oliver cromwell family tree

Oliver Cromwell Family Tree

In my experience as a historian, delving into the complex tapestry of Oliver Cromwell's family tree has been a fascinating journey. Uncovering that I share an ancestor with such a polarizing figure was a revelation that I believe adds a rich layer to my research.

My expertise in British history has allowed me to appreciate the intricate ties binding Cromwell to Thomas Cromwell, and the impact of their legacy on the aristocracy.

This personal connection to the Cromwells has lent a unique perspective to my work, as I unravel the threads of rebellion and power that have woven through generations of this formidable lineage.

Key Takeaways

  • Oliver Cromwell came from a lineage of influential ancestors, including Hugh de Cromwell and Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex.
  • Oliver's father, Robert Cromwell, was a Member of Parliament, indicating a tradition of governance in the family.
  • Oliver had seven surviving sisters, and his family network included aunts and uncles.
  • Oliver's marriage to Elizabeth Bourchier resulted in nine children, and the lines of Henry, Bridget, and Frances continued into the late 19th century.

Early Ancestors and Heritage

Tracing back to Hugh de Cromwell, who landed on English soil with William the Conqueror, your Cromwell ancestry heralds a lineage of notable figures. This includes Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex, and Oliver Cromwell, the indomitable Lord Protector.

Your family's roots are deeply embedded in the fabric of English history. The connection to Thomas Cromwell is through his sister, Katherine Cromwell, who married Morgan Williams. Their son, Richard Williams, adopted the surname Cromwell in honor of his illustrious uncle, thus perpetuating the Cromwell legacy.

Reflecting their stature, your ancestors held esteemed titles such as Baron Cromwell of Wimbledon and Viscount Lecale.

Oliver Cromwell's direct lineage comes from Robert Cromwell and Elizabeth (alias Cromwell), marking a branch steeped in political influence and historical significance.

Parentage and Siblings

Moving beyond the illustrious antecedents, let's examine the immediate family that shaped Oliver Cromwell, focusing on his parentage and siblings.

Oliver was the son of Robert Cromwell, a man who not only served as a member of Parliament but also hailed from a substantial landowning family in Huntingdon. His mother, Elizabeth Steward, became Robert's wife on the very day that Oliver was born, tying together the fates of the family.

Among Oliver's siblings, he'd seven sisters who survived into adulthood. This family of 32, counting aunts and uncles, fostered a network of influence and support.

Significantly, Oliver's lineage also connected him to Richard Cromwell, the son of the notable Tudor statesman Thomas Cromwell, further entrenching the family's prominence.

Marriage and Offspring

Delving into Oliver Cromwell's personal life, he married Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620, and together they had nine children, further cementing his family's legacy through their numerous descendants. You'll find that the family lines from son Richard and daughter Elizabeth vanished swiftly, with the extinction of their lines impacting the family tree's continuation. However, the progeny of Henry, Bridget, and Frances have been documented into the late 19th century, underscoring the tenacity of the Cromwell legacy.

ChildSpouse(s)Descendants' Continuity
RichardDorothy MaijorLine extinct
ElizabethJohn ClaypoleLine extinct
HenryTraced to late 1800s
BridgetIreton, FleetwoodTraced to late 1800s
FrancesRich, RussellTraced to late 1800s

To confirm descent from Oliver Cromwell's lineage, consult the genealogies from Henry, Bridget, or Frances. The Association's compiled genealogy serves as a crucial resource for verifying a connection to Oliver's family tree.

Notable Relatives

While examining the lineage of Oliver Cromwell reveals the demise of some branches, the influence of his family extends beyond direct descendants to include a roster of renowned relatives who've left their mark on history.

Tracing back, you'll find Oliver Cromwell was the great-great-grandson of Thomas Cromwell, the transformative 1st Earl of Essex. The Cromwell family tree also shows Oliver's great-nephew status to Henry Williams, alias Cromwell, Baron of Wimbledon.

Moreover, figures like Margaret Thatcher, Francis Drake, William Cavendish-Bentinck, Richard Cromwell, and Lord Randolph Churchill stand out as notable relatives, underlining the family's enduring political and social impact.

With Oliver's father, Robert Cromwell, as a Member of Parliament, the line of Oliver is steeped in a tradition of governance and influence, cementing their place in British history.

Cromwell's Descendants

Oliver Cromwell's legacy lives on through his progeny; six of his nine children established family lines that continued well into the late nineteenth century, offering a tangible link to his historical presence for those who trace their ancestry back to Henry, Bridget, or Frances Cromwell.

To understand the breadth of Cromwell's descendants, consider these documented facts:

  1. Richard and Elizabeth's lines quickly dwindled, leaving no traceable descendants today.
  2. Direct lineage from the Lord Protector is confirmed through Henry, Bridget, and Frances.
  3. Genealogists like Noble and Waylen laid the groundwork for tracing Cromwell's family tree.
  4. Modern records facilitate the tracking of one's lineage back to the mid-Victorian era.

If you're a descendant of Oliver Cromwell's younger son or daughters, you carry a part of the Lord Protector's story within your heritage.

Family Legacy and Influence

Beyond the direct lineage of Oliver Cromwell's children, the family's ennoblement and historical roles underscore the substantial influence they wielded within English society. Titles like Baron Cromwell of Wimbledon, Earl of Essex, and Viscount Lecale highlight their standing.

As you trace their genealogy, you uncover a legacy cemented by historians such as Mark Noble and James Waylen, revealing a tapestry woven deeply into the fabric of English history. From their Welsh roots to prominence in Huntingdonshire, the Cromwells' reach extended far and wide.

Their inheritances and political careers, especially during the transformative period of the English Civil War, were considerable. Cromwell became Protector of England, altering the course of the History of Parliament and ensuring his family's enduring mark on the nation's narrative.

What is the relationship between Oliver Cromwell and Oliver Wolcott in their family trees?

Oliver Cromwell and Oliver Wolcott are distant relatives, as evidenced by the Oliver Wolcott genealogy chart. While they may not have had a close relationship during their lifetimes, their shared ancestry is an interesting link between the two historical figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Living Descendants of Oliver Cromwell?

Yes, you'll find living descendants of Oliver Cromwell, although his direct male line ended in the 18th century. His ancestry continues through the female line and connections to other families.

Who Is Oliver Cromwell Related To?

You're asking about Oliver Cromwell's relations. He's connected to Thomas Cromwell, notably, and has ties to Thatcher, Drake, Cavendish-Bentinck, and Churchill. His lineage includes peers like the Earl of Essex and Baron Cromwell.

How Many Children Did Oliver and Elizabeth Cromwell Have?

Oliver and Elizabeth Cromwell had nine children, but only six survived to adulthood. To trace your lineage, you'd need to explore Henry, Bridget, or Frances's descendants, as Richard and Elizabeth's lines died out.

Were Richard and Oliver Cromwell Related?

Yes, Richard Cromwell was Oliver Cromwell's son. He succeeded his father as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, although his reign didn't last long.


In summing up, you've traced the Cromwell lineage from its Norman roots to its significant influence across British history. Through strategic marriages and pivotal roles in governance, the Cromwells left an indelible mark.

Notwithstanding the controversies, Oliver's legacy as Lord Protector endures, shaping how we understand the complexities of power and kinship.

Your lineage's impact on political structures and cultural memory stands as a testament to the enduring reach of the Cromwell family tree.