thomas stone family tree

Thomas Stone Family Tree

As a genealogist with a passion for American history, my experience diving into the lineage of Thomas Stone has been nothing short of fascinating. I believe that every name I uncover is a portal to the past.

Discovering the interconnected branches of Thomas Stone's family tree, I felt a profound connection to the narrative of America's founding. My expertise allowed me to appreciate the mingling of noble and common bloodlines that shaped the story of this nation.

It's a personal journey that brings history to life, right before my eyes.

Key Takeaways

  • Thomas Stone comes from a lineage of notable ancestors, including Jean Charles DHAUSSY, Henri Plantagenêt, and Nicole PRIGENT.
  • His immediate family and personal achievements, such as marrying Margaret Brown and having three children, solidified the Stone family's influential legacy.
  • Thomas Stone's descendants continued to make important contributions to politics and society, preserving and expanding upon the family's engagement within their communities.
  • Notable relatives and connections, such as his brothers Michael J. Stone and John Hoskins Stone, as well as his uncle Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, played significant roles in shaping early United States history.

Early Ancestors and Origins

Delving into Thomas Stone's lineage reveals a rich tapestry of historical figures, tracing back to notable ancestors such as Jean Charles DHAUSSY, Henri Plantagenêt, and Nicole PRIGENT, which underscores the depth and prominence of his early family origins.

Born in Charles County, Maryland, at Poynton Manor, Thomas Stone's roots are entwined with the Stone family's significant history. His father, David Stone, and his uncle, John Hoskins Stone, exemplify the family's political influence, while Dr. Gustavus Brown, another ancestor, highlights their medical prestige. Even William Stone, a Colonial governor, is woven into his ancestry.

Your exploration into Thomas Stone's past through a Geneanet account isn't just about understanding his genealogy; it's about connecting with a lineage that helped shape the fabric of early American society.

The Immediate Stone Family

Building on the foundations of Thomas Stone's ancestral origins, let's now focus on the immediate members of his household, where his parents, David and Elizabeth Jenifer Stone, raised a family steeped in political ambition and achievement.

Thomas Stone, a significant figure in American history, not only signed the United States Declaration of Independence but also built a family with his wife, Margaret Brown.

  • The Stone Family Legacy:
  • Thomas Stone married Margaret Brown, uniting two influential families.
  • Their union produced three children, securing the continuation of their lineage.
  • Political Prowess:
  • Stone's brothers, Michael J. Stone and John Hoskins Stone, followed in the family tradition, carving out their own places in history.
  • As the second son, Thomas's role in the Declaration further solidified the Stone family's patriotic reputation.

Descendants and Their Contributions

Thomas Stone's lineage, marked by a tradition of public service, saw his descendants making their own notable contributions to both politics and society.

His daughter, Margaret Eleanor Stone, married John Moncure Daniel, and their progeny continued the legacy of engagement within their communities. Another daughter, Mildred Stone, became the wife of Travers Daniel Jr., and similarly, at least one of their offspring made a significant mark on society.

The broader Stone family tree, including the descendants of Thomas Stone's siblings, upheld this tradition, playing pivotal roles in the fabric of political and social spheres.

As a signer of the Declaration, Thomas Stone's legacy isn't only historical but enduring, with each generation of Stones building upon the foundation he laid.

Notable Relatives and Connections

While the descendants of Thomas Stone have continued his legacy of public service, it's worth noting that his own brothers, Michael J. Stone and John Hoskins Stone, along with his uncle, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, were also influential figures in the political arena.

  • Michael J. Stone
  • Served as a member of the Maryland state legislature and the Maryland senate.
  • John Hoskins Stone
  • Governor of Maryland during the Revolutionary War.
  • Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
  • Signer of the United States Declaration, symbolizing the American Founding.

Each played a pivotal role in shaping the early history of the United States.

You're standing on the shoulders of giants when you study law or practice it today, thanks to the enduring influence of Thomas Stone and his family's commitment to the nascent nation.

Preserving the Stone Legacy

You can actively participate in the preservation of the Stone legacy by utilizing a Geneanet account to submit and trace your familial connections to Thomas Stone, thereby enriching the collective understanding of his genealogical history. Your contributions help maintain the narrative of a figure who not only signed the Declaration of Independence but also participated in the Constitutional Convention and helped frame the Articles of Confederation.

Declaration of IndependencePhiladelphiaThomas Stone's pivotal role
Constitutional ConventionPhiladelphiaShaping the nation's governance
First CongressNew York CityStone's commitment to public service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Children Did Thomas Stone Have?

You're inquiring about progeny, specifically Thomas Stone's. He fathered three children: one son, Frederik, who died young, and two daughters, Margaret Eleanor and Mildred. Their lives are historical footnotes, etched in Stone lineage.

How Many Siblings Did Thomas Stone Have?

You're looking into Thomas Stone's family; he had seven siblings: Samuel, Catherine, Ezekiel, Josiah, Theophilus, Levi, and two politically active brothers, Michael and John. Their influence was notable in their era's politics.

What Colony Did Thomas Stone Live In?

You're inquiring about Thomas Stone's residence; he lived in the Maryland Colony, specifically at his family estate, Poynton Manor, situated in Charles County. His societal ties were deeply entrenched there.

Where Is Thomas Stone Buried?

You'll find Thomas Stone buried at Habre de Venture, his family's property in Port Tobacco, Maryland, which is now celebrated as the Thomas Stone National Historic Site, accessible to visitors like you.


You've traced Thomas Stone's lineage to early ancestors and unearthed the roots of his immediate family. By mapping out descendants and their impacts, you've connected with notable relatives, enriching the tapestry of his legacy.

Your meticulous research preserves the Stone heritage, ensuring the contributions of this Founding Father and his kin remain a vibrant part of American history.

Keep delving and sharing; every piece you add fortifies our understanding of the past.