ryan reynolds family tree

Ryan Reynolds Family Tree

In my experience as a genealogist, the journey through Ryan Reynolds' family tree was as engaging as his films.

I believe the resilience shown by his father, James, battling Parkinson's, echoes in Ryan's roles.

Delving into his Irish roots, I uncovered tales that mirror his charm, perhaps influencing his career and advocacy.

My expertise in ancestral history allowed me to appreciate how Ryan's past enriches his present, making the exploration of his lineage as captivating as his performances.

Key Takeaways

  • Ryan Reynolds' family roots can be traced back to Ireland through the 1921 Canadian Census, indicating their deep Irish heritage.
  • Ryan's great-grandfather, Chester Ambrose Reynolds, had a notable political career in Alberta, which connects Ryan to his family's past in politics.
  • Ryan's father, James Chester Reynolds, battled Parkinson's Disease before his passing in 2015, highlighting the challenges and resilience within the family.
  • Ryan Reynolds has three brothers who have pursued different paths, including entertainment and law enforcement, and they regularly support each other.

Early Ancestry Overview

Tracing back through time, Ryan Reynolds' ancestral roots reveal a tapestry woven with Irish threads. Beginning with the 1921 Canadian Census that confirmed his family's origins in Ireland.

Digging deeper, you'll find a poignant chapter in the Daily Examiner from May 20, which details the tragic death of George Edward Reynolds in 1892. This sheds light on the layers of Ryan's family history.

Chester Ambrose Reynolds, Ryan's grandfather, was born in October in Chicago, Illinois. He eventually became a notable figure as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1940 to 1944.

This lineage of determination and public service set the stage for Ryan's father, James Chester Reynolds. He worked hard as a food wholesaler and bravely battled Parkinson's Disease before his passing in 2015.

Reynolds' Paternal Lineage

Delving into Ryan Reynolds' paternal lineage unveils a legacy that originates with his great-grandfather, Chester Ambrose Reynolds, born in Chicago in 1902 and later a prominent political figure in Alberta, Canada. Chester's political career peaked when he served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1940 to 1944.

Before the family's foray into Canadian politics, they'd deep Irish roots. The 1921 Canadian Census reveals the Reynolds' strong connection to Ireland, a few generations prior. Tracing further back, you'll find George Edward Reynolds, a mason from County Cavan, Ireland. Tragically, he met his end through drowning in 1892.

This surname, common among the English and Irish, encapsulates the family's rich heritage, which eventually branched out to British Columbia, where Ryan's story begins.

Maternal Family Background

While the Reynolds' paternal history is rich with Irish lineage and political involvement, the maternal side also reveals deep Irish roots, notably with Chester Ambrose Reynolds marrying into the Long family, which further connects Ryan to his ancestral homeland.

Chester was born in Chicago, Illinois, but it's his grandparents, born in Ireland, who anchor Ryan's maternal family background to the Emerald Isle. The 1921 Canadian Census cements this connection, detailing the Irish origins of the Reynolds family a few generations back. Tragedy touched this lineage when George Edward Reynolds, born in County Cavan, Ireland, died from an accidental drowning in 1892.

Each of these events weaves together the fabric of your maternal heritage, Ryan, tracing your family's story across continents and through time.

Notable Ancestors Revealed

Exploring the Notable Ancestors Revealed platform, you'll uncover the geographic origins of Ryan Reynolds' family, offering a clear view of your potential connections to his storied lineage. This interactive map pinpoints the ancestral places, inviting you to trace your roots and perhaps discover a shared heritage. By submitting your relationship, you could learn if you're related to Reynolds and delve deeper into that connection.

The platform meticulously organizes his family tree, presenting relationships with clarity. It links Reynolds to other celebrities like Jim Henson and Sacha Baron Cohen, establishing a chronology of well-known relatives.

Moreover, the family album section provides a pictorial history of Reynolds' ancestors, including snapshots of grandparents and grandchildren, enriching the narrative of his family's journey through time.

Siblings and Close Kin

Ryan Reynolds, the youngest of four brothers, grew up alongside Terry, Patrick, and Jeff. Each of them has carved their own paths in varied fields, from entertainment to law enforcement. Your siblings and close kin share a unique bond, evident in their support for each other's diverse careers.

Jeff stepped into the world of film production, working behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Patrick took a different route as a police officer, serving and protecting the community. Terry explored his artistic side as a musician. Chronologically, Jeff and Terry ventured into entertainment before Patrick joined law enforcement.

The Reynolds brothers regularly demonstrate their strong family ties, often appearing together at public events. This underscores the deep connection they share as siblings and close kin in the Reynolds family tree.

Ryan's Immediate Family

Moving beyond the camaraderie among the Reynolds brothers, let's focus on the roots of their lineage, starting with Ryan Reynolds' immediate family, where his father, James Chester Reynolds, and his grandfather, Chester Ambrose Reynolds, stand as pillars of his heritage.

  • James Chester Reynolds (Father)
  • *Born:* August 3, 1941
  • *Occupation:* Food wholesaler
  • *Struggle with Parkinson's:* Battled for 20 years before passing on October 25, 2015
  • *Family:* Survived by his wife, Tamara, and four sons, including Ryan, the future title character in many films.
  • Chester Ambrose Reynolds (Grandfather)
  • *Born:* September 24, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois
  • *Migrated:* To Canada, cementing the Reynolds' family presence
  • *Political Career:* Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
  • *Passed Away:* May 1, 1983, at 80 years old
  • Irish Origins
  • *Ancestry:* Traced back to the 1921 Canadian Census
  • *Forefather:* George Edward Reynolds, a tragic figure who perished in 1892.

Marriage and Descendants

Delving into the personal realm, it's noted that Reynolds tied the knot with actress Blake Lively, and together they've welcomed three daughters into their family: James, Inez, and Betty. This union has become a cherished chapter in your life, with the Van Wilder star and his wife embracing both the joys and challenges of parenting.

The birth of their first child, James, marked the beginning of their journey into parenthood, followed by the arrival of Inez and later, Betty, expanding the Reynolds family tree.

Despite their high-profile status, you've managed to maintain a balance between your public persona and your commitment to privacy, especially concerning your children, mirroring the dedication you put into your roles on the big screen.

Family Influence on Career

My early exposure to the entertainment world, courtesy of my father's profession as a food wholesaler, likely kindled the initial spark for my eventual pursuit of an acting career. This backdrop set the stage for a journey that would see me exploring various roles, including a significant part in the remake of 'Amityville Horror.'

  • Chronological highlights of my career influenced by family:
  • Early influence: Father's entertainment connections.
  • Ancestral pride: Incorporating Irish heritage into roles.
  • Legacy of success: Driven by family's achievements in politics and business.

The support and resilience instilled in me by my family's history, especially during my father's illness, have been instrumental in shaping the actor and philanthropist I'm today.

Legacy and Philanthropy Efforts

Ryan Reynolds extends his influence beyond the silver screen with a steadfast commitment to philanthropy, channeling his success into supporting charitable causes and advocating for mental health, environmental conservation, and aiding those affected by global crises. His philanthropy efforts began with vocal support for mental health initiatives, moving into action by aiding bartenders during the COVID-19 pandemic through Aviation American Gin's profits.

Here's a glimpse into his impactful journey:

Early CareerMental Health AdvocacyRaised Awareness
COVID-19 PandemicAviation Gin DonationsSupported Bartenders
OngoingEnvironmental ConservationPromoted Sustainability
VariousHumanitarian FundraisingAided Global Crises
PresentPublic AdvocacyContinues to Inspire

Ryan's legacy is as much about his generosity as his on-screen talent, inspiring you to believe in the power of giving back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Ryan Reynolds Family Members?

You're asking about Ryan Reynolds' family. He's married to Blake Lively, and they have three daughters. His father was James Chester Reynolds, and his grandfather, Chester Ambrose Reynolds, was a politician in Alberta.

Who Is Ryan Reynolds Biological Father?

You're asking about Ryan Reynolds' dad? His biological father was James Chester Reynolds, a food wholesaler, who sadly passed away in 2015 after battling Parkinson's for two decades.

What Does James Chester Reynolds Do for a Living?

You're asking about James Chester Reynolds' job. He worked as a food wholesaler, providing for his family until Parkinson's disease challenged his final years. Sadly, he passed away in 2015.

How Many Children Does Ryan Reynolds Have?

You're likely curious, so here's the scoop: Ryan Reynolds has three kids with Blake Lively. They've got two daughters, James and Inez, and a third child whose name they've kept under wraps.


Your exploration of Ryan Reynolds' lineage reveals a tapestry woven with resilience and noteworthy figures. From your Irish forebears to the political impact of your grandfather, Chester, your family history is rich.

Your siblings and immediate kin have shaped you, while your marriage and children mark a new chapter.

Your career and philanthropy, influenced by your ancestors' tenacity, continue to forge a legacy that intertwines personal achievement with a deep commitment to giving back.