As you trace the roots of Travis Barker's family tree, you'll find that his mother's encouragement was pivotal.

While Barker has two children, it was his first child who'd eventually witness his rise to fame. Barker's dedication to music, instead of surfing or skateboarding, laid the groundwork for his role in Blink-182 and other music endeavors.

His daughter Alabama, along with the rest of the world, got an intimate look at his personal life through the reality series 'Meet the Barkers,' showcasing the drummer's multifaceted career and family life.

Marriages and Relationships

Delving into the intricate branches of Travis Barker's family tree reveals a series of significant relationships, including his previous marriage to Shanna Moakler and his current union with Kourtney Kardashian, both of which have played pivotal roles in shaping his familial landscape.

Here's a closer look at Travis Barker's marriages and relationships:

  1. Previous Marriage: Travis was previously married to ex-wife Shanna Moakler, and together they've biological children for whom they share custody.
  2. Current Union: Travis and Kourtney got engaged and later tied the knot, bringing their families together.
  3. Blended Family Dynamics: His children and Kourtney's children have known each other since 2017, creating a seamless family bond.
  4. Parental Role: Despite the changes in his personal life, Travis has maintained his role as a devoted father, both to his own children and his stepchildren.

Children and Descendants

Reflecting on the intimate bonds formed through marriage, let's now explore the next branch of Travis Barker's family tree: his children and descendants, who carry forward his legacy and deepen the familial connections. Travis Barker's role as a father figure extends beyond his biological children to include Moakler's daughter, Atiana De La Hoya, whom he treats as his own. His son with wife Kourtney, named Rocky, along with Landon Asher and daughter Alabama Luella, represent the next generation of Barkers.

Alabama Luella BarkerDaughter with Moakler
Landon Asher BarkerSon with Moakler
RockySon with wife Kourtney

The custody arrangement he maintains with Moakler ensures he's a constant presence in their lives, and he's publicly celebrated his deep affection for all his children.

Extended Family Connections

Beyond the immediate family, Travis Barker's life is interwoven with an intricate network of relationships that include his former stepchild, Atiana, as well as the children of Kourtney Kardashian, all of whom enrich the tapestry of his extended familial connections.

Here's a closer look at these connections:

  1. Atiana De La Hoya: Daughter of Oscar De La Hoya, Atiana has graced the red carpet alongside Barker over the years, reflecting a bond that transcends his past marriage.
  2. Kardashian Kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick have integrated into Barker's life, merging their reality show-famed family with his.
  3. Blended Family Dynamics: Barker's children and their Kardashian counterparts showcase the strength of sustained relationships within modern blended families.
  4. Rocky Barker: The newest addition with Kourtney Kardashian, Rocky symbolizes the growing branches of the Barker family tree.

Musical Legacy and Next Generations

Cementing their place in the music world, Travis Barker's children, Landon and Alabama, are actively forging their own paths in the industry, thus extending their father's rich musical legacy to the next generation. At just years old, they're exposed to a whole lot more than their peers, potentially shaping their future in music. Their step-siblings, including Rocky, are also immersed in this creative environment, which might influence their artistic direction.

Travis Barker's diverse collaborations could inspire his children's musical styles, ensuring the Barker influence resonates across genres. Moreover, through his marriage to Kourtney Kardashian, Travis intertwines his family with the Kardashians, potentially affecting the musical tastes of subsequent generations in both clans. With each year, the Barker musical tree grows, branching out through bloodlines and marriages alike.

Are there any connections between the Barker and Nelson family trees?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Travis Barker Have Any Biological Kids?

Yes, you've got three biological kids with your ex-wife Shanna Moakler: Alabama Luella, Landon Asher, and your newest addition, Rocky, with your current wife Kourtney Kardashian. You also treat Atiana as your own.

Who Did Travis Barker Have His Daughter With?

You're asking about the mother of Travis Barker's daughter, Alabama. He had her with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler. They've been co-parenting her since her birth on December 24, 2005.

Who Is Travis Barker's Dad?

Your curiosity about Travis Barker's roots is understandable. His dad, Randy Barker, was a mechanic who played a crucial role in shaping his musical aspirations before tragically passing away in a plane crash.

Who Is Travis Barker Mom?

You're curious about Travis Barker's mom. She's the woman who bought his first drum set at four and was instrumental in his musical development, profoundly shaping his path to stardom.


Travis Barker's family tree reflects his dynamic life, blending musical genius with a deep commitment to family. His marriages have woven a complex tapestry of relationships, while his children and stepchild are the heartbeat of his legacy.

His ancestry grounds him, and his extended family connections enrich his narrative. As his descendants grow, they'll inherit a legacy where rhythm and kinship harmoniously intertwine, ensuring the Barker beat goes on through generations.