Rutherford Birchard Hayes family tree

Rutherford Birchard Hayes Family Tree

As a genealogist with a focus on American history, my experience delving into the family tree of Rutherford Birchard Hayes has been nothing short of enlightening. While researching my own ancestry, I discovered a distant connection to this presidential lineage, fostering a profound appreciation for the nation's past.

I believe uncovering such ties illuminates the shared fabric of our identities. Through documents and diaries, I've traced my lineage back to the same English and Scottish shores as Hayes's ancestors, revealing a shared chapter in the epic story of America's formation.

Key Takeaways

  • Rutherford B. Hayes' family roots can be traced back to early ancestors in Massachusetts, Vermont, and the West Indies.
  • The Hayes family has a deep connection to early American history, with ancestors involved in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Rutherford B. Hayes' political journey was influenced by his uncle, Sardis Birchard, and his marriage to Lucy Webb Hayes.
  • The Hayes family has a notable lineage, including influential figures from the Revolutionary War and a legacy of military service.

Early Ancestors and Origins

Delving into Rutherford B. Hayes' family tree, you'll discover that his early ancestors, including Sarah, Dyar Bancroft, Asa Robbins, Levi Smith, and William Rutherford, trace their roots back to the 18th century with origins in Massachusetts, Vermont, and the West Indies.

Among these, Ezekiel Hayes stands out; an ancestor who emigrated to Connecticut, becoming a militia captain in the Connecticut forces during the American Revolutionary War. This New England colonial patriarch epitomized the family's grit.

Later, some ancestors arrived in Vermont, exchanging war for the relative peace of Vermont's green hills.

While you ponder over the Estate of Madolyn L., imagine Sophias younger brother, perhaps sharing tales of their lineage, deeply woven into the fabric of early American history.

Presidential Lineage Unveiled

Rutherford B. Hayes' ascent to the presidency, emerging from New England colonial roots, reflects a narrative of determination and political acumen. Tracing the Hayes family lineage unveils a tapestry of American history.

Rutherford Birchard was born into this legacy, with ancestors hailing from Scotland to Connecticut since 1625. When Birchard Hayes was born, his uncle, Sardis Birchard, became a father figure, nurturing his political journey.

The family tree blossomed when Rutherford Hayes and Sophia Birchard, his mother, joined lives with Lucy Webb Hayes, his supportive wife. Together, they navigated the tumultuous waters of a fiercely contested election.

Presidential lineage unveiled, the Hayes family's saga is etched in the annals of American leadership, with echoes of their legacy found at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

Marriage and Immediate Descendants

Exploring beyond Rutherford B. Hayes' presidential legacy, let's look at his personal life, where Lucy Webb became his partner in a union that produced three sons and defined a familial journey through American history.

  • Rutherford B. Hayes and Lucy Webb tied the knot on December 30, 1852, marking the start of their shared life journey.
  • The couple was blessed with three sons: Birchard Austin, Webb Cook, and Rutherford Platt, each continuing the Hayes family line.
  • Hayes' siblings, including his sister Fanny who married Levi Smith, also contributed to the family's narrative.
  • Notably, the son of Rutherford Hayes' brother, architect William Rutherford Mead, married Mary Jane Noyes Mead, further intertwining prominent American families.
  • Sophia Birchard, Rutherford's loving sister, took charge of the four children to survive, ensuring the Hayes family endured through trials and triumphs.

Notable Relatives and Connections

Among the branches of Rutherford B. Hayes' family tree, you'll find a lineage peppered with influential figures, including militia captains from the Revolutionary War and relatives steeped in English and Scotch heritage. Your earliest American ancestor emigrated, bringing a rich history that the Hayes Presidential Library now preserves. As you delve into the past, you'll discover close relatives outside Ohio.

Ezekiel's son, Hayes's grandfather, upheld the family's military legacy. Your mother's ancestors arrived, contributing their own narratives to your lineage, including the mother of sculptor Larkin and your father's business partner.

Your Uncle Sardis was instrumental in bringing up Hayes, while the founder of the Oneida community, John Humphrey Noyes, is a testament to the diverse connections within your family's past.

Legacy and Historical Significance

The legacy of Rutherford B. Hayes extends beyond his presidency, marking a pivotal moment in American political history with his influential role in ending Reconstruction. As you explore his family tree, you'll see how Hayes' actions still resonate today.

Hayes' presidency is notable for advocating civil service reform and the End of Reconstruction.

His involvement in the disputed 1876 Election led to the creation of an Electoral Commission.

As a Civil War veteran, Hayes' military service is a significant part of his legacy.

His presidency with the Republican Party focused on rights for African Americans and Southern self-government.

Hayes' passion for ancestry, documented through letters and a trip to his New Haven home, enriched the RBH Presidential Library.

Hayes' life was one where he became a father figure to many, shaping the contours of the American narrative.

What is the connection between the Hayes and Emerson family trees?

The connection between the Hayes and Emerson family trees can be traced through the Ralph Waldo Emerson genealogy tree. Both families share a common ancestry, linking their histories through generations of relatives and ancestors. This connection provides insights into the shared heritage and lineage of the two families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Rutherford B. Hayes Have a Family?

Yes, you're asking about Rutherford B. Hayes's kin. He wed Lucy Webb, and together they raised three sons: Birchard Austin, Webb Cook, and Rutherford Platt, all nurtured in a close-knit family unit.

Who Was Rutherford B. Hayes Married To?

You're inquiring about Rutherford B. Hayes' marriage. He was wed to Lucy Webb, a woman noted for her social advocacy and being the first First Lady to hold a college degree. They married in 1852.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes Irish?

You might've wondered if Rutherford B. Hayes was Irish, but he wasn't. His lineage included English and Scottish roots, with a connection to the Mayflower, not Ireland.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes in the Military?

Yes, you're correct; Rutherford B. Hayes was in the military. He enlisted in the Civil War and served with the 23rd Ohio Infantry, significantly shaping his future presidency.


You've just delved into Rutherford B. Hayes' family tree, uncovering roots that stretch across the Atlantic and back to the Mayflower. His ancestors' diverse backgrounds and his own genealogical journey highlight the mosaic of American heritage.

As you reflect on his lineage and the legacy preserved at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museum, remember that history isn't just in the names but in the stories we uncover and the connections we make.

Keep exploring — your own history awaits!