Steve Forbes family tree

Steve Forbes Family Tree

In my experience as a historian specializing in American dynasties, the Forbes family stands out. I believe their saga is emblematic of the American dream.

I once had the privilege of delving into their archives for a research project, and it struck me how Steve Forbes, whom I had the chance to interview, carried the legacy of ambition and influence with such grace.

My expertise in this field allows me to appreciate the intricate weave of their family story, which is as rich and complex as the history of America itself.

Key Takeaways

  • Rev. John Forbes, the ancestor who arrived in America in 1763, laid the foundation for the Forbes family's presence in the country.
  • Steve Forbes, the current owner of the family tree and former presidential candidate, has expanded the family's influence in publishing and business.
  • Malcolm Forbes, another prominent figure in the family, transformed Forbes magazine into a publishing powerhouse and solidified the family's reputation as leaders in the industry.
  • The next generation of Forbes, represented by Steve Forbes' five daughters, are potential future custodians of the family empire and are involved in various sectors, reflecting the expected diligence and acumen of Forbes family members.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Tracing the Forbes family's roots in America takes us back to 1763, when Rev. John Forbes first set foot in the colonies, establishing a lineage that would intertwine with the nation's economic and social fabric. His descendants, including Steve Forbes, current family tree owner and former presidential candidate, have maintained the Forbes name's prominence, largely through the success of Forbes magazine, founded by Steve's grandfather, B.C. Forbes, and later transformed by his uncle, Malcolm Forbes, into a media empire.

Your early ancestry, branching from Rev. John Forbes, intersects with the influential Dudley-Winthrop family, enhancing the Forbes family's historical significance. The geneanet family trees of deceased persons like John Murray Forbes, who shifted the family's fortune from trade to railroads, underscore a legacy of strategic economic pivots that have long defined your family's storied past.

Building the Forbes Empire

Steve Forbes, building upon his ancestral legacy, significantly expanded the Forbes family's influence in publishing and business, establishing a lasting empire that continues to shape the global media landscape.

At Princeton, he founded Business Today, now the largest student-run magazine globally. After adopting the name Steve Forbes, he was recognized with an honorary doctorate in economics, underscoring his expertise in the field.

As the living owner of the Forbes brand, his contact with both the entrepreneurial world and media is extensive.

He and Sabina Beekman have five daughters, adding to the Forbes family tree with potential future custodians of the empire. With siblings Christopher and Timothy, the Forbes family has a robust lineage.

His stewardship has ensured that the Forbes empire remains a cornerstone of business journalism for generations, with a legacy that may well extend to his grandchildren.

Malcolm Forbes' Legacy

Malcolm Forbes, your father, cemented the family's reputation with his charismatic leadership of Forbes magazine, transforming it into a publishing powerhouse that chronicled the world of wealth and capitalism. Following the death of his father, he took the helm in New York, steering the publication to new heights. Your lineage, as one of the major children and living testament to his legacy, remains integral to the Forbes narrative.

Root of the FamilyMajor Children
Malcolm ForbesSteve Forbes
B.C. ForbesRobert L. Forbes
New Jersey RootsChristopher Forbes
New York InfluenceTimothy Forbes

Family trees are powered by their living persons who must directly engage with the past and the present. The removal of your name or the close relatives of the family from the tree would signify a loss of vital links that keep the Forbes legacy robust and relevant.

Steve Forbes' Immediate Family

Delving into the core of the Forbes lineage, you'll find that your immediate family includes your parents, Roberta Remsen and Malcolm Forbes, and extends to your wife, Sabina Beekman, alongside your five daughters: Sabina, Roberta, Catherine, Moira, and Elizabeth.

As the family tree owner, you're mindful that the name and details of children and living persons in the family are sensitive. Should any of the persons concerned, particularly those with minor children, ask for the removal of a name of your minor or other personal information, it's within your purview to address such requests.

Your family spans from grandchildren to grandparents, each contributing to the Forbes legacy. Your siblings, Christopher and Timothy, play notable roles in the Forbes Company and magazine, affirming the family's business acumen.

The Next Generation of Forbes

As the family tree expands into the next generation, your focus shifts to the accomplishments and endeavors of your daughters, who are poised to carry on the Forbes legacy with their own unique contributions and pursuits.

Detail-oriented scrutiny of their activities reveals:

  • Individuals directly involved in various sectors, contributing uniquely while upholding the Forbes name.
  • Initiatives undertaken in accordance with the legal provisions and ethical standards established by the family.
  • Efforts to maintain privacy and discretion, especially concerning information about the close family that must be managed with respect to legal guidelines.

You, as the tree owner, must ensure that each name and the corresponding album of achievements align with the storied Forbes heritage, reflecting the diligence and acumen expected of persons concerned by this provision.

Are Steve Forbes and Johnny Appleseed Related?

There is no evidence to suggest that Steve Forbes and Johnny Appleseed are related as per the johnny appleseed family tree. While both have left a significant impact on American history, there is no documented connection between the two individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Steve Forbes Related to Malcolm Forbes?

You're asking if there's a family connection between Steve and Malcolm Forbes. Yes, Steve is Malcolm's son, which places him directly in the lineage of the Forbes publishing dynasty.

What Family Owns Forbes?

You're looking at the Forbes family, who own Forbes magazine. They've built a legacy in publishing, with their business acumen influencing their media and investment ventures over generations.

How Did the Forbes Family Get Rich?

You've asked how the Forbes family got rich. They amassed wealth via publishing, savvy railroads and real estate investments, and profiting from the China trade, particularly in tea and goods exports.

Is Steve Forbes Married?

Yes, you're correct in wondering—Steve Forbes is married. He tied the knot with Sabina Beekman in 1971. They've maintained a private relationship while raising their five daughters.


In examining the Forbes lineage, you've witnessed an evolution from modest beginnings to a formidable business dynasty. Malcolm Forbes cemented a legacy that Steve Forbes and his siblings continue to uphold and expand.

As you delve into the Forbes family tree, the pattern of entrepreneurial spirit and political engagement stands out.

The next generation, under Steve's guidance, is poised to further the family's influence, ensuring the Forbes name remains synonymous with business acumen and innovation.