reba mcentire family tree

Reba Mcentire Family Tree

In my experience, delving into Reba McEntire's family tree has been a journey of discovery that mirrors my expertise in genealogy.

I believe that each name, each date holds a narrative as significant as the chords in a country ballad. I've followed Reba's lineage to George Brassfield's bold move from England, just as I've traced my own ancestors' paths.

Through examining the roots of Clark Vincent McEntire and Jacqueline Smith, I've seen the resilience that flows through Reba's veins. Understanding her heritage has deepened my appreciation for the legacy she continues to build with every song.

Key Takeaways

  • Reba McEntire's four times great-grandfather, George Brassfield, was an indentured servant in Jamestown, Virginia, before becoming a landowner in North Carolina.
  • Understanding George Brassfield's journey helps deepen our appreciation for Reba's family tree and the broader American story.
  • Reba's family background in rodeo and music, influenced by her parents' rodeo heritage and musical aspirations, set the stage for her success as a country music artist.
  • Reba's maternal lineage, including George Brassfield's journey, offers profound insights into her family's past and sense of self.

Early Ancestry Insights

Delving into the roots of your family tree, you'll discover that Reba McEntire's four times great-grandfather, George Brassfield, embarked on a transformative journey from England to America, which significantly shaped the lineage you see today. At just 7 years old, he became an indentured servant during the establishment of Jamestown, Virginia.

This critical move occurred before the American Revolution, setting the stage for a family history intertwined with the nation's earliest struggles and triumphs. George's life, from servitude to landownership, reflects a complex history, as he ultimately acquired 300 acres and was documented as owning slaves.

It's a stark reminder of the contrasting fates that shaped America, influencing your understanding of Reba's family tree and the broader American story.

Parents and Siblings

You'll find that at the heart of Reba McEntire's family tree are her parents, Jacqueline and Clark McEntire, who provided a rich blend of rodeo heritage and musical aspiration to their four children.

Born in Oklahoma City, Reba was surrounded by the influences of the country music scene from a young age. At just 7 years old, she was already part of the Singing McEntires, a group formed with her siblings, Alice, Susie, and Pake. They honed their talents performing at rodeos, a nod to their father's champion legacy.

It was this unique family dynamic, combining the thrill of the rodeo with the rhythms of country music, that set the stage for Reba to become a celebrated country music artist.

Generational Talent Roots

Exploring your familial lineage, you'll discover that Reba McEntire's artistic prowess didn't emerge in a vacuum; it's the latest bloom on a family tree deeply rooted in musical and rodeo tradition. Her mother's thwarted country music dreams and her father's and grandfather's accolades as World Champion Steer Ropers have woven a rich heritage of performance and competition into the fabric of her identity.

From the tender age of 7, Reba was already harmonizing with the Singing McEntires, a testament to the generational torch of talent being passed down.

  • Mother's unrealized country music ambitions
  • Father's World Champion Steer Roper legacy
  • Grandfather's rodeo excellence
  • Reba's early start in music at 7 years old
  • The Singing McEntires, a symbol of shared family dreams

McEntire's Maternal Lineage

Your exploration of Reba McEntire's family tree reveals that her maternal lineage, stemming from George Elvin Smith and Reba Estelle Brassfield, is rich with historical significance and personal reflection.

Delving into the roots, you'll find George Brassfield, Reba's four times great-grandfather. An indentured servant in early Virginia, he eventually owned land and slaves in Raleigh, North Carolina. Reba's reflection on George's journey, from servitude to landownership, mirrors the complex history of American freedom and bondage. She emphasizes the importance of education in understanding such historical intricacies.

Discovering her mother's ancestry has been a highlight in Reba's life, offering her profound insights into her family's past and contributing to her sense of self.

Paternal Family Background

How does Reba McEntire's paternal lineage contribute to her storied family history? Your interest in Reba's roots might reveal a tapestry of individuals who embody the very essence of resilience and tradition.

Her paternal ancestors hailed from diverse backgrounds, each contributing a unique thread to the vibrant quilt that's her lineage. John Wesley McEntire and Alice Kate Hayhurst, her grandparents, planted their roots deep in Oklahoma soil. Clark Steven McEntire and Helen Florida Sully Brown, her great-grandparents, brought tales from Illinois and Virginia. Reba's cowboy heritage, championed by her father and grandfather, weaves through her veins. The Philadelphia-born John Zechariah McEntire adds a touch of the historic East to her family narrative. Elizabeth Stevens, from Missouri, rounds out a lineage rich with American history and culture.

Reba's paternal legacy is as intricate and fascinating as her music.

Notable Ancestors Revealed

Delve into Reba McEntire's genealogy and you'll uncover a lineage of remarkable ancestors, each with their own story etched into the annals of history. Her great-great-grandfather, John Zechariah McEntire, hailed from Philadelphia, while Emily Kemper Thompson Kelly, her great-great-grandmother, had her roots in New Orleans. The legacy stretches back even further to George Brassfield, a forebear born in North Carolina's Wake County around 1765, whose origins trace to early Virginia.

Reba's reflection on her mother's ancestry underscores the resilience within her family tree. The table below highlights the generational journey of Reba's notable ancestors:

AncestorBirth YearBirthplace
John Z. McEntire1818Philadelphia, PA
Emily K. T. Kelly1841New Orleans, LA
George Brassfield (4x great-grandfather)~1765Wake County, NC

Sibling Bonds and Influence

As you explore the McEntire family tree, you'll find that Reba's bond with her siblings, rooted in a shared love for music, played a crucial role in their collective and individual successes. Singing together as the Singing McEntires, they cultivated a deep connection that resonated beyond their performances.

Consider these heartfelt aspects of their relationship:

  • Harmonizing on 'The Ballad of John McEntire,' which symbolized their family legacy
  • Learning melodies from their mother, which nurtured their talents
  • Supporting each other's aspirations, with Reba eventually shining in Nashville
  • Cherishing time spent performing at rodeos, solidifying their camaraderie
  • Drawing strength from each other's encouragement, pivotal in navigating the music industry's challenges

Their unbreakable sibling bonds and influence undoubtedly shaped the course of their lives and careers.

Extended Relatives and Kin

Exploring Reba McEntire's extended kin, you'll discover a tapestry of relatives who've also left their marks on the fields of music and rodeo. Her family tree branches out to champion steer ropers and would-be country music artists, all sharing a love for the Western way of life. Reba's mother kindled the flame of music within her children, leading to the formation of the Singing McEntires, a group that showcased the family's vocal talents.

To give you a clearer picture, here's a snapshot of Reba's family connections:

FatherThree-time World ChampionRodeo
GrandfatherRodeo CompetitorRodeo
MotherMusic TeacherMusic
SiblingsVocal Group MembersMusic & Rodeo

Descendants and Lineage

Tracing Reba McEntire's lineage, you'll encounter a rich history of ancestors who've contributed to her legacy in music and rodeo. Your dive into her roots reveals a tapestry of lives, each thread weaving into the next, painting a picture of resilience and artistry.

Here's what makes Reba's family history so compelling:

  • John Zechariah McEntire and Elizabeth Stevens: Origins of a legacy that would echo through the generations.
  • John Wesley McEntire and Alice Kate Hayhurst: From the Indian Territory, their spirit of survival courses through Reba's veins.
  • Clark Steven McEntire: His journey from Illinois to Oklahoma embodies the pioneering spirit.
  • Mary Alice Poole: Her Texan roots blend with the McEntire lineage, adding depth to the family story.
  • George Brassfield: A testament to the complex tapestry of American history, his experiences remind us of the importance of learning from the past.

Legacy and Modern Relatives

You'll find that Reba McEntire's legacy extends beyond her music and rodeo heritage, touching the lives of her modern relatives who carry on her family's storied traditions.

These kinfolk, rooted in Oklahoma's rich soil of culture and history, often grace family albums with their vibrant presence. They're the custodians of the McEntire spirit, upholding the values and talents passed down through generations.

Reba's interest in her ancestry, especially in the life of her great-great-grandfather George Brassfield, showcases a deep respect for lineage that she instills in her family.

As her relatives gather at local events or share melodies reminiscent of Jacqueline's musical dreams, they're not just preserving history—they're weaving the very fabric of their future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Reba Mcentire Grandfather?

You're asking about a grandfather without specifying which side. Reba McEntire's paternal grandfather is John Wesley McEntire, and her maternal grandfather is George Elvin Smith. Both played significant roles in her lineage.

How Many Biological Children Does Reba Mcentire Have?

You're asking about Reba McEntire's kids, right? She's got just one biological son, Shelby. He's the only child she gave birth to, despite having stepchildren from her previous marriage.

Is Reba Mcentire Related to John Mcentire?

Yes, you're correct; Reba McEntire is related to John McEntire—he's her paternal grandfather. Her lineage includes notable ancestors like Clark Steven McEntire and Helen Florida Sully Brown.

What Does Reba Mcentire's Son Do?

You'd find Reba McEntire's son, Shelby Blackstock, racing cars professionally, managing artists in the music industry, and engaging in philanthropy. His diverse career also touches on modeling, acting, and entertainment.


You've traced Reba McEntire's roots from old England to America's heartland, uncovering a family tapestry rich with resilience and talent. With each generation, the McEntire spirit shines through, from her parents' guidance to the bond with her siblings.

This lineage isn't just names and dates; it's the story of a legacy that Reba carries on. As you reflect on her family tree, you're reminded that history isn't just about the past—it's the foundation of who we're today.