Newt Scamander Family Tree

Newt Scamander Family Tree

Born in 1897, Newt Scamander was the only child of Theseus and Porpentina Scamander. His father had a distinguished career as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. Six years after his birth, his older brother Theseus Jr arrived to their home and they developed a deep connection throughout their childhoods.

Upon graduating from Hogwarts in 1916, Newt set off on an expedition with these same brother to Egypt where they learned more about magical creatures together. During this trip, Therese fell madly in love with Leta Lestrange – a Maledictus who captivated them both!

After Newt’s successful venture as a Magizoologist, he wed Porpentina Goldstein in 1921. From their union was born Luna Lovegood in 1926. At some point, she married Rolf Scamander and gave birth to twin sons Lorcan and Lysander who each had families of their own: Lorcan with Tonks having Ted; Lysander with Hermione Granger giving rise to Rose Weasley; while the latter wedded Hugo Weasley which resulted in two children – Henry Potter-Weasley and Molly Weasley.

Teddy Lupin, the great-grandson of Newt Scamander, was born to Remus and Tonks Lupin in 1984. He married Victoire Weasley and together they had a son: Artair Lupin. This family tree is more than just proof of lineage—it serves as an enduring reminder of the strength, resilience, and magical power that flows through this illustrious bloodline; a legacy left behind by one of history’s greatest magizoologists.

What is the family tree of Newt Scamander?

Newt Scamander’s familial roots are deep and wide. His parents, Theseus and Porpentina Scamander gave him an older brother Theseus Jr., to whom he later passed on the family name with his wife Porpentina Goldstein. Together they had a daughter Luna Lovegood whose children Lorcan and Lysander eventually welcomed great-grandson Teddy Lupin followed by Artair, their great-great-grandchild.

Who is the oldest member of Newt Scamander’s family?

The eldest of Newt Scamander’s kin is no other than his father, Theseus Scamander.

Who are the parents of Luna Lovegood?

It is an established fact that Luna Lovegood’s parents are Newt Scamander and Porpentina Goldstein.

What is the name of Teddy Lupin’s son?

Artair Lupin is the name of Teddy Lupin’s beloved son.

Who did Rose Weasley marry?

Rose and Hugo Weasley joined in holy matrimony.

Who is the newest addition to Newt Scamander’s family tree?

Artair Lupin is the latest addition to Newt Scamander’s ever-growing family.

What is the legacy left behind by Newt Scamander?

The legacy of Newt Scamander is one that will be remembered for generations, a testament to his love, resilience and magic. Even today, these same qualities still flow through the veins of those he left behind.